Moldavite Wallpaper: Tranquility

Carnelian, Moldavite, Mistrel Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Moldavite Visual Novel Mistrel Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

~Full view please~

Here is my entry for the Wings-Lovers contest. I decided to take a shot at a daytime wall this time, and I'd say the outcome came out fine, lol.

Number of Layers: 40
Brushes used: Trees, grass and clouds.
Scan from: http://beloved-melody.net/
Time: 8 hours (Pretty much non-stop, yep, I was bored, lol.)

As always please leave your comments/criticisms, and favs too, lol. Thanks.




Edit: Well, after looking at this on my desktop, I saw all the colours were wrong, so, updated, lol. That's what I get for walling on my old laptop. :sweat:

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  1. eternallegend Sep 29, 2006

    the sky looks nice with the clouds :) its a nice concept that you are portraying in your wall XD you chose a lovely scan to use however i think the wings look a bit random on her ^_^' the mountains seem a bit strange, i hope i havent offended you ^_^' she also seems a bit out of place in your wall, i like the nice peaceful atmosphere that is created through your wall and overall you composed a nice wall ^^

  2. nolove Sep 29, 2006

    really interesting to comment to this wall since for me this is the most beautiful scan i've ever seen in MT XD lol go straight to the wall ^_^
    - scan:as i said, this is the most beautiful scan i've ever seen ^_^ and the scan itself has a great resolution so i wont complain about the quality of it, too kool XD
    btw, the extraction isnot really good since i still saw lots of egdes especially through her fabulous hair. knowing that it is not easy to extract and resize the scan but just a lil more careful and you can make it perfect >_<. i really dont like ur extraction at all. plus the outer glow you put in doesnt fit her in anyway...it should be smoothen more with softer color
    the....something....i guess it's the wings lol also doesnt fit her at all, why Minstrel dims into her amazing blue outfit then you add in a purple wings o___0 when fullview i really dont think it belongs to her in fact, plus the quality of the wings doesnt really good and still have some jadge while the scan is clearly fabulous T__T
    - the stone: still have egdes.....no idea here >_<
    - sky: not something much special >_<, simply nice enough and color is welldone too ^_^. but i still think the cloud should be at less opacity.....humm just my opinion only :\
    - moutain: too blur....the worst part of your wall. i dont like it since i saw the thumb. it is too blur and remind me of some kind of mud than moutain T_T not good in blending too.
    - birds: horroble o_0 how can you use such large size of brush, it's extremely too big and ruin your sky >_<
    - tree: personally i dont like it..kinda too small, the height is the same as Minstrel while the tree's plot isnot really far from her legs T_T ....hope you understand what i mean >_<
    - grass: kinda nice idea here since the leaves were nicely put into grass - though i still suggest you to use various size and color of brush
    as for the grass, it is not thick and smooth enough i still can see the grass plot through all the wall width, it didnt even cover all the stone you can clearly see T_T, plus once again, various size should be use and the further, the blurrer ^_^

    humm....look at it again...i seem to say too much....but i can stop my hand when seeing a wall turn out with this scan XD i was deeply in love with minstrel she's too gorgeous XD
    keep up in the next wall ^__^

  3. FutatsuNoNegai Sep 29, 2006

    I am not in the right to give comments since I'm not good in making walls, but I think it is very nice...oh and if there were flowers on the tree,it'll potray more of the tranquility title but still it'll be one of my,*add to faves*^^

  4. 06051989 Sep 29, 2006

    oh... very pretty, i do like... I love chobit

  5. skyera Sep 30, 2006

    I liked it!
    I put it up as my wall too~!
    This is a great wall!
    I think the mountains would be less blurry, but that's ok~
    Good job! ^^b

    merged: 09-30-2006 ~ 11:20pm
    sorry, typo, i mean "could be"

  6. Aiira Oct 11, 2006

    awww..so nice wallie ..i love it..i wish i had a talent to make wallies.. *sob* anyways the wallie is really nice..

  7. exal Nov 07, 2006

    I just love it,it's beautiful

  8. animenintendo Oct 21, 2009

    good image, that it is the peace of mind and more it shows the beautiful angel that appears there, it shows a real relaxation, I love

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