Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Wallpaper: Angel of Creation

Arina Tanemura, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Kaitou Jeanne Wallpaper

1152x864 Wallpaper

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Another simple scenery lol. Humm.. what should I say.. I don't make things like these recently because I fail in making sparkly scenery.. xD Heaven's Flurry came out too bright for the audience so I decided to make a sparkly dark wallpaper instead, hehe. Scan from MT. Wings, made by myself. The scan.. so hard to extract.. and so hard to make it more visible than on the scan. See the scan HERE.

Bg made from Terragen cuz I can't find the scene I wanted so I made it. Moon reflection seems small somehow.. so let's interpret instead that it's a path made by the "planet" she's making. xd Stocks from sxc and brushes from DA, HG and brushworkx. Used also textures to add color to water.. humm.. the site isn't existing anymore so why bother to say where the texture came from. Humm... that's all. *bow*

More resolutions at KatzKrafts. I dunno if this will be my entry for the Wings-Lovers or Cute-Wallies contest. Still thinking..

EDIT:: By critics, took care of the water. And made the tenshi lighter.

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  1. muneera Sep 13, 2006

    cool background...I love it.
    Its awesome...good job.

  2. krisaiee Sep 13, 2006


  3. animanga Sep 13, 2006

    Wow! The sky looks so gorgeous!
    The planet is nice & the mountains look really good! :)
    But the extraction is really sharp in places & the watter is a little to painted.
    The sparkles around her look really nice but the area surrounding the planet looks a little weird. >.<
    Over all nice job, just maybe make the water shinier & fix the extraction, then it'll be perfect! ;)
    + fave! ^^

    ~I wonder why MT is giving you trouble submitting? I had no trouble at all. OX

  4. aqiaqua Sep 13, 2006


    The scan is a bit grainy, and the extraction is a bit bumpy here and there. The water...I admit I can't do much better, but it looks sorta fake (dunno about you, just what I see). The wings, erm, look a bit soft and fake, but decent enough. And the moon looks to blurry >_<. Gosh, hope I wasn't mean :(.

    But it is really pretty. It's a very unique idea, and I like the sparklyness!

  5. eternallegend Sep 13, 2006

    wow, you created a nice magical looking wall, the colours suit well with the scan, i like the feather orb, the extracting does seem a bit rough ^_^' the stars look nice, the water looks a bit off, its good but did you smudge the water to blend it in with the mountains? you missed a spot :sweat: or two [hope i didnt just offend you], the moon is really blurry, but it suits the wings, you missed a spot on the wings that isnt smudged like the rest near her arm [top wing], the swirly stars adds a nice touch overall you made a nice wall ^^

  6. kyokujitsu Sep 13, 2006

    Haha, after reading the above comments I was expecting something that looked cool only in the thumbnail, but was actually really dodgy, but this wall is beautiful ^_^ The astral background is nice, nothing particularly unique but beautiful nonetheless. Did you make the mountains from scratch? Because they're really nice. But I can see what everyone else means by the water, it looks too much like a cg, which contrasts sharply with the anime scan and bg. The scan is stunning though ^_^ I actually like the wings alot. Thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  7. enchantment Sep 13, 2006

    the sky is soo pretty XD i love the stars and such :) the moon is a little blurred but still nice :D i love the rings around her and that orby/planet thing shes sort of reaching for XD i also love the feathers :) the water looks a little awkward OX but it adds character which is good :D lovely wall overall~^^

  8. Justice48 Sep 13, 2006

    Looks wonderful!
    (Can't say I'll add any more to what the others have mentioned above.)
    It looks like it has so much fog, but I like it.
    Also, thanks for sharing the link to the scan. :D

  9. BlackRoses Sep 13, 2006

    Stunning! I really like it, it's going straight to my desktop. ^^

  10. Lum-sann Sep 13, 2006

    Wow! this wallpaper is so so beautiful! ^_^ i love it! the effects of the sky looks wonderfull and the background really has the "look of fantasy" the character is really nice for this kind of background i just think that the star of the left is a bit big ^_^'
    I love to see that moon is really beautiful! ^^ big and with a nice light ^^ oh her wings are just to lovely! ^^ this is a great wallie! Go BlueAngel! ^^

  11. himura088 Sep 13, 2006

    Thanks for this GREAT piece of work!

