Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: dvd2

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Sting Oakley, Auel Neider, Stellar Loussier


not my scan

and i invinite you to:



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  1. SakuraShirayuki Sep 05, 2006

    ahh I've seen this scan at AP!
    I think Auel looks sooo cute!

  2. Miriallia Sep 05, 2006

    KYAAAA! *__*
    It's wonderful! Stellar has such a sweet smile! <3 Auel and Sting are very nice too... <3
    Thanks for sharing! ^__^

  3. UchihaTaijiya Sep 05, 2006

    Wow, I've never seen this before!
    And I absolutely love it!
    Man, they should make so many more of the Extended. I love their scans!
    Beautiful, just beautiful!
    Thanks so very much for sharing! ^.^

  4. fifimimionon Sep 05, 2006

    I don't actually like them...ok maybe I like Auel a bit but this picture is so nice! Thanks for sharing!

  5. AkiraKiriyama Sep 05, 2006

    Really beautiful scan, even if Sting's smile seems kinda different than the usual.. Auel and Stellar are wonderful! *--* Thank you for sharing! ^_^

  6. Whitesparkles Sep 05, 2006

    hey not bad, they all look realli cool in dis pic

  7. Loneokamionna Sep 05, 2006

    Whoa! I've never seen this kind of scan. Whee! Stellar is there and she's really cute! X3
    Auel is cute too. ^^
    As for Sting his smile... is different from the others. -_-'
    I'm adding it to my fave! X3

  8. auel1124 Sep 05, 2006

    Really nice scan! I love Phantom Pain ^^
    It is really good, they seem very happy... and Auel with a chewing gum? that`s strange xD

  9. eternally-asuka Sep 06, 2006

    even so, beauttidul scan, thanks for shariring it!

  10. moonescape Sep 06, 2006

    Wow! That such a pretty scan! I like how they're posed well in here. This is definitely going in my favs. :D

  11. HockeyKamen Sep 06, 2006

    Quote by MirialliaKYAAAA! *__*
    It's wonderful! Stellar has such a sweet smile! <3

    I couldn't agree with you more on that! ;)
    ::faves it and saves it::

  12. TwilightMaid Sep 06, 2006

    That is so beautiful and bittersweet. It kind of gives me sadness to know that they are all dead, and they were kind of like a very nice family, a peculiar one, but a nice one nonetheless.

    It's a bit of a shame.

  13. Harukawa Sep 06, 2006

    Oh! Thank

  14. ItakoLina Sep 06, 2006

    auel looks so cute =D

  15. LilKittyCrazie Sep 06, 2006

    Hrm.. Auel's hand, looked like u can break it easily like u break a pice of thin wood. LOL!

  16. rogero Sep 07, 2006

    i love the extendeds they are so cool, thanks for sharing

  17. AkatsukiKawa Sep 07, 2006

    Nice scan. I love this. Thank you for sharing. But i think Stellar looks different....

  18. ceriseangel2 Sep 24, 2006

    OOOOOOOOooo Auel!

  19. Yureika Sep 28, 2006

    this gotta be one of my fav gsd scan !
    sweet stellar n auel !

  20. aiqing Dec 16, 2006

    WOW~! its so sweet~! well i think im the latest to comment=D they look SO sweetttt theere~!Especially AUel and stellar~! omg ~!definitely favs++

  21. merelie Jan 26, 2007

    aww, auel with his gum is so cute
    they look like such sweet kids (except maybe for sting who looks really really older than his age :) ) and no one would ever think that they are not quite right in the head :(
    thanks for sharing

  22. Saulofein Aug 26, 2007

    Great scan of the extended team :)
    Stellar is beautiful ...
    thx for sharing

  23. AnimeRoxz Dec 16, 2008

    oo I love this outfit of Stellar! :D:D:D/...very ncie scan..you rarely see nice scans of them 3 together

  24. xxshuharuxx Apr 07, 2009

    Auel kawaii~!
    I love scans of the extended :)

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