Samurai Spirits Wallpaper: Sunset Beauty

SNK, Samurai Spirits, Mina Majikina Wallpaper
SNK Studio Samurai Spirits Game Mina Majikina Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello Everyone , :D

This is actually a not so new work of mine, I actually did this almost two weeks ago I think, I had left one unfinished detail on it and I finally got around to finishing it so Tada... I finally have it the way I wanted it. XD

This is such a happy piece for me to do, because I love the scan so much I just love Archery and bow and arrows so when I saw this scan I had to take it and use it for something. So Im sorry if it isnt the best of the best.

I love the background, because I wanted a background that was calm and yet the colors were close the girls skin color. I cleaned up the scan of the girl alittle bit because she was to light colored that she didnt look right anymore. The background just came to me, so I just used some mountain brushes in the background. Got a moon brush and changed the hue and saturation, color balance, contrast, duplicated the layer and blended the top layer and set it on a low opacity on top of the bottom one. Then I had used a brush on low opacity and went around the sun very lightly with some yellows and oranges to make the soft light from the sun as it sets. The sky is a stock photo that I played around with some. I did have cloud brushes for the fog, but my best friend Starr told me they looked blurry so I went and found a bunch of fog brushes and made the fog the way I wanted it. The sky looked empty so I wanted some thing more up there, so I placed some birds in there. Im sorry if the scan isnt my best extraction, but I couldn't tell what I was doing half the time she was so light in some parts that I had to do alot of guess work on her, so I hope that was good enough. I really do LOVE this one.

EDIT/UPDATE: Cleaned the scan better & made the string at the top off the bow lighter, and fixed my name. Thanks so much animanga, I cleaned the scan again a different way, thanks for telling me how last time. :D

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  1. sailorchiron Sep 18, 2006

    Very pretty! I like the colors. Overall it's warm and earthy but the cool colors really stand out. Very nice!

  2. Raidemon666 Sep 18, 2006

    what an awesome pic its so pretty and the colors blend well. awesome

  3. animanga Sep 18, 2006

    Very pretty Lacus! ^^
    The BG is great, it's just the scan again. >.< It's a bit grainy, but good job.
    + fave! :)

  4. simonwong Sep 18, 2006

    nice wall^^

  5. animecall Sep 18, 2006

    cool wallie the bg suits the foreground scan its very well done.

  6. enchantment Sep 18, 2006

    wow, pretty :) she matches nicely in the background and i love the sunset :D go bow and arrows XD lovely wall~^^

  7. kyokujitsu Sep 18, 2006

    Wow, it's pretty sweet ^_^ As you said, the scan certainly is beautiful. You can't not like archers with massive bows ^_^ I do wish that she had some more clothes on though, but I suppose you can't have everything ^_^' The background looks simple, but it's really nice too. I love how you did the mountains and overall mist ^_^ Thanks for sharing ^_^

    As an afternote, it looks to me like half the string is either missing, or extremely faded. You can see it crossing the dress but it's really faint, and it seems to completely disappear at the arrows in the quiver ^_^'

  8. AWOL Sep 18, 2006

    Its Mina! I like the fact that she takes up most of the space; and the mist in the background lays real well.

  9. audeaya Sep 18, 2006

    cute and awesome like always sam XD +fav
    you're very talented ;)
    sse you soon my friend :D

  10. eternallegend Sep 18, 2006

    amazing, the background looks lovely with the nice earthy tones and the nice sunset :D the title you chose matches well with your wall XD she suits the background well :) great wall ^^

  11. EldaLacus92 Sep 18, 2006

    It's pretty :) The sunset, birds, all just fit together nicely and the girl you chose is cute too :) Lovely, really lovely :) I just love those mountains

  12. Melisandre Sep 18, 2006

    Gorgeous! I love the pic, she is really cute and the background is really nice, fav for me ^^U

  13. animanga Sep 19, 2006

    That's better! ;) Though you've put the scan over top of your sig. XD & I just noticed how rude the scan is! LOL
    Adding to the gallery at FW. ;)

  14. lovecards Sep 19, 2006

    Very cool the wall...and the background is realy good...can you send me as your fav? ^^...Just kidding is very big tosend as a fav...
    The girl is a lovely warrior and with that background kill me...Keep it up!^^

  15. starrliteangel Sep 19, 2006

    hehe..fog looks much better!

  16. uchiha-vegeta Sep 19, 2006

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , as amazing as ever lacus-chaaan~ , u sure improved since the last wallie i saw , ur a pro now X=P , anywayz , cnt wait to see more X-D

  17. Zoamel Sep 21, 2006

    It's looking like the is wearing no pantsu ;)
    The background is looking great with her.
    Thanks for sharing :D

  18. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Sep 23, 2006

    aaaaaaaaawkawaii^^ i cant thinf of anything else too say except KAWAII!

  19. thingperson Sep 24, 2006

    I love this so much the scan you used is so pretty and i love the background you are so talented.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  20. anime-xp Banned Member Sep 24, 2006

    in my opinion you done a very good job on it ITS INCREDABLE!

  21. eternally-asuka Sep 26, 2006

    wow love it! i love archeryd bows too XD they are so cool! awesomeee againn

  22. Missy-K Sep 29, 2006

    Gorgeous work. Lovely coloring and the image is so pretty to begin with.

  23. nanapan Oct 01, 2006

    Wow! very beautifu l! It good work ! I like this wallpaper ... Thx for this wallpaper. .. ^^

  24. laurent Oct 04, 2006

    Wow, what a gorgeous girl ! ... but still, not as gorgeous as you are ! ! ! Yep, great title, Sunset Beauty, that's what popped into my mind when I first saw this. You know how much I love sunsets, so I guess I don't have to mention I love your wallie. ( HAHA, I dit it anyway ) It looks really great and I'm surprised it didn't get 'elited' yet. Great job my love, I really like this ! Flawlesness once again ...
    *adds to favs*

    Your sunset lover, your Kira

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