Kirino Kasumu Wallpaper: The Lost Playground

Kirino Kasumu Wallpaper
Kirino Kasumu Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, i dont really now what to say, but

Yeah, everyone always, says i am so fast with my walls, well now this one about a couple of days late so to say. I was meening to upload this, but MT had this submiting problems, so i couldnt.

Anyways, the bg was done with some grungy brushes, and blood.
The whole little Square thing, HOLY.... It took so damn long. WOW i dont now how i made it so well, maybe not :/ but, i did work hard on it! XD

The light stuff you are seeing is suposed to be like broken glass, and tha light girl down on the bottom is actually her reflection. I now its not perfect, But hey! whoes perfect, well not me! ^^

Anyways, i hope this will have some attention, and stuff! ;) lolz!
Oh yes here is the original scan if you want to see it-HERE

Well, ill go!
Enjoy please! ;)

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  1. jinky Sep 07, 2006

    wow pretty cool~! i can see that you work really hard to do it, i like you're work when i just log in and its the first image that caught my eyes. thanks for sharing put it in my favs ;)

  2. whimura Sep 07, 2006

    Friend, this is an awesome piece of art! Wow! Just incredible.

  3. hydetenshi Sep 07, 2006

    I loove the checkered tile floor and the blood, hehe. ^^ Nice effect with the reflection too... very nice wall, thanks so much for sharing it! ^^

  4. Yu-huang Sep 07, 2006

    Well done Kioko,
    You did an awesome job with the reflection and the stains of blood on the floor is a nice touch.

  5. enchantment Sep 07, 2006

    wow, interesting :) reflection looks nice :D and a little awkward on my opinion OX [no offence ^_^' ] yay, go squares XD nice wall overall~^^

  6. eternallegend Sep 07, 2006

    i like the colours and how they seem to match well, the blood is an interesting effect in your wall, the title you chose is really interesting, the reflection looks okay but i think it is a bit strange, i dont know [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] but it still looks nice :), overall great wall ^^

  7. aqiaqua Sep 07, 2006

    Phwee, I really like this one. It's so haunting. And the grunge is good. Lighting is pretty good as well. My new desktop! Fave from me ;).

  8. schwindelmagier Sep 07, 2006

    wow, sugoooooooooooooooiiiiiiii ~~~~ *_*
    a very good made wallie from our many-wallies-submitted-and-always-good-looking kioko-san ^_^
    I luv this wallpaper, had certainly be really difficult with the floor...I love such kind of floors and yours looks brilliant and the blood on it is a super effect (I love pictures with blood....hehehehe *_*)
    the reflection on the floor is also vwonderful made
    great work - keep it up....fav from me ^.~

  9. Devilet Sep 07, 2006

    The floor looks so awesome! You did a great job there, and the grunge texture, I love it. o___o

    The reflection though .... It's not quite right >__< Looks very odd to me, sorry! sorry! But excellent work though!

  10. Phantasm Sep 07, 2006

    work of mysterious atmosphere somewhere... an impression in the maze. good job.

  11. Pladao38 Sep 07, 2006

    A very lovely walle >_<.
    Though the reflection looks odd to me and I can't find the broken glass >_>.
    But, I do like the background and texture, they sure are hard work.
    Thanks a lot for sharing :).

  12. Rhonda21 Sep 08, 2006

    oh you did a really nice job with the background! It looks good with the grunge and blood of the floor. I really like it! Great job!

  13. zaira Sep 09, 2006

    nice one! i like the while concept! XD
    the scan is cute and the bg is cool!
    though the reflection of her is a bit m.... wierd O_o
    but oh well its nice so its ok! + fav!

  14. Lichking Sep 09, 2006

    So not Rozen Maiden like. Well it's dark and lovely.
    Some work you done there. A light and checkerd floor. Blood and the broken refection.
    Something seems out of place...

    I'm wondering is this suigin tou? or somebody else?

  15. Rikkablurhound Sep 09, 2006

    Kyaa! A rozen wallie!
    ow, its really nice & yes, U are fast with your walls... >_<
    Lets see, erm this one is pretty good^^
    I like the perspective there, very interesting, giving it a sort of deserted and lonely look...
    Erm, what else Id like to say that the dark colors are simply mathcing^^
    Good job...
    Just I dont really get the reflection there... >_<

    merged: 09-09-2006 ~ 06:05pm
    +fea in Wallie

  16. ruuna06llicious Sep 09, 2006

    ii'm so loove with it! Thnx XD

  17. animefairy Sep 09, 2006

    Aww...that's a very cute and kawaii wall! ^^ I love the red white and black colors! >.< The girl is very sweet in that scan. LOL. Keep it up and thank fro sharing! ^^

  18. vanestar10 Sep 09, 2006

    Good things take time..hehe, nice wallie and nice work. This one is so going to my faves

  19. funkybass Sep 10, 2006

    oooohhh... most beautiful rozen wall I've ever seen....!

  20. Ketsumi Sep 10, 2006

    Absolutely beautiful!
    The colors, the lighting, the quality, all just amazing.
    I love the relfection. It looks somewhat "illusionary" to me.
    I really like how you set up everything!

    Great Job!
    I'll be looking forward to more of your work.

  21. lizzie Sep 11, 2006


    i think the background goes real well with the pic ^_^ and i'm loving the reflection there too

  22. Firemace Sep 12, 2006

    Kitaaaaaaaa! Otsu ! :D

    You definitely got my attention. Gomenasai, Kioko-san. ^_^' Late as ever. :hmpf:
    And i thought it was 2 people down there in thumbnail till i zoom in. ;)Great concept. Love it lots. Like looking down from a Glass dome. Ay... you did good there on the reflection. Just can't take my eyes off the floor. ..... that's my eyeball ya ? Good god. That's nice grudge on the background. X_X

    Blood and gore huh ? I call it Blending beauty and Glorious.

  23. Melisandre Sep 12, 2006

    Nice wallie, and the background is great worked. I like the effect you got with the reflection. Congrats! :)

  24. AWOL Sep 13, 2006

    Oops... its Kirino's attempting to merge the two rivals into a composite single character... sorry. XD

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