Sumomo Kpa Wallpaper: A New Era Begins

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I'm baack! X-P

Hi again MT, I was out for some time because of many things:

1) End of Classes the past month, so I had lots of work to do... :sweat:

2) MT was down or very slow...so I gave up.

3) 2 Weeks of vacations (I went to the beach >_<)

4) Beginning of clases again! buuuu x_x

5) My bunny (Evita) gave birth a couple of baby bunnies YAY! now they have 8 days old! XD

Well that's enough excuse I think...haha ^_^'


Okay, about my welcome back wallie:

It has a meaning for me...It represents the time when humans will learn lo leave in peace, taking care of their planet...a new more beautiful Era will begin if war, hunger and contamination dissapear...
I now it isn't easy, but it's not imposible >.<

The other meaning is the birth of my 2 little baby bunnies, yup, a wallie for them! One of them is totally white, and the other is white with little black spots! XD both are very cute and funny!

The scan is from here MT, the horses, pegasus and unicorn are from other stock photos digitally manipulated to fit the wall.
The big Pegasus was very dificult to "complete" coz it had a girl in front of him, so I had to cut her off and then draw the missing parts to complete it.

The building is also made of a "part" of another stock photo, merged all together to make that "colliseum" LOL

Rest of the BG are brushes, digital effects, etc etc.


Okay then, hope you all like it! Comments would be very appreciated :)

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  1. Mya Sep 18, 2006

    Wau ! Welcome back !
    That wall is rock !
    I luve celestial things ...
    But I think the light rays are somehow ... a bit too much and clear ...
    Anyway ... this wall is definitely deserved a fav*

  2. ForbiddenGoddess Sep 18, 2006

    Wow, this is so beautiful.
    I love how it's bright!

  3. Elves Sep 18, 2006

    A very neat wall. I like how the unicorns/pegasus blend into the wall, though they may blend a little too much. The foreground one I'd really like to see a little more definition of. The girls look like they're sitting on it's wing only. I like the use of just the blue hues and white. It does feel quite heavenly. Awesome work incorporating everything into the wall, not one thing feels out of place! Great job!

  4. enchantment Sep 18, 2006

    wow, pretty :) i love all the stars and the moon :D and i love the horses :) its like theyre coming out of another dimension XD really lovely wall~^^

  5. muneera Sep 18, 2006

    cool wallpaper...I love everything in it ...
    excellent work (+fav)

  6. kyokujitsu Sep 18, 2006

    Wow, that's beautiful ^_^ With all the sparkles, you'd expect it to be a little overdone, but you've done it really smoothly. The scans are beautiful, though I'd say the girls look rather pale, but the background (especially on the left hand side) is stunning. Great work on everything ^^ Thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  7. FluffyNeko Sep 18, 2006

    So awsome. I love the clouds and the wings on the horses. :D Only thing is the girls look a bit offcolor?

  8. inuyashalove04 Sep 18, 2006

    Wow, very nice. I love the scans, so nice. The bg work is nice also. I really like the colors that you used in it...that and the effects. Very nice work.

  9. DeeDee Sep 18, 2006

    i LOVE IT <3
    you rock sis

  10. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Sep 18, 2006

    Beautiful! O.O

  11. BlueAngel17 Sep 18, 2006

    eek! angelic! so prettiiie! hope this becomes popular! love the horses! plus the overall heavenly feel of this wall. :)

    however there are some flaws on the right wing of the main pegasus.. somehow it doesn't look like the girl's knee fit in exact place with the wing. looks clipped, but it shouldn't be. anyway i still love this. :)

  12. zaira Sep 18, 2006

    wow! this one is sure a heavy wall :D i like the scan very much! very angelic bg and bright! nice brushes and cool effects! XD
    and great job also for the unicorns and stock photos. everythings fit well! so + fav! >_<

  13. eternallegend Sep 18, 2006

    wow, amazing XD the background looks so heavenly :D the planet looks nice, i like the unicorn, pegasus and the horses XD the colours you used give it that nice heavenly feel :) i like the overall composition of the background with the effects and nice colours XD wonderful wall ^^

  14. Blueheart Sep 18, 2006

    It's very cool!
    I love it!

  15. Ardenta Sep 18, 2006

    At first sight it's really bright and light and shiny but if I take a better look at it, I can see the pure colours of it. I really like this work of yours, I think it's really good. ;)

  16. quantixar Sep 18, 2006

    OMG O_O. Definitely my new favorite! :)

  17. Phantasm Sep 18, 2006

    so cool...... amazing!

  18. Semuta Sep 18, 2006

    So beautiful and peaceful! And excellent in techical parts too.

  19. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 18, 2006

    Very nicely done! Love the bg, keep up the great work!

  20. starrliteangel Sep 18, 2006

    OMG this is beautiful! I cant believe its not a popular wallpaper. Its utterly gorgeous. I love sparkly and angelic things like this. Where did you get that front pegasus from? (the one that the angels are on) i think i have a folder with that pegasus, and Ive been trying to look for it on the net. hehe. well, anyways, theres just two things that bother me. first of all, that blue glow around the one angel's wing (on the right side). I dont know if you did that on purpose or if its unextracted stuff, but it looks a bit wierd. I think the horses and unipegasus in the bg also need to be filtered a bit more because they still look kind of realistic. I think if you look through maybe the sailormoon galleries or on the net, there may be more horse/unicorn images from animes.

    but the colors are beautiful and i think the overall effects are jaw-dropping! (erm..that doesnt sound right....jaw dropping? i dont remember..haha. lets just say its stunning)

  21. pegassuss Sep 18, 2006

    Beautiful work ^^ I specially love the fact that there are a lot of beautiful, lovely horses there ^^ I love the scans you chose, the pegasus are really pretty. The colors are really nice and the really fit the images. The sky is beautiful and the clouds are really fluffy and nice. Good work! ^^

  22. Josito Sep 18, 2006

    Cyn....esto est

  23. Rhonda21 Sep 18, 2006

    So pretty and sparkly! Those are all lovely scans. Nice idea. Well great work!

  24. darkwings Sep 18, 2006

    sugoi! amazing! beautiful! wow! cute! +fav

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