Chobits Wallpaper: Ningyo Hime

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Artist Comment

One for the guys finally ^____^
It's Chi-chan!!
Been a such a long time since I made a wall with a girl on it.

I was looking back and I realised I haven't really made a decent Chobits wall... so yeah, decided to make one.
Scan from Minitokyo, and a total pain to extract.
It was the hair and the water. It was hard to tell what was the BG and what was the water on the scan, it blended way too much, so I hope it looks okay.
Tried to be different with the text... not with how it was done, but what the text actually is. Kind of a promise I made to a friend of mine on CC forums, who dislikes walls with the character name/or the series title on it. So I put the name of the wall "Ningyo Hime" and two lines from the song, underneath.

So yeah, BG done with brushes again, hope everyone likes.

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  1. Electrastar Jul 10, 2004

    Beautiful picture Hikari...I can see why the extraction was a pain, thank you for putting yourself through that torture to make this wallpaper.

  2. abcsr2ez4me Jul 10, 2004

    Thats really beautiful... excellent extraction on the scan... she looks beautiful... the text is a little trippy without the cutouts, but it still looks awesome

  3. Noctum Jul 10, 2004

    Wow, great work Hikari-chan.
    Only that the text covers so much of her is a bit of a let down.
    How about moving it into the sky above her and reducing the font seize of the main text a bit?

  4. ChuChiChaeschtli Jul 10, 2004

    Very beautiful colors and I like the water :)

  5. klyde Jul 10, 2004

    chobits???....doesn't look like it...oh well.....nice picture..I just love the background

  6. PrincessChii Jul 10, 2004

    YAY! It's a prettyful Chii wallpaper!-^___^- I like it~<3

  7. Rhapsody Jul 10, 2004

    Its gorgeous.... instant fave.

  8. may Jul 10, 2004

    We can tell you put a lot of work into this! ^_^ The extraction is very clean ^^ I'm extremely picky.. but I think the text could be improved. It seems way too bold, with the spaces between the e's and such filled in.. it blends in too much with the background, I think.. it'd be nice to see a different effect on it.. like a glow or something.. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for ^^;; .. but right now, the text is the only thing that bothered me. Great job with the wall ^^

  9. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jul 10, 2004

    although the text is big/centered.....i love the typography in this one :D itz quite unique i think.... ur brush work is always good ^_^

  10. lerusius Jul 10, 2004

    Chobits is one of my favorite series...and this wallpaper is exactly what i was looking for...thank you

  11. tiantito Jul 10, 2004

    cool.......awesome wall

  12. semanga Jul 10, 2004

    great job, keep it up.

  13. Asahi Jul 10, 2004

    wow .. beautiful work !! keep it up :)

  14. Vequinox Jul 10, 2004

    WOW! Stunning, Hikari! You are braver than I to extract all that...
    I really, really like the background. The dots (for lack of a better word) and blurred stars are so lovely against that deep purple.
    Great excellent superb job!

  15. Angelette Jul 10, 2004

    Wow.. I've always wanted a wall with this image, but it was too complicated to do anything out of... xD Waiee~ You've succeeded so well! Great wall!!!!

  16. stardusted Jul 10, 2004

    Georgeouse job with the brushwork and background XD The extraction is amazing :3

  17. seta_chan Jul 10, 2004

    good job =) especially with the extraction and bg =)

  18. kc2 Jul 10, 2004

    Nice wall! Chii is kawaii!! :)

  19. Kintarooe2k2 Jul 10, 2004

    awesome job on this 1 :D

  20. RAXXEPUNK Banned Member Jul 10, 2004

    aWeSoMe JoB.... KeEp IT Up..

  21. youkokoryuu Jul 10, 2004

    Wow!!! The Freya pic has always been my favorite Chobits pic!!! The background is superb, and I love it!!! ::favs it::

  22. sammo Retired Moderator Jul 11, 2004

    oo..love the water :D

  23. Cloudnine Jul 11, 2004

    beautiful work desu ^^~ original concept and design, very stylish and well done :D

  24. Ecchan Jul 16, 2004

    Wow, probably the best Chobits wallpaper I've seen so far... gorgeous indeed!

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