Aquarian Age Wallpaper: Fallen Grace

Aoi Nanase, Broccoli, Aquarian Age Wallpaper
Aoi Nanase Mangaka Broccoli Studio Aquarian Age Series

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this is my newest wall :)

this wall is a girl from aquarian age

the scan is by WindAlchemist and can be found here

it took quiet a while to extract the girl, so long that i lost count of the hours it took :x i extracted over a few days so i cant really remember -_-'

i did a bit of vectoring on the scan, hopefully it isnt too noticeable...

i cant remember how long it took to do the whole wall but theres about 60 layers or more, dont know really since i lost count halfway through it OX

its suppose to be a cloudy scenery and well... it turned out like this ^_^'

the ribbon as you may have noticed is slightly blurred, it is suppose to be like that so that the focus isnt on it too much

thank you for viewing :D

edit: i softened the wings and re-extracted parts of the ribbon

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  1. shadowexelion Sep 03, 2006

    *.* beautiful angel girl

  2. kykyopj Sep 03, 2006

    Wonderful. I dide't espect less of you. Anothe wonderfull wall. I love the whay you used the colors, and howe did you meke those ribons. They give the wall sutch a beautifull efect.

  3. TMC Sep 04, 2006

    Nice wall I really like the background. The colors just look great and match the character very girl. The girl is nice and I like the pose she is in and the wings she has is nice too. Nice job keep it up, Fav.

  4. BlueAngel17 Sep 04, 2006

    Wow, now it's the other one's turn to show a wall. :) I like it! Of course, there's the usual pink/blue/purple hues, but it still doesn't fail to show the beauty of the wall. And oh, there's a castle. Didn't notice on the thumb. I think.. you vectored.. the wings! It's sad that it's kinda solid and blurred because you wanted to save it how crisp the vector is. you could soften if up or sumdge it you know..

    Which one of you two are a member of wings-lovers? If you are the one, please don't forget to show this to the WL gb ok?

  5. animanga Sep 04, 2006

    I love it! The scan is gorgeous! But you need to fix the extraction on the ribbons a bit. >.<
    Tell you waht, if you fix the extraction I'll add it the the FW gallery. ;)
    Let me know if you update! :)
    + fave!

  6. enchantment Sep 04, 2006

    ahh, i love the ribbons XD kinda blurred a bit too much to my liking but meh XD go castle, theyre so nice :) the wings look a little too sharp i recon ^_^' i love the colours :D and the clouds :) nice wall~^^

  7. muneera Sep 04, 2006

    Cute wallpaper I love its color (purple is my best color).
    everything seem to be fitting....adding to fav.

  8. moonfire Sep 04, 2006

    The choice of colors is nice.
    But I notice that the cloth edges are a bit jagged, and maybe you could paint over the castle so it won't be looking so much of a stock, and that it'll blend in more.

    On the other hand, overall it's a pretty wallie. The chara looks beautiful with the bg. :)

  9. CyberGame Sep 04, 2006

    nice wall like the wing alots ^^

  10. mokonab Sep 04, 2006

    I realy like it.
    I love cute angels!
    + fav

  11. quantixar Sep 04, 2006

    Oooh, