Princess Holiday Wallpaper: Once Upon a Time...

August, Princess Holiday, Laeticia La Mew Symphonia Wallpaper
August Studio Princess Holiday Visual Novel Laeticia La Mew Symphonia Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper is meant to be a birthday present for both Lum-chan and Co-Star . I'm so sorry for being this late! >__<
I indented to make one wallie for each one of you, but school really didn't help. Had tests today and classes all afternoon, but we decided not to go. So, the moment seemed just perfect to finish this. Here it is! >.<
I know, since it's a double present (and late! >_< ) it was supposed to be a good work, but that's all I could come up with. Honto ni gomen, Cosmic and Lumus! >_<

Let's go to the topics~ ;)

*The Scan: Taken from Download Anime's gallery ~
It's a pretty princess, ne~ I tried to change her hair color, (that blonde is bad~ >.< ) but no other color fitted her... Oh well, I guess some people are just born to be blonde~ XD

*The Stock: Castle taken from Stock.xchng . (It's a castle on Germany~)
Glass Shoe taken from Google. ^_~

*The BG : Made with photoshop CS2. The mountains were made with terragen and I used a lot of brushes~ ^_^'
Brushes taken from: Tekuteku , Creepy Dolly , Luna Regina and Endless Rain ~
Sorry for the lightening problem, I tried to make the moon the center of it... -_-
And yeah, clouds can shine at night. Got a problem? ^_~

*The Viewpoint fence: I know it's terrible.... made it all alone, with no tutorials. ^_^'

*The idea: Yeah, I went with the whole Cinderella concept. There's two reasons of why the glass slipper is on her hand: won't it be interesting if Cinderella had full control of where are her shoes? I mean, if they're not confortable, don't try to run with them~ >.<
Second reason? Her hand position was too weird to leave it alone. ^_^'

*Anything more? I really felt like using swirls again. But with all the comotion last time, I held myself back. It was hard~ >_<

That's all. Lum-Lum and CoSta, I hope you'll like it and I'm sorry for the lateness. Happy birthday! :D

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  1. DSL367 Sep 17, 2006

    Is that Mikoto from Hanihani: Operation Sanctuary? Looks of quite a familiar face coz, I think it's Mikoto-san... Whatever... ...

    KAWAII :D ! Wish 2 c more coming from Operation Sanctuary... Thanx!
    + Faves

  2. Lum-sann Sep 17, 2006

    O_O kyaumi! a birthday present for me and co-star! for our BD WOWOWOW! kyaumi you are so so sweet! ^__^ no prob with the lateness really i'm so so happy! your gift is wonderfull! :) i love this wallie! oh i like her dress a lot and she as the crystal shoes >_< so beautiful! :D oh and that bg so so lovely! i love the castle i would love to leave there! ^_^' i would get lost in that huge castle XD hoho such fluffy clouds! i wish i was there! ^^ thanks a lot Kawumi! ^_^ i love your gift!
    I'm really surprised because you are so busy and you even made a wallie for us! T_T you are so sweet! thanks! Blow up those exames! Go Kyaumi! ;)
    And of course a fav for this beautiful wallie! ^_^ (my sister loved it too) :D Bye Kyaumi! and thanks a lot! ^////^

  3. sakuya-sama Sep 17, 2006

    It's wonderfull, I really loved your newest wallie *****
    You are really getting better and better ~.~
    Lum-sann happy Birthday ^^


  4. CosmoStar Sep 18, 2006

    Awww! Izu! Thanks a lot! You didn't need to stress yourself so much for making a gift for me and Lum...
    But I really enjoyed your work, especially because your intention! You're kind-hearted girl, that's what I like about you!
    As always, your text was amusing! I enjoyed reading it a lot! And I'm happy you didn't used the swirls (lol)...
    I liked the scan, though her blondeness is really too much (but if she's meant to remain blonde, what can we do but accept her, ne? XD).
    I really enjoyed the castle! Gorgeous!
    Arigato gozaimasu! I really liked this!
    And I really enjoyed Sakamoto-chan songs "Hello" that you sent me!
    It is so cute and soothing to the years! Thanks!
    Cya around, Izuzu dear!
    Congrats for this nice wallpaper! :)

  5. crogers Oct 04, 2006

    You're so critical of your work. I really like the wallpaper and think you did an amazing job.

  6. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2006

    i dont understand
    i didnt receive a notif of your gallery entry
    but im here to see it now!
    sorry for the lateness
    everything looks wonderful and gorgeous princess style
    shes sooo cute
    and the castle is sooo cool
    I love the moon and the clouds
    your mountains, as always are very cool
    overall its a nice wall
    Super fav! for a super wall!

  7. Gabriele Feb 13, 2007

    this walls beautiful! I love that castle in the background and the girl is cute too, Fantastic!

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