Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Lacus&Kira

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato, Vector Art
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Lacus Clyne Character Kira Yamato Character Vector Art Source


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*Yay* This is dedicated to my dear friend PinkPrincessLacus; she's having her anniversary at some point so this is my present for her in honour of it ^^! I hope you like it.
Outlining was... well I suppose a little bit challenging since there were sakura blossoms adorning the scan in some spots. I first colored Kira since he's in front (it'll be easier to color Lacus that way, at least I think so ^_^' ), he's hair wass a mess because it's so dark x_x oh well it's over. I spent few days on this and most of it was to outlining... What else :\ ? I don't really have anything special to tell at the moment so; Enjoy~!
Come and join us!
*lol* A bit of too much banners ^_^'

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  1. aishiteraburu Oct 01, 2006

    I still don't know how you do it? XD

    Another fabulous and flawless vector
    Love the background with the nice patterns

  2. laurent Oct 01, 2006

    Ow wow, this vector is greater than great. It looks really flawless ! The colours, the oulines ... it's all perfect. And the background is very attractive. One of the best vector bg's I've seen in a while !
    I know Sammy ( PinkPrincessLacus ) will love this ! I do too, 'cause as her loverboy I'm part of that anniversary, hehe :) Wow, you sure knew well that it's nearly a year since I declared my love to her *impressed*. Anyway, that was really sweet of you to give her that ! I know sb who will be happy tonight ! hehehe :D *big smile*
    Thanx for sharing. This goes straight to my favs.
    Ja-na ^^

    Samantha's loverboy, Kira

  3. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 01, 2006

    OMG Elda I LOVE IT XD. Its amazing, whatever you touch is beauitful! I feel so honored that you made this for me! :D you are the sweetest thing ever *hugs* XD. I mean wow this had to be hard since there are so many different colors and lines and the background is so pretty, thats why your a pro girl I LOVE IT. This is one of the best presents I have ever got XD. Yeap just like my Laurent said its our anniversary, and this was so sweet of you. Its one of the best vectors I have ever seen! I mean I still can't get over it, the amazing details and everything. THANKYOU SO MUCH. :D Your such a great friend. *adds to favs duhh* :P Oh and the font is so cool looking to!

    ~* Lacus *~

  4. SakuraShirayuki Oct 01, 2006

    waiiii my dearst elda-chama!
    another great vector <33333
    hach! i really love the way you make the outlines *.*
    and you know, ne! FAV!

  5. starrliteangel Oct 01, 2006

    really nice vector! lacus' hands look a bit odd, but i think its just me. very detailed ^-^

  6. GolgoXIII Oct 01, 2006

    Very beautiful as always there EldaLacus92 thanks for sharing this vector. :)

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2006

    kyahh, more perfect vector by Elda-san!

    they look so cute and happy together in this pose :) and the background is cute too, full of hearts ^^

    the only thing I would say is that the picture looks a bit off-center, you know, there's a lot of empty space to the left and not a lot on the right... but I guess the scan was cut off that way?

  8. moonescape Oct 01, 2006

    Whee! I'm so happy that you vector this picture. I was waiting for such a long time. Though I was hoping if someone would vector all of Lacus's clothes and some part of her hair because it would've look wonderful. Though this is still alright. Everything was so clean, smooth, and it caught my attention. +favs ;)

  9. EevaLeena Oct 01, 2006

    Wonderful job as always, Elda-chan! Now I don't have to continue this vector! Yes.. I'm working on the same image... but too lazy to continue! It's been a few month already! X-P

  10. animanga Oct 01, 2006

    You're joking right? You go around BOTH sides of a line & use PS7 & you can make something as utterly perfect as this? Girl, I am SO going to try & get you main feature at FW for this! Did you merge the layers for this? Cuz dang I'd want that PNG! You're amazing girl, well done. ;)

  11. cassandraronald Oct 01, 2006

    wow very nice vector of kira and lacus

  12. Milkiyo Oct 01, 2006

    lol...it seems anichan really like this a lot X-P ok..I'll make an exception ;)

  13. Lunariha Oct 01, 2006

    Omigosh Elda-sweetie..*hugs*
    You've done it again...^_^
    Another stunning masterpiece of yours....
    Oh wow and this vector has Kira and Lacus...it's definitely going to my favs, sweetie..;)
    Love the bg too..;) How did you do it? *wondering eyes*

  14. xianghua Oct 01, 2006

    Woow! Elda-san! That is so beautiful! I love it soo much! The image you choose is very nice!
    The bg is super cute XD
    Excellent work my friend!
    I hope you'll make more!
    Instant fav :D

  15. enchantment Oct 02, 2006

    wow, this vector looks amazing :) its so nice and neat :D well done in the vector~^^

  16. eternallegend Oct 03, 2006

    wonderful work with the vector XD it looks amazing and looks lovely :D you made a nice creative and simple background which looks nice :) amazing vector ^^

  17. Kairi-Hearts Oct 07, 2006

    wonderful job with the vector! they're always so clean and amazing^^ the colors are really nice :)

  18. Auelneider15 Oct 07, 2006

    Soooo great vector.Kira and Lacus are so sweety.
    Thanks for sharing.^_^
    See ya!

  19. Odeena Oct 09, 2006

    Congratulations for the feature! :) I love your new vector, it's so simple and cute!

  20. ardi Nov 16, 2006

    Cool...! Nice Pictures.! , I like it, thanks

  21. K-demon Jun 22, 2007

    What a great cople

  22. Millysan Jun 26, 2007

    Beautiful scan XD
    Rakusu & Kira are so cute together >_<

  23. agneslee Jun 27, 2007

    what a wonderful work.I think it's perfection.Thanks for sharing.

  24. iranichi Aug 08, 2007

    So sweet....nice..I love it

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