Gakuen Heaven Wallpaper: Party Van!

You Higuri, Gakuen Heaven, Tetsuya Niwa Wallpaper
You Higuri Mangaka Gakuen Heaven Series,Visual Novel Tetsuya Niwa Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hiyo :D

It's been quite some time since I last submitted a wall... I wasn't that lazy in the meantime though, I have 2 other walls yet to finish (;;�´~`) This wall was originally an AP contest entry lookie lookie :D but, yeah, the condition was to make borders. Tell me what borders are without looking them up! lol. Go mirror climbing instead :P

(copy pasta'd from AP) Anyway, after removing the borderz, I found the background a bit too plain, so I added a graffiti to it with the original colors of the anime logo (Thanks google search. I'd never download yaoi >_<). What else... well, I already forgot most of the making stage.

Why is the title "Party Van"? Well... I called this wall PARTY VAN! because... I very often check the /b/section of 4chan, and when illegal stuff is posted there, they all go "CP! B&!", "Enjoy your FBI", "Where's the Internet Police" etc and that's mainly the point behind the "Party Van" concept. Here's an example: Click me!
So, since that guy is spotlighted (and pinpointed by policemen with their guns), I supposed he would be arrested for being... too bishi. Or something like that XD Hence it's the Party Van!

Yah I know the wallpaper is too static, but I didn't know what to add else. Following my logic above, I can't add anything else. Thanks to the few people at Pointless Vandalism for their feedback ^^ Enjoy the wall and don't miss on commenting it, I could always change anything on this wall.

UHHHH Noone cares anyways, I don't have enough friends to make them look at it! lol

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  1. eXDream2K5 Sep 09, 2006

    very nice wallpaper, the bg, lighting and the character's pose compliment each other nicely. :D

  2. bromithia Retired Moderator Sep 09, 2006

    Too yaoi for me, but the quality is overall really good. Great job!

  3. Chingers Sep 10, 2006

    I love Higuri's work. When will I see something from Seimaden or Canterella from you? Cuz I know you'll make them good!

  4. anji Sep 12, 2006

    I like the colors overall. Not too much, and just some variation of the same one, that's my kind.
    Good job on the wall too, the graffiti looks really well and nicely integrated.
    keep it up, it's great you started to wall more often.

  5. Eowyn Sep 13, 2006

    I love it! Higuri's work is nice and the wall is great! ^^
    Tha graffiti looks really good.

  6. Kaitou-Kid Sep 17, 2006

    zomg, a 4chan /b/tards? in my MT? lol...
    hmm... the chara, the graffiti, and the wall is perfect...
    but i think there's something wrong with the shadow...
    1. Both light is equal in brightness and almost equal in size, i think the shadow should have equal darkness too. in this picture, the shadow on the right side of his head is too dark.
    2. By the round mark on the wall, and the direction of his eyes, the light source should be right in front of him, in this case, the shadow should be located not too far from his position. In this image, his shadow is too far from his main position.
    IMHO only.
    but a nice work anyway... ^_^ peace

  7. FallenAngelZoicyte Sep 21, 2006

    i like it a lot. i would have made the shadow closer and denser as the light is so intense, but we each see things differently. i fav'd it! once i am on my on computer i may download it. :)

  8. Ryouko Dec 26, 2006

    awesome! Great wallpaper. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the good work!

  9. whirligig Feb 12, 2010

    =3= looks coolpretty
    thanks for sharing

  10. Faelnirv Apr 15, 2010

    oooh. great pic.

    love the fugitive feel.

  11. Rumi-chan Jul 27, 2010

    Oh, this very very nice :)

  12. ryoma7 Aug 31, 2010

    really nice wallpaper :) :)

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