Eureka 7 Wallpaper: WOMAN

Kazuma Kondou, BONES, Eureka 7, Anemone Wallpaper
Kazuma Kondou Mangaka BONES Studio Eureka 7 Series Anemone Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

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....you know you listen to Wolfmother and rock out to them in secret
MMM SUCH A RANDOM WALLIE by my standards with rainbows and stuff :3
it's all vectored...everything except those splatter thingies...those are from a brush, yesh. I have had this wall laying around for like forever...why?well it was suppposed to be my MySpace layout but Pamilah got distracted with another wall..*points to Breathe In The Anguish* mmm you know you guys wuved that wall (*laughs* funny I go from an awesome wall to a crappy wallie) Anyways yeah the buildins and stuff on there are all vectored and Anemore mmmmmm what a pain to vector (maybe 'cause I suck at vectorin') anyways the scan is from Minitokyo...but i'm too lazy to look for the link...so yesh...I like this wall though...it's all rainbow-ie and stuff >_<
there's alot of textures all from Squidfingers and DeviantArt mmmmhhhmmmm

Guess what? I burned my hand that's why I didn't submit this wallie!
...Liar >_< No seriously I did... I was supposed to submit this ages ago
I'm A Danger To Myself
It was cool though 'cause I got to ditch school..and my iTunes is bein' evil again T_T....uh I'm bored
type type type
blue blue blue
I like Atreyu mmmm well yesh

PARADE OF BANNERS Parade Parade Parade


Yay Evanescence and The Killers CD in 2 days woop woop!

I sound bimbo-ish >_<

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  1. aqiaqua Oct 02, 2006

    Haha, thats so awesome! I like the rainbow :D. And the vector is just too awesome ^_^. Fave from me, and me new desktop.

  2. eternallegend Oct 02, 2006

    wow, amazing vectoring XD a rainbow :D yay go rainbows :) the colours look nice and contrast well XD the vectoring is really nicely done :D nice wall ^^

  3. sakuya-sama Oct 02, 2006

    loved the scan and the color
    Keep the good work up *****

  4. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 02, 2006

    OMG Im not the crazy vector lovin girl, but I love all of your works and this vector so much XD. Its so colorful, bright, interesting, and has so much creative vision. Dang Its amazing! :D Great Job, Fav from me of course. ;)

    ~* Lacus *~

  5. AWOL Oct 02, 2006

    The perspective is excellent; it takes my attention away from the weird contrast of the dark and bright colours.

  6. anji Oct 02, 2006

    I usualy prefer dark wall, but I like this one of yours.
    I like the texture. And I especially like what you've done with the text on the rainbow.
    I don't really have something usefull to suggest, beside... one curve of her hair seems a bit weird on the top part of the wall, don't know if it was like that already.
    Just keep it up with your nice work :)

  7. enchantment Oct 02, 2006

    wow, the vector is really well done :) i love the rainbow XD an interesting concept :D nice wall~^^

  8. uchiha-vegeta Oct 02, 2006

    waaah..O_o...rainboooooooooooow =P , jk jk =P , nice job with the texture and vector , keep up ze gd work =D

  9. Rella Oct 02, 2006

    Oh, wow, this looks really neat. I love the rainbow and building idea. It's wonderful how you styled it not horizontally but a little vectically. Very nice!

  10. aishiteraburu Oct 02, 2006

    Puu! Kawaii is a better vectorer than me
    Love the textures and the rainbow
    My new desktop as well as fave

  11. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 02, 2006

    Another item to add to our site's gallery ^_^
    Love the colors and textures and the vector is very cool!

  12. SharinganKnight Oct 03, 2006

    wolfmother owns me. I hate the lead singer though, too full of himself. How dare he deny that people like zeppelin influenced him.

    as for tha wall, the whole rainbow thing is too gay for me...but tahts because Im a guy. XD everything else ownsss.

  13. Rhonda21 Oct 03, 2006

    oh loving the style. Very cool. Love the textures and all. hehe everytime I hear that wolfmother song I got to sing along. It's addicting. Anyways, great job!

  14. BlueAngel17 Oct 03, 2006

    I'm really gonna love this wall to death! ^^ The textures are sooo cool, very retro! What a great job rainbow-lovin' chicken! This will be a vector fea at CL now. ^^

  15. Yina Oct 04, 2006

    this one is very very pretty! =D
    and i absolutely love the texture you used.. omg.. yina's more and more becoming a texture whore >>
    anyway great job!

  16. HaWaIIofHoaI Oct 04, 2006

    crazy rainbow = crazy girl. why does it work? i do not know.

  17. starrliteangel Oct 05, 2006

    wow. why am i not suprised that aqi decided to feature this? Its AWESOME! lovin it. ^-^ Oh yea, and you can add teh illuminated banner at CL into your description if ya want.

  18. Milkiyo Oct 05, 2006

    love the drastic and intense colours..
    texture's fluffy :3

  19. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 06, 2006

    I completely loved it!
    I'm speechless :x
    I adore it soooo much :3:3
    + fav (definitely)

  20. tourcheredXheart Oct 08, 2006

    0-0 pretty....i love the colors in this piece!

  21. MapleRose Retired Moderator Oct 12, 2006

    wow, this one really caught my eye! what bright and vivid colours! and I like the pose you've chosen, as well as the perspective :). nice vector, and the texturing is neat too :)

  22. raindropmemory Oct 12, 2006

    Oh! very bright and cheerful, Kawaiichan! That rainbow penetrated my eyes! But anyway it's so cool! Nice wallie!

  23. moonfire Oct 12, 2006

    The pop art culture is back? XD
    Nice wallie, I like the contrasting colors and the well-done vector. It's really pretty.
    I also like the city background there, it brings back so much memories when pop art was a hit in MT.

    Are you trying to bring it back? ;)

  24. animefairy Nov 12, 2006

    Haha, I love the rainbow colors! They look o cute with the girl! XD The black shadows look so cool. The girl is one of my fav characters from Eureka 7! Keep it up and thanks for sharing, kawaii-chicken! ^^

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