KURAU Phantom Memory Wallpaper: Phantom Memory Kurau - Christmas

BONES, KURAU Phantom Memory Wallpaper
BONES Studio KURAU Phantom Memory Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

damn it, since zz, osi and jin made some cool walls, i had to really make somethin >_<;;

anyways, this wall took me about 3 days to complete (inclusive of sleeping, eating and chatting), just the pain of trying to get everything right >_<.

anyways, heres a wallpaper from a recent series from BONES, phantom memory kurau. The scan was originally from daylight, until i changed it from day to night XD, kills my head badly.

i dedicate this wall to nuriko of APA, since she wants a kurau wall XD


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  1. roshinku Jul 11, 2004

    wel it did come out great ^^ i like it! only one little thingy XD, the moon i think it would be better if it wasn't that blurry ^^''. but the rest of the wall is great! =D. keep up the good work. hope to see more of your work in the future ^^.

  2. Kev Retired Moderator Jul 11, 2004

    if the moon is too sharp, the moon would be too realistic and lacks distance, not right in my opinion

  3. kenzuke Jul 11, 2004

    Awesome! You're first spacey wall? Anyway, the girl looks kinda wierd(but that's not your fault) and nice job on the buildings!! Overall, nice wall!! (maybe my next wall should be something spacey too!! XD )

  4. sammo Retired Moderator Jul 11, 2004

    rofl...overkill ont the shooting star kev xD
    but totally ownage buildings, and overall settings :D

  5. shirahana Jul 11, 2004

    Eeeeeep!! ^_____^ Kev made another wallpaper!!! I love the night feel! XD I would love to sit on the top of a skyscraper and look into the night like that.... And the moon... gah.... There are so many myths and legends that involve the moon! It's always so mystical....

    Great wall Kev! Your idea for it is awesome! *stares at it and daydreams some more.... nightdreams I mean XD*

  6. UndyingShadow Jul 11, 2004

    awesome wall, the bg skyscrapers look great.

  7. Mizuki-Chan Jul 11, 2004

    Awesome wall as always :D :D Love the bg1! Especially the shooting stars XD

  8. Furikuu Jul 11, 2004

    Yeah, the buildings look fantastic. Very tasteful use of 2D-tech lineart XD The moon should be brighter though!

  9. stardusted Jul 11, 2004

    Naaaaao~ I love it :D The moon is beautiful, as are all the buildings and sky. Terrific text too :D Me loves~ Anything bones works for me though so not sure how much of a compliment ^^;

  10. Osiris Retired Moderator Jul 11, 2004

    those arnt shooting stars, they're missiles XD XD

    leet buildings >_>

  11. kc2 Jul 11, 2004

    Nice wall Kev, The background is really nice.... :) Great work!!

  12. alien21xx Jul 11, 2004

    Like I said, damn you're good.

  13. darkwaterbunny Jul 11, 2004

    *Inu Yasha is on in 15 min* anyway, nice wall!!!XD Rocks my socks!!!

  14. DJOriental Banned Member Jul 11, 2004

    Phool, its summer, not christmas, BAKA kev

  15. Miroku4444 Jul 11, 2004

    Hey my fav. kind of walls, space ones. Its just Breath taking. I love the buildings, so life like. The character extraction is perfect and bg suits the char, perfectly. Kev's right if the moon were too sharp it would look out of place. Also nice job on the text. Outstanding job kev. :) :) :D :D

  16. Furnace Jul 11, 2004

    Nice! i really like the moon! realistic, yet blends well with the rest of the wall.. Great job.

  17. Tabernero Jul 11, 2004

    Chitsmas, summer....who cares, it is a nice wall.

  18. Vivi01 Jul 11, 2004

    very nice

  19. Angelette Jul 11, 2004

    Pretty! I think it'd be cooler with glassy look! But the techy buildings are madd sugoi!~

  20. exentric Jul 11, 2004

    awesome work dude~!

  21. TheRedHairedMonkey Jul 11, 2004

    Christmas in July!?! What's going on! All I know is great job on this wall!! XD

  22. Jinzhou Retired Moderator Jul 11, 2004

    *forces himself* It's...good....x_x; I felt bad for not commenting. So I will. But yeah, if you really wanna know what I think, IM me. XP You can pretty much tell already what I think, lol....

    P.S.- I'll give you props on the building. They are pretty good. ^_^

  23. sword Jul 11, 2004

    noooooooooooooooooo u still have that blasted moon!!

  24. RAXXEPUNK Banned Member Jul 11, 2004

    WoNdErFUL..... I lIke It..

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