Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Murrue Marius X Mwu La Flaga

RGB, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Mu La Flaga, Murrue Ramius
RGB Mangaka Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Series Mu La Flaga Character Murrue Ramius Character


Just a Murrue and Mwu/Neo scan from the RGB artbook I scaned it for Eternally-asuka and saw that no one submited it so I thought I will share it
Hope u like

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  1. SakuraShirayuki Sep 15, 2006

    oh XD I wanted to submit it right now XD
    If scaned it today, too!
    XD ahh murrue looks sooo cute although she's crying!

  2. thingperson Sep 15, 2006

    oh this is so cute..i love this scan of murrue and mwu..they look so pretty.


  3. eternally-asuka Sep 16, 2006

    o.o .... for me? ME?! *-* waaa amaing kanchan! thanks so much! it's so beautiful! thanks again for scanning it! i love this grown up couple XD adults!

    merged: 09-16-2006 ~ 08:27am
    T_T buuu i wanted to be the first one to comment but my stupid conexxion is so AWFUL i HATE it!

    anyway, haha for me kan-chan? oh thanks so much, you are so sweet i didn't think you would remember it hehe thanks again! they look so good! and full of love eyes *--* arigatou!

    ^^ *hugs* i love it! their eyes are full of love, so charming

  4. smoon Sep 16, 2006

    Thanks so much for the scan, >.<

  5. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Sep 16, 2006

    aaaaaaaaaw so cute ^^ i love this scan kan-chan *hugs* thanx for sharing :D

  6. rogero Sep 16, 2006

    murrue and neo look good in this picture, thanks for the scan

    merged: 09-16-2006 ~ 09:39am
    i love this picture of neo and murrue, thanks for the scan

  7. eternally-asuka Sep 16, 2006

    ok this is the thrid time i'm writting this, i want to throw my lap top now >_<

    Anyway thanks so much KA-chan, you are so sweet i didn't think you would remember it hehe You are such a good friend! thanks for scanning it for me ^^ *hugs* i love it! their eyes are full of love, so charming

  8. moonescape Sep 16, 2006

    That looks so sad.l TT_TT It makes me wanna cry. This was a nice scan of both of them. favs :D

  9. LilKittyCrazie Sep 16, 2006

    Love them!

    merged: 09-16-2006 ~ 12:00pm
    Love them.. very adorable

  10. MapleRose Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2006

    ::squeal like a fangirl::!

    yay, finally Mwu and Murrue in RGB style! I'm so glad you put this up, thank you X 1000000000!

    okay, got that out of my system (I'm too much of a fangirl...) ^_^' ... thanks so much for sharing!

    oh yeah, is this from the SEED artbook or the new Destiny artbook?

  11. audeaya Sep 16, 2006

    nice scan kan-chan ;)

  12. JCzala Sep 16, 2006

    Oh wow! This is sweet! I'm dying to see another Mwu and Murrue scan and I just got my wish. Thanks!

  13. AkiraKiriyama Sep 16, 2006

    OMG, thank you very very very much, I adore Murrue x Mwu couple! *--*<3

  14. tenseiga Sep 17, 2006

    The bottom orange is excellent to stand out this couple's warmth. Although I believe that it is one of the mature best couples that have seen.

  15. AkatsukiKawa Sep 17, 2006

    I love RGB's art... They are beautiful and very touching.
    Thank you for sharing...

  16. UchihaTaijiya Sep 19, 2006

    Wow, this is amazing and beautiful...
    They definitely deserve more artwork...
    ::stares:: I'm in love with this scan!
    Thanks so much for sharing it!
    Murrue/Mwu = OTP for Seed/Destiny!

  17. CosmoStar Sep 20, 2006

    So cool! I really liked how Murrue is looking here.... it's ncie to see her fragile and sad... but it's even better to see Mwu confident and warm smile in the back just to remind us that he's there for her!
    Such a lovely picture! Thanks for sharing!
    I'll add to my favs!

  18. LacusLover Sep 22, 2006

    Absolutely love this image. MwuxMurrue is awesome.

  19. CosmoStar Oct 07, 2006

    Oh! What gorgeous hands Murrue-san has! They are so pretty! Wow!

  20. whitewingzero Oct 13, 2006

    Her face's so sad but also lovely! Arghhh Mwusannnnn.

  21. merelie Jan 26, 2007

    well, i must admit that i wasn't very interested in them in GS, but then their story turned so tragic and it was like a miracle (from the animators!) when they were reunited in GSD that all is forgiven! XD
    that is such a beautiful scan of the two of them and thank you very much for sharing it

  22. CronoCDT Jul 20, 2009


  23. Sopsi Mute Member Dec 08, 2009

    Beautiful scan^^
    Poor Murrue, she looks so sad...

    Thanks for sharing^^

  24. littlechikage Feb 24, 2010

    great scan
    i love MM~
    tks for sharing

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