Dual Wallpaper: Into the Unknown

Dual, Koneko Wallpaper
Dual Mangaka Koneko Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well.. err.. This is my submission for the Wings-Lovers wallapaper contest :D :D It would be nice if you full viewed it before you comment.

The sky brush is from deviant art, and the scan was found here on MT, submitted by Gunsmith. Click here to see it. The other brushes were from various anime graphic sites.

My favourite thing about this wallapaper is the way I did the title XD I'm so happy with how it turned out ^^ For those that want to know the fonts, here they are:

Into: Porcelain
the: Punch Label
Unknown: el&font gohtic!

Comments, faves, and critics are always welcome ^^

EDIT: Made the chains not stand out as much.




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  1. angeloflove Sep 24, 2006

    cool wallie! i really like the font 2 lol, i want that 4 my comp, tha'll be goodie goodie! faving this lol :nya:

  2. marcoskatsuragi Sep 25, 2006

    Really pretty one! ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  3. mirkoemir Sep 25, 2006

    Really beautiful wallie ... I don't know why I can't add into my favorites ... but it's a shame ... Congratulations on this work ... FAV!

  4. aishiteraburu Sep 25, 2006

    Nice wall mel
    Love the grungy background also the chains
    good job

  5. Milkiyo Sep 25, 2006

    nice brushes ;) the chains seem out of place though. The scan's totally cool and blends pretty well with the bg :D

  6. eternallegend Sep 25, 2006

    the grudy theme looks nice :) the composition of the background is interesting XD i like the sky with the clouds :D the chains add a nice touch and helps add character to your wall XD the title suits well as it does seem to envoke an unknowning atmosphere in a way XD nice wall ^^

  7. Bee69 Sep 25, 2006

    wow. i like the style,color and splatters +fav

    merged: 09-25-2006 ~ 06:39pm
    wow. i like the style,color and splatters +fav

  8. Phantasm Sep 25, 2006

    nice work. i like this color of sky. the color of chain seems to me too white,
    but good job. thanks.

  9. sangel99 Sep 25, 2006

    you used my banner! :D
    LOL...anyways...great wall! O_O Are you entering it in the Day-dreamers wall contest? I'm making mine at the moment! :D

  10. strawberrt Sep 25, 2006

    whoa, a lovely wallpaper! I love the background, and how the scan of the girl is in colour while the bg is grudge-ish. Wonderful work melmay~!

  11. kiokorenay703 Sep 25, 2006

    OH! so cute, thanks for sharing this. I bet this will get into the Wings Lovers contest, and maybe even win. You never know ^^.

    i think that coz, of the way all the things are aranged in here, and the way its not any of the walls with like Clouds, and prety stars XD! The whole bg is very intererting. The scan is very cute. Also the ribon is very cool as well :) favs!

  12. PinkPrincessLacus Sep 27, 2006

    I love the background, and im always a fan of grudge brushes! they are nicely placed on there, and I like font you used so much XD. I dont know why but the way the chains and ribbon stops in mid-air bothers me alittle bit, yet at the same time its growing on me ^_^' kind of like an unique artistic vision you had going there. :) I love the scan so much, I always wanted to use that scan but could never think of anything good enough for it, Im glad you did though. :D Good Job!

    ~* Lacus *~

  13. gabysango2011 Sep 28, 2006

    i really like the expression of the character...i think it's...somehow for me....mysterious...and also the bgr is nice...
    + fav

  14. Milkiyo Sep 28, 2006

    erm... >_> the chains are not so obvious now which is good and it's pretty artistic, don't get me wrong but the black "soot" seem to make it a little dirty >_< sorry..

  15. Melisandre Sep 28, 2006

    Beautiful work! I like the scan you used and the background contrasts perfectely with it and I like how you continued the details on the scan. Maybe the chains are not very defined and seem to break the wallie, but it's a great work, congratulations :D

  16. simo Oct 01, 2006

    Like the clouds, gives light in that dark backround.Cool work!

  17. raymi Oct 01, 2006

    Yeah another submission! XD

    Well what can I said ? I found your wallpaper is good but er....I'm just found the character is not totally adequate to your background... Well maybe I have some strange tastes ^^

    By the way it's a cool realisation who delivers yours wallpapers abilitys levelled up ;)

  18. drastikhate Oct 01, 2006

    Nice! An angel chained to darkness

  19. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2006

    Since when did you start making
    wallies!? I didn't get a note >.<
    Awsome job mely, I love the
    isolated look and the bg is
    nice and dark XD very good mood
    you got going, theres alot going
    on but it focuses on the scan still.
    Beautiful job <33

  20. Sakura-Dust May 18, 2007

    Soooo prettyful! Love it, the brushes look great and I also like the fonts used and the angel's pose!

  21. NightHope Mar 13, 2008

    Hi, I found this image very impressive.
    I love the dark atmosphere and the sadness that evoke.

  22. Steffi1690 Moderator Apr 01, 2010

    Isn't she from a Koneko Cover? I think so!
    Nice Wallpaper! ^.^

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