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"...you gotta put up with the rain."
-- Dolly Parton

For the Inspiration Project at Simple-ism.

Layers: about 25 (?)

So, our school is having a poster sale, and I happened upon this one:

I really liked the quote, and it actually reminded me of this wall by chubbykitty I saw a while back:
Life is like a Rainbow by chubbykitty

So I decided to try to make a wallpaper out of it. The umbrella part was easy, the part that took the longest was deciding on a background. I debated on whether to use a vector-based one or brush-based one. I didn't want to go too complicated with the background, so I ended up using gradients and textures instead. Textures are from http://hybrid-genesis.net/ and http://www.aethereality.net/

At first the umbrella was supposed to be flat colour (like chubbykitty's), but I started playing around with textures and blend modes, and added some highlight with a soft brush, and decided I liked this version better.

I put the quote on the umbrella as well, I'm not sure if whether I like it better with it or without it. I think it'd look cleaner without it, but for some reason I can't bring myself to take it out either :/

Any suggestions/comments are welcome, as I am willing to work on this a bit more ^__^

[edit] Sept 27th: scaled down the raindrops in the background, and the drops falling off the umbrella. Also played around with the transparencies of the waterdrops. Does it look better now?


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  1. Devilet Sep 21, 2006

    I like the umbrella, looks very cool. And the textures, nice work.
    I think you need some improvement on the droplets coming off the umbrella though.
    Overall, it's pretty nice. :)

  2. eternallegend Sep 21, 2006

    its an umbrella this time :D i like the raindrops and the shadow from the umbrella :) of course there is the umbrella itself which is really well done XD the textured background looks nice and i like how everything is pieced together nicely XD great wall ^^

  3. EldaLacus92 Sep 21, 2006

    Lovely! I really can't find exact words for praising you but even though this looks simple this is stunning! <33

  4. SakuraShirayuki Sep 21, 2006

    ui! It's raining! X33

  5. flyindreams Sep 21, 2006

    Lovely concept :D My only suggest would be try making the raindrops smaller, maybe a touch blue, and like Devilet suggested... refining them a bit more in terms of shading. Nonetheless... it looks nice ^^

  6. Ardenta Sep 21, 2006

    I like this wallpaper, the grey rainy background and the rainbow coloured umbrella make a really good contrast and I think it was a good idea to make it like this. ;)

  7. chubbykitty Sep 21, 2006

    Splendid work on the umbrella! The texture looks perfect on the umbrella as well :3 Glad my work was a bit inspirational for ya! Great work! :)

  8. HaWaIIofHoaI Sep 22, 2006

    how ironic. i learned how to say "what bad rain we have today, huh?" in japanese and you make this. XD hahaha. it's cute

  9. moonlightdreamer Sep 22, 2006

    I like this wallpaper the words are so true and matches the weather here in the uk right now!

  10. alterlier Sep 23, 2006

    the umbrellas are kind of requested these days, nice idea to match the quote, and even if it is really really simplistic wall. looks pretty complete ...and well I guess the idea is that you focus on the umbrella and no the bg....
    like people said up there ...I will also pointt out that it would be kind of better if the raindrops were smaller ....
    anyway I've never seen your work,until now, so this is an opportunity to keep an eye of you. (no in a creepy way or something), that means I'll be waiting to see more of you.

  11. moonescape Sep 28, 2006

    Actually even though this is simple, but yet it somehow is effective. I loved the umbrella in there. though it look so lonely when I see it. I'm actually glad you did this wallpaper because I thought it was well done. +favs ;)

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