Kanon Wallpaper: Miss You

Key (Studio), Kanon, Nayuki Minase, Ayu Tsukimiya Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Kanon Series,Visual Novel Nayuki Minase Character Ayu Tsukimiya Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Oh My God a highlight?! I didnt expect this to get such an honor! Thank you so much to you all! God Bless THANK YOU AGAIN!


*Sigh* Oh boy what a few weeks it has been. Alot of amazing things happened with me and Sally that are just too amazing to say. Anyway lets talk about this wall.

Again another *sigh* another wall with probably so many mistakes I could kill myself...just trying to aim for the perspective was a pain in the ass. You can point alot of things out and I will know why...shadowing, the actual fit of the pictures...the clock...etc. But why Im telling you this is probably to save you some time. I really did this for Sally...some of the things she gave me was to resemble something like what you see here. Like the cell phone accessory, the letters plus under it is drawings. Then the journal on the notepad that I was thinking of saying plus the note on the coffee cup represents how amazing Sally is at the Piano. The only thing is...is that its supposed to resemble something that Yuuinchi would do...probably being that he has so many feelings for Ayu that I do about Sally. I did this for her and I dont expect alot of praise from you guys.

Next wall Im doing is about the WTC that should have at least something right. Everything here has almost 200 layers and took almost a few weeks...I've been so busy recently its been sluggish and my computer got sluggish with this hahaha. Oh well...enjoy it...I hope you do T_T.

Cheers for now!



Chosen by fluke and euna

Absolutely gorgeous and clever wallpaper as this deserves the highlight.
Just take one look at it, and you'll see what I mean. The lighting effects and compositions work extremely well together. Even better, the little details here and there make everything more enjoyable to look at. You find something new on each glance. Awesome job!

Proposed by fluke and highlighted by euna.

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  1. BlueAngel17 Sep 14, 2006

    Erm, who's Sally? :)

    Well, I love this Kanon wallpaper. After watching the series, this wall is really something someone would appreciate. All the memories, and happy moments Yuunichi would treasure. And I'm sure Yuunichi is affectionate as you so the wallpaper is something really well made. ;)

    EDIT: oh I see. Well, erm, I think you guys will get a long in a few days or so. Let time heal it all up. Sorry if I don't sound comforting. X-O

  2. HaWaIIofHoaI Sep 14, 2006

    how reminscent... you did mention all the flaws but i think it's because you're being harder on yourself than let's say other people would be. XD i think it was well thought out and executed and in actuality there is no such thing as PERFECT or COMPLETE. there is only things that can be improved or things that bring satisfaction. simply put, don't punch yourself. you did good. =)

  3. eternallegend Sep 14, 2006

    interesting concept :) i like the way you portrayed your idea in your wall, the photos add a nice touch and i like how it seems to portray memories, the colours look nice and suits the atmosphere, the light that seems like a setting sun helps create a mood and the title seems to match well :D overall you created a nice wall ^^

  4. Devilet Sep 14, 2006

    lol, the little thumb when browsing the gallery didn't catch my eye at first. But after viewing this at 100% I can see a great deal of work has been done here. It's so sweet of you to wall something like this for your girlfriend ... awww! Gah, but anyways, must tell about this piece. You're absolutely a pro with lighting, I don't know how you do it, but you know how to do it amazingly and realisticly. The desk and the textures, perfectly mapped, I really like how it turned out. And the album ... it looks so real with those photos ... I know the major thing that annoys me is the picture frame, and yes you realize this aswell. But I think everything was so breath-taking I don't seem to care too much. I wouldn't use it as a desktop, but this is a wonderful wallpaper you got here.

  5. fluke Sep 15, 2006

    Oh my god, that is simply one of the most beautiful wallpapers I have ever seen. So many tiny details in it, it's just so fun to look at it all, this is an amazying piece of work if you ask me. The cell phone is just really cool and the album is superb, I love the little notes you have on it too...man what more can I say, but you have damn near created a perfect wallpaper if you ask me. Great job!

  6. Devildude Sep 15, 2006

    hmmm. as usual from you, attention to detail in every single sense of the word.

