Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu Wallpaper: Fuyu Roken ~ Winter Discovery

Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu, Touko Kurihara, Tokinori Kida Wallpaper
Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu Visual Novel Touko Kurihara Character Tokinori Kida Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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i beg all to full view ~ thanks oh so much! ><

well okie ... time to explain! XD ummmm Fuyu Roken, i think translates to Winter Discovery in English. I liked the name because the main people hugging are "discovering love" for each other. As for the blurriness of the bg, it was like that in the original scan, which i found in photobucket. ^ ^

i didn't extract a thing, however, like i usually do o.o i just wanted to extend the city and the sky, and i hope i didn't screw it up too much. It was like sitting on a needle when i tried making the street just right o_o because this is a 1280x960 wall XD the original scan was like .. smaller XD

click here for teh pic ---> ^_^

i used mainly the defualt brushes and the clone brush tool >_>

i just loved how the scan looked in animerequiem, a nice anime/neopet graphic site, so i went on a mad dash looking for the scan .. it wasn't until the day before i left for vacation that i found it -_- ... i planned to wake up even earlier than everyone else on the day i left for the cruise, but it didn't work out, so i finished it today. WHOOT! yeah ... umm... ahahaha XD


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  1. BlueAngel17 Sep 04, 2006

    OMG Doki-chan, very good! I thought all the people were blurred there but the main image, of course, is not! I also love the choice of perspective and the colors. I'm really, really impressed with this one!

    btw, your ethereal night is now elite. >.< and love-chan made it CW feature. you were gone so I don't know if you knew or not. congrats on it! >.<


  2. naless Sep 04, 2006

    I loved!
    It's amazing, really! is a fabulous work
    The colors, the image, and effects they are incredible

    Good work ;)

  3. enchantment Sep 04, 2006

    wow, pretty :) i love the city :D so romantic ;) the colours match so nicely as well :) great wall~^^

  4. Elyvania Sep 04, 2006

    Oh my god! I fell in love with this wall... it's so perfect, romantic, ethereal and magnificent. I can sense the tenderness of the lovers in their warm winter embrace, and the citiylight and peoples shadows only add a mystical charm to the charming couple.

    You did a great job by creating not only the environment but also bu expanding the feeling of being in love in such a way that it touches you just by seeing this image.

    A favorite ^__^ yay!


  5. nolove Sep 04, 2006

    much greater when fullview OX
    i didnt know t hat the quality is that good when i saw the thumb but that impress me since the first sight >_<
    you've created a really nice scene from the original image ^_^, it is really something call amazing.
    the composition was done nice ^_^, great for you to finish this one in such high resolution ^_^
    keep it up

  6. Kenichi Sep 04, 2006

    ok fine i'll comment XD
    not much to say tough.. its a perfect idea for a fall and winter wallpaper.
    i like the bg, like you put up a good romance story part (can't think of the word).
    this wallpaper kinda remind me this one day i met a special person. =)
    its a very nice wallpaper.

  7. eternallegend Sep 04, 2006

    amazing, i like the concept of your wall, you did a good job on the background :), i like how you made the two people in the middle the focus, the colours look nice and the title is really interesting, overall great wall ^^

  8. starrliteangel Sep 04, 2006

    Ahhh Heartful Skies..youve improved so MUCH! Gosh, this is a really really great wallpaper. I can't say how much I love it! The bg is so blurry, but its not a bad blurry. It really accents the couple nicely. What a lovely feeling this wall has ^-^

  9. aneres Sep 05, 2006

    The blurred background really does help to draw your attention to the couple. It's a very choise of title. XD I love the tenderness that you can almost sense.

  10. annakee Sep 05, 2006

    i liked a lot your wallie... make a blurry background is something that no a lot of people does because one tends to be confuse, like the blurry efect is used generally for cover imperfections... but in your work is a very nice touch.

  11. xtaintedxchildx Sep 06, 2006

    Woooooowww! That's so amazing! -claps- =D I really really really admire your work!

  12. Caya Sep 06, 2006

    Awesome wall! I really love the atmosphere; makes me look forward to the winter and accept the awful weather over here ;)
    Great job, congrats!

  13. Devilet Sep 08, 2006

    *sigh* this brings me memories >___< Well, I've seen this lovely CG somewhere, it's really sweet! You did a good job at turning it into a whole wallpaper, I like the gentle snow falling from the sky as they embrace. And the blurryness puts full focus on them, beautiful work, I'm impressed and love this!

  14. melymay Sep 08, 2006

    Whoa... Nice wall :o It looks so good I'm speechless XD Well, first of all, you did a great job in re-making most of the wall :D I really like the perspective too :)

    This wall has my fave any day ^^ Keep it up!

  15. Shinobigoe Sep 08, 2006

    Yo, I really enjoyed this wall. I viewed it in full and I really admire the city scape as well as teh extension you did on the preimeter of the scan. Nice work HeartFulSkies.

  16. moonfire Sep 08, 2006

    Awww.. what a cute couple! The scan you picked out is really very cute and charming! :) Their background looks nice and beauitful. The idea is just romantic. Fantastic execution too. I love how everything else looks sudged and painted while the couple stands out.

    Beautiful work. :D

  17. Firemace Sep 08, 2006

    Heartwarming. Really ! Serious ! Ok ok , i am just some regular dummy who don't like to term it romantic, so i just say it just this once. ;)

    Romance embue Personified.

    Superiorly and nicely done. Not to mention, the blending is neat. ;)

  18. royaldarkness Sep 09, 2006

    Wow. Lovely. Words can't describe this ;)

  19. mystvearn Sep 09, 2006

    This is very good. Looks like some cover of a posh anime DVD.

  20. animefairy Sep 09, 2006

    Awww...so romantic and cute! ^^ I love the colors in the bg! So pretty! ^^ The lights look cool and everything is so beautiful! >.< Keep it up and thanks fro sharing! *adding to favs*

  21. FyeKay Sep 10, 2006

    This wallpaper is awesome to say the least. It's art at its finest.

    However, there seem to be some kind of flaw at the furthest right side of the wallie. As if the whole column was selected and moved down accidentally. I was wondering if you had a perfect version backed up somewhere in your computer.

  22. slasherxwan Sep 10, 2006

    This is a really great wallie..
    Love it so much..
    Great bg.. Great color..
    Just great..

  23. tsukiyomi07 Sep 10, 2006

    i love thats sweet long gone lovers holding eachother firmly after so long

  24. renaye Sep 10, 2006

    it looks pretty blurry. it supposed to be like that?

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