NANA Wallpaper: Where to?

Ai Yazawa, NANA, Nana Osaki Wallpaper
Ai Yazawa Mangaka NANA Series Nana Osaki Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hey guys^^
Theyve changed the art submitting system and I tried it twice already... XP
but as Im kinda stupid, I didnt really got it then...
So, here I am again^^
Well... I got the inspiration from the new song of COLORS: Where to?

Don dissrupt my path?!
Cant U feel my wrath?!
I know what I want...
So dont U start...
clasping my string again!

lalala... so on... lazy to type it all out ^_^'
Scan by Lady-Lotus
Link: Nana 01 by Lady-Lotus

Erm... I made the floos really ditsy looking to give it a more confuse air there... so does the strings....
Then... erm... I changed the lightning to make it darker in the back...
The string took me some time honestly...
Then I also did some odd, triangular shadows behind her to make it seems as if shes taking another shpe/ the shadows gonna engulf her...
Last wallie for this month, have to concentrate on exams... XO
Simple... well... ^_^' hope U like it ^_^'
+I think its from another Aoi artist.... >_< But I dunno how to change the category... >_<

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  1. nolove Sep 04, 2006

    ouch it's the one of the most beautiful scan i've ever seen XD and this is the first wallpaper made with this scan rofl XD
    nice perspective for the ground ^_^, thumb really suck XD
    this wall is totally beautiful >_<
    but next time lets try to clean the scan more ^_^, it's too noise ;)

  2. Ardenta Sep 04, 2006

    I like this wallpaper very much, as I see, it's beautiful ;)

  3. krystiefang Sep 04, 2006

    this is a pretty wallpaper

  4. pamkips Sep 04, 2006

    omg it's the evanescence font again XD
    ohh this is such a diffrent wall from whats out there
    it's awesome and i love it

  5. Rhonda21 Sep 05, 2006

    Yeah thats a cool scan. The strings look good. Well nice idea. Great work.

  6. Milkiyo Sep 05, 2006

    hot new style rikkachan ^_^
    love the strings and perspective <3
    erm, can try to be more creative with the words too next time, they are after all...part of the wall ;)
    wow...exams and you still have the time to do so many walls o.O I have exams too but not much free time T-T
    lovely concept for the wall!

  7. 09Chiaki09 Sep 05, 2006

    Awesome one as always... instant fav!^^

  8. BlueAngel17 Sep 05, 2006

    wow.. i think this was a highlighted scan.. great job on it. very realistic. :)

  9. aishiteraburu Sep 05, 2006

    shouldn't this be in the Ai Yazawa category?Forget bout that anyway magnificent wall rikka-san. After full viewing and comparing the original scan with your wall I really like how you turned the brigntness of the scan to a lower level and plus really nice use of the scan. Cool strings. I really love how you think of these really weird and creative concepts.
    Your the same age as me and your a better waller XD

  10. Alexmata Sep 06, 2006

    lovely but so hot at the same time good scan

    you are improving your self

  11. semanga Sep 06, 2006

    the dark wall looks very good
    the girl is beautyful ( good choice )
    and the feeling in this wall i have also sometimes
    somedays we need this walls it is the mirrow from us souls
    thanks for share it

  12. mikan-sakura Sep 06, 2006

    *is searching for the banner of Feathers of Eternity* hmm can't find it >.< *sorry for being so annoying ><* but the next time u have to put a banner in your artwork or it will not get any points *sigh* rules are rules ><
    oh well whatever X-P
    waah another good wallie!
    love the theme! hmm gj on the effects in the bg
    gtg (HomeWork hw hw T_T >_<)

  13. starrliteangel Sep 06, 2006

    wow I love it! Nana has such cool art. Whoa...wait a sec. Aoi nanase draws nana? really?! I didnt know that! haha. im kinda confused now...ahh but anyways. The bg is so cool. It looks like shes on the floor of a recording studio, and shes holding a microphone wire. really cool idea.

  14. animanga Sep 09, 2006

    Awesome Rikka-chan! Sorry I took so long! You know you're allowed to plug yourself in your own group, that's why I missed it! ;)

    I love the pattern on the floor! & the strings are so cool, I love how there's the singular red string too. You should do the other word to the song all jumbled, different sized and fadede behind the title. Do you know the effect I mean? ^_^' & the engulfing shadow is really cool. ^^
    Well done & + fave!

  15. flyindance Sep 19, 2006

    I like the colour

  16. NekoAngel1520 Oct 07, 2006

    oh wow I really like this wallpaper nice job

  17. email938 Jan 30, 2009

    Really nice paper. The whole thing looks like a professional poster type image. Really well done.

  18. Toshkatta May 16, 2009

    purple hair looks good on her :D

  19. marito55 Mute Member Apr 26, 2010

    nana is a very good series. thanks for sharing ^ ^

  20. soubixDD Sep 23, 2010

    waaa ^^ so kawaii <333333

  21. saya0715 Nov 13, 2010

    it's great.... thanks for sharing!

  22. rktales Dec 03, 2010

    aewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsommmmmmmmmmmmmmme great

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