Moldavite Wallpaper: *~*Where am i? *~*

Carnelian, Orbit, Moldavite, Nina Fromm Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Orbit Studio Moldavite Visual Novel Nina Fromm Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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Hi hi! here's Lum-sann with her new wallie XD
Ok as you can see i made a vector of the water er... it was my first one so is pretty noob ^_^' the character as the crystal ball and i put the bg that i used inside the ball (if you make full view you can see) and she quests to herself where is she. I put some effects arround her as always XD
Oh the bushes they we're pretty bad in the pic and i used i brush of leaves and made more effects ^^
Well and some details just to complete the wallie.

Well critics and suggestions are always welcome ^^

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  1. starrliteangel Sep 20, 2006

    Oh! its so cute! The character looks really pretty. hehe, you seem to like butterflies alot, Lum-sann ^-^ Her reflection looks pretty good and it looks like it matches the waves and ripples of the water. But I think the bg looks a little overfiltered. well, just the right part actually. The left part looks really nice, but Im guessing the right part was mostly rocks? i dont know if you can do it this way, because Ive never done it before, but try taking the square marquee tool, outlining just that over-filtered rock part behind the girl (make sure you dont get too much water) and go up to the part that the character covers up. Then go to filter --> blur --> gaussian blur, and blur that part a little until it looks a little smoother. the left side looks really nice and smooth, but the filters you used on the bg made the rock part really jaggedy.

  2. Melisandre Sep 20, 2006

    What a beautifull wallie! Cute chara and espectacular background, I'm impressed with the water and the reflexition >.< Very good, this is a fav without any doubt :D

  3. eternallegend Sep 20, 2006

    i like the nice crystal ball XD the colours blend nicely together, the water looks nice :D yay butterflies :) i like the nice butterflies that are flying around all over the place XD overall nice wall ^^

  4. PinkPrincessLacus Sep 20, 2006

    I love the water, the butterflies, and how the whole atmosphere is magical calm and happy! I like it alot, and its so darn CUTE! :D Oh thanks for using my banner. Good Job. :)

    ~* Lacus *~

  5. SupermilkchanChii Sep 20, 2006

    That is one of the prettiest wallies I've ever seen!
    The character is great and the background is wonderful!
    Awesome job!

  6. Shadows Sep 20, 2006

    The background is simply beautiful you did a great job.

  7. rafaellaGP Sep 21, 2006

    ah! beautiful! this water are so real!
    i loove it!
    and i know that is dificult work whit wtaer! -_-
    well i think this! ;P
    and you background are beautiful too! ^^
    i love it!
    fav! XD

  8. Phantasm Sep 21, 2006

    nice... beauty of butterfly that flits in the vicinity,
    and I think that the expression of the surface of the water is well-made.
    good job..

  9. annakee Sep 21, 2006

    itoko, excuse me for be late... you now that i was a little sad yesterday and now still im... but let me hug you and praise you. this is a beautiful wallie ^^
    (but still i love more the previous one, because was dedicated to me XD )
    fav itoko. you deserve it for your continuous progress

  10. enchantment Sep 21, 2006

    wow, the background looks great :) the water looks nice and the brushes add a nice touch to your wall :D lovely wall~^^

  11. sweetsleep Banned Member Sep 21, 2006

    nice wall and nice background , i like it
    add fav

  12. muneera Sep 21, 2006

    I love the background....the water looks great...its perfect
    well done....+fav

  13. FallenAngelZoicyte Sep 21, 2006

    its stunning. the water looks amazing and she is jsut perfect! love it!

  14. jaguar88 Sep 22, 2006

    The Best Wallpaper i've ever seen >.<
    Great effect! and the placing of the scan is also perfect! ^^
    Very Very Very Very Nicely Done!
    Thnx for sharing this wallpaper and Keep up the good work

  15. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Sep 24, 2006

    Awesome wallie............ ^_^
    I luv it very much!
    Nice crystal ball... XD
    The water looks so SO real and beautiful....
    She's so kawaii2! Thumb up! ;)
    definitely +fav. AriGaTou GOzaimAsU! :D

  16. shadowVII Sep 25, 2006

    very pretty

  17. Aiira Sep 25, 2006

    oh so cute..the wallie is really nice.. ^_^..


  18. MaskedAngel Sep 25, 2006

    Wow! This wallpaper is very pretty! Great job! ^^

  19. animefairy Sep 26, 2006

    Aww....so kawaiiiiiiii! :nya: nya: >.< Me loves it!

    *adding to favs*

  20. cereshe22 Sep 26, 2006

    i like it nice background add to fave

  21. nxia Sep 26, 2006

    woaH! what a kawaii wallie! XD *saves to favorites*

    veRy nice upload...^___^v

    -thanks! =D"

  22. gabysango2011 Sep 27, 2006

    the bgr is reallly amazing...the water is awesome and the butterflies are a perfect touch...very femenine...i really like it...also she's very very cute....and i like elves....
    nice job...+fav

  23. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2006

    what a nice wallie Lummy-chan!
    i love that water how did youmake it?
    I love the brushes you say everything is beautiful!

  24. IzumiChan Oct 13, 2006

    Lum-chan, 3 weeks already? Sorry for being late for the wallie too! >.<
    Woah, very great! Loved the water, it really looks like the real deal~ *_*
    The magical bg gives the idea of a place between cave and deep forest... The shines and butterflies help to lighten things up, and the mahou no onna gives the final touch! Great combo, Lum-lum! ^_~
    You Blowed Up the wallie! XD

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