  12. Struppi Sep 13, 2006

    Omfg O_O"
    This is...damn, I wish i could make things like that too xD
    But i will never get good enough Q_Q *cry*
    But this is realy nice ;_;!

  13. EldaLacus92 Sep 13, 2006

    Kyaa~! Wow BlueAngel-san! That's absolutely lovely! It gives you such an illusionatic air of feeling... you know ;) ? The water looks so stormy yet so calm... But I suppose it's because of the air of peace that it's surroundings give off... It's absolutely lovely :)

  14. starrliteangel Sep 13, 2006

    ohhh me like the concept. I wish it was worked on a little better (*cringes* I hope im not being too harsh!). I seriously think this wall could have had looked gorgeous if the bg wasnt terragen and some things were changed around a little. First of all, I do like her wings, but they look a little blurry. they also look kind of dark as wings, so I would suggest either duplicating and screen-ing them, or overlaying. The character is too harsh and solid against the bg and the wings. You need to also duplicate her and overlay her or "screen" the top layer. I see what you mean about your last wall being bright, but the character is a little too dark to be an angel. There is also a moon behind her, so she should look more luminescent. if you duplicate her layer, then i recommend gaussian blurring the bottom layer a little so she looks more soft and dewy. its really nice how you have her fading into sparkles. I love that effect. The night sky is also really nice, not boring and plain like mine usually are. the color of the sky and the galaxies really look nice. But the moon is way too blurry.

    For the bg i recommend using a stock photo, or duplicating the terragen and gaussian blurring it a little so it looks softer and not so harsh. (especially the water). Ahh - but I LOOOVE the earth and the feathers around it! Its so pretty. ^-^

  15. gabysango2011 Sep 13, 2006

    it's sooo beautiful....i love it...
    the angel is sooo cute....the water is also beautiful...the sky is awesome...also the moon...although it's a bit blurry...but it doesn't matter...
    i like it soo soo much...
    keep up the good work...
    nice nice nice...
    although it's true that it's not perfect...but u have talent...u can improve...
    i like the idea....
    + fav

  16. Rhonda21 Sep 13, 2006

    oh yeah the sky is very pretty! I like those mountains too. It's a really lovely wall. Nice work!

  17. pamkips Sep 13, 2006

    so beautiful!

  18. rafaellaGP Sep 14, 2006

    ah so real! XD
    nha this water is perfect, this sky whit the moon, and great concept for make this planet! x}
    ah yeah! and this wings are really pretty! XD
    great work

  19. PinkPrincessLacus Sep 14, 2006

    Ahh I love the layout of the wall Blue-san! I love the scan you choosen, the earth, the moon, and the water so much! Its very pretty! Thanks for sharing it. :)

    ~* Lacus *~

  20. GoNik Sep 14, 2006

    Neee... it looks cool ^^v You did really good job with the water, I mean it.
    Geez, you're making so many wallies recently, I'm jealous XD

  21. moonlightdreamer Sep 14, 2006

    this is a totaly amazing wallpaper! Well done!

  22. animanga Sep 14, 2006

    Tip: Go around the edges of the scan with the blur tool. ;)

    Except that everything's perfect now! ^^
    The water & planet look so much better & the wings too. :) Popular subs soon for this! ^^

  23. alterlier Sep 14, 2006

    let's see ....the idea you went for it was really risky cuz....when you cant find the right bg or scan ...it becomes a challenge try to make it yourself...so its cool when you actually finish something you were trying to invent .....
    in this wall the problem for me is the quality ....terragen is good but ...is way too better when you just dont make it look like it was made in terragen, I mean ...is only a way to know how you want your bg..then just manipulate it .....here ...the edges are too sharpened or something....and well have to say that the scan it's kind of unclean...but actually at then end for me is almost the same, the concept and artwork....what is art without escence?
    so I like it.

  24. ZhuangQuan Sep 14, 2006

    Very well made. I really like how did the background. But still I feel like there is something. Anyway it's still well made

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