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Artist Comment

*sigh*.... *sigh* Kyaa! I'm just so relived that this is FINALLY over! I almost died when doing this vector x_x Outlining itself was total disaster especially with Yuuko's hair... *gets razor and shaves Yuuko's hair*
This vector took me one full week and few days added to finish this x_x Never has any vector taken this long time to finish *sighs* Well I first colored Sakura since she's in fron and all... That actually took me most of the time. then it was Yuuko that actually took me only few hours to color... Okay let's not mention the flower patterns on their clothes! It was total disaster! Total of Yuuko's flowers were 53 flowers! Thank god Sakura was only 15! But now I'm just really, utterly, completely and fully happy that it's over! I think I'm gonna have a l~ong break before I'll attempt to make any new work soon...!
Oh yeah! You dare to rip me T_T I'll come and haunt you! :)
Background was the last thing I did and I almost lost my nerve doing that *sigh* with all thosel curvy and smoke like things... You really need to give a credit for Clamp when doing such a fine art work...!
Well right now I don't have anything in my mind that I'd like to write... but enjoy!
I suggest you to full view it :) It looks way much better then :)

Come and join us!
http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e107/Lacusoul/SRBanner3.jpg http://colorfullwallies.x-tenshi.com/siggi/19.gif
*lol* A bit of too much banners ^_^'

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  1. DoctorFateMX Sep 16, 2006

    Very nice! Your attention to detail is amazing! It is a very good balance of the simplistic nature of the art deco (or is it art nouveau) style and the intricacies of the hanging ribbons and smokelines in the background.

    It was a painful process, making this work, but things that are worth it seldom come without a price.

  2. Rikkablurhound Sep 16, 2006

    I dont even have the patience to do a small vector ^_^'
    This is amazing!
    Very welldone! Its simplistic, detailed & very nicely vectored! Very nice! XD
    Im gonna put it up for main fea if I get an admin to agree with me XD
    in FW of course XD

  3. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2006

    Really great vector!

  4. Lunariha Sep 16, 2006

    You've done another great work again..! I soooo envy you! You really excellent *hugs*


  5. GloriaChan Sep 16, 2006

    yeah very good. Fav!

  6. PinkPrincessLacus Sep 16, 2006

    This is so beatiful! Wow in the elite gallery as well no doubt. I Love It! All the details and different designs and you did it all OMG your amazing, this is the vector you have been working on and told me about! Your are so talented, Its beautiful, and the border on top, and the background is amazing! A fav from me for sure girl. *adds to fav, clicks the button and hopes messed up MT will add it*.

    Your Friend,
    ~* Lacus *~

  7. SakuraShirayuki Sep 16, 2006

    O M G !
    I think, this is the best vector, you've even made <333
    Sakura! *cheers*
    I really can't believe that this is a vector! It is such complicated to make !
    I really really must add it to my favs! *don't beat me XD*
    My dearst Elda-chama! <33333 GREAT WORK!

  8. BlueAngel17 Sep 16, 2006

    Very goooood. *_* gee, this deserves elite. Anyone who got through CLAMP vector deserves it. *_* good job there!

  9. aishiteraburu Sep 16, 2006

    *gasp* You vectored that whole scan.
    How do ppl do it. Its amazing
    I still haven't accomplished vectoring sakura and u vectored it
    U vectored both sakura and Yuuko nonetheless
    Amazing XD

  10. chubbykitty Sep 16, 2006

    O_O So many lines! Excellent job..I would never be able to have the patience to do something like this D: It looks so lovely, great work!

  11. MapleRose Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2006

    wow pretty!

    yeah I can see how Yuuko's hair can drive you insane =_=

    lovely vector and colouring as always, and the background is so pwetty! wow you have so much patience in doing all the details! I'd die if I tried vectoring CLAMP ^_^'

    did you use a vector brush for those flower patterns?

  12. EternalParadox Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2006

    It's pretty, and a good vector, with lots of details and such. =)

  13. starrliteangel Sep 16, 2006

    OH WOW! The vector is CLEAN. This is such an amazingly clean and perfect vector! The outlines are perfect. I can imagine how many hours you spent on this thing...wow. The only thing that i can point out that bothers me a little bit is how sakura's eyes look a little vacant and like in a trance. is she supposed to be like that?

  14. aqiaqua Sep 16, 2006

    Amazing O_O. Absolutely amazing O_O. Beautiful, clean and sharp...amazing O_O.

    Automatic feature vector at CL ;). Fave from me as well.

  15. Sugasuga Sep 17, 2006

    Girl, you're crazy, lol. And everyone seems to like to vector CLAMP art nowadays, and do it so well too. Great work!

  16. animanga Sep 17, 2006

    *speechless* ... ... *still speechless*
    ...It's just so...it's beyond amazing!
    Everything is so clean & perfect & exact & detailed. I know the original scan & that their eyes look like that so that's not your fault.
    Instant fave & feature at FW.

  17. Korixxkairi Sep 17, 2006

    WOWWW > <! VECTOR ~~ Yuuko sama ~~ Really clean for it ! I love this ~

  18. moonfire Sep 17, 2006

    Your hard work paid off! It looks nice from the thumbnail, but it looks fantastic when full-viewed! It's really a beautiful and amazing vector!

    I just love the pattern on their kimonos. Everything looks gorgeous It's all beautifully done, it's flawless!

    Fantastic job on it! :D

  19. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Sep 17, 2006

    oh wow! elda-san this looks like it took FOREVER! the vector looks so cute^^ the gallery will no doubt love this :D

  20. xianghua Sep 17, 2006

    Wow! Very nice Elda-san! The image is simply beautiful! And your vectoring skills are awesome as usual!
    Keep up the good work! (sorry i didn't reply to your message yet! I'm very busy ^_^')
    Instant fav!

  21. Kairi-Hearts Sep 17, 2006

    OMG it's amazing!
    I can't believe you vectored this scan! I love that scan!
    Your vectors are always so clean and awesome.
    you did great job on this one

    edit: uhm..dunno why but I can't fav! I'll fav it as soon as I find out what's wrong! gomen

  22. CyberGame Sep 18, 2006

    wow nice wall >.<

  23. viekazama Sep 18, 2006

    WOA! *rolling eyes*
    what an artwork
    you did really great
    a fave for sure
    Keep it up :D

  24. rubenz Sep 19, 2006

    OMG u vectored all the thingd? The line is so neat and the color is great ^^ instant fave :d ur awesome

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