  7. TypeZERO Sep 15, 2006

    I know you said in your description you don't expect a lot of praise for this, but you definitely deserve a lot of it. As Devilet said the way you use lighting is just awesome and the desk texture looks almost real with the little marks and lumps on it. The photo album which is the focal point of this wallpaper is extremely well done and the notes/letters lying around are nicely placed too. I especially like how the paper with the phone number on it is crumpled and folded ^^

  8. starrliteangel Sep 15, 2006

    wow. this is amazing. I seriously dont know how you can put so much work into your walls! I get bored of them and just give up...eventually. and thats so sweet that you dedicated it to someone special. Haha too bad theres not many guys like you around. I actually understand the pain of perspective. I finally finished a wallpaper, and it seriously looks like crap. Its supposed to be a bird's eye view perspective...and well, lets just say i dont have your skills. I think that everything in this wall looks pretty good and goes well with the perspective. The cellphone is awesome! I think its the best thing in the wall. one thing i personally think you could have done better is the picture frame. Its the only thing in that whole wall that makes me...er... doubt the perspective? I dont know if that sounds right, but for some reason, that picture frame bothers me. from the sense of perspective im getting, i think the shadow on the right side of the frame should be moved onto the left side. I dont know...maybe im seeing this wall in a different perspective? Definitely fav-ing this!

  9. euna Retired Moderator Sep 17, 2006

    Lovely work! This is great. I love it.
    You have put this and that, here and there, that every little thing contributes to the beauty of this wall. It's so clever how you put little pictures in every little thing. It's fabulous. Btw, lovely lighting effects as well. Well done. *highlighted*

  10. slasherxwan Sep 17, 2006

    This is a really great wallpaper.. Jz the effort alone is great..

  11. darkar Sep 17, 2006

    Oh wow, a great piece of artwork! It looks gorgeuos althought u claim theres some flaws. But overall, it still looks great!

  12. JKLeganes Sep 17, 2006

    Come on, its almost perfect! Im gonna have it as wallpaper from the moment it downloads :) It seems worse in the prev (or however it is called...you know, the little image :P) but when you see it larger...a piece of art

  13. SupermilkchanChii Sep 17, 2006

    Thats a neat wallie!
    I think its great as do so many others!
    Great job Jason!

  14. sailorchiron Sep 17, 2006

    Dude this is abso-flippin-lutely amazing! Fantastic job!

  15. Ryan19 Sep 18, 2006

    It's a very nice wallie. What i most like about this piece, is that the photos stands out perfectly still with the glows of color effects, which make the whole environment become relaxing and peaceful.

  16. RaiMinakami18 Sep 18, 2006


  17. Koi89 Sep 18, 2006

    you so have to add me in your friend's list Jason! I'M ALSO HERE IN MT lolz.
    anyway, great joppp! XDD

  18. kitamurazv Sep 19, 2006

    (after loading full-view)

    A.... (speechless). You really make something piece of art here. Love it! XD

    The lighting effect is done very well; the textures used are also HQ. Moreover, the twilight sunlight through the window made a relaxing atmosphere of it all.

    The details are also extremely well done. I love the cellphone, the photographs, the texture on the table... definitely a fav from me. ;)

  19. AngelKate Sep 19, 2006

    Man...your stuff is always so awesome. Your girlfriend is very lucky to have a guy who makes stuff like this for her. ^_^ Everything is very well done and I think you did great with the perspective. In fact I can't find any flaws. I can definitely see why this got highlighted. Great work!

  20. KennyMcCormmick Sep 19, 2006

    Just super mega hiper beautiful!

  21. CosmoStar Sep 20, 2006

    I really enjoyed your idea! Very cool! The wallpaper looks perfect like an actual desktop (I've even thought: "why someone posted a desktop photo here?" lol)
    The theme is pretty... lots of photos and the fact that there's something missing... Very romantic and sweet and good work!
    Congrats and keep up with the wonderful job! :D

  22. gabysango2011 Sep 20, 2006

    i love it...and also...it's so original...
    i've never seen something like that...
    this wallie totally deserve a highlight...congrats...this is really a great job...the photos u put in there are aldo great...the details...like the cofee and the clock are great...and also the book is gorgeous...
    + fav...
    + watchlist

  23. Kyelor Sep 21, 2006

    Wow...that must have been really difficult, trying to get that perspective in. I'll have to agree with you that some of the angles of pictures are better than others, but with what you have you did an amazing job and the concept was a really cool idea too! Plus, ya gotta love the kawaii pics ~_^

  24. bombaday Sep 21, 2006

    spectacular! just by looking at the wallpaper gives me a feeling of thinking of a special some1 who is far away.... i think u really did put ur feelings fully on to this pic.... that's what make this wallpaper magnificent... though there is flaws in it... but u have did ur best... and nothing is perfect.... so just be proud of it! EXCELLENT WORK!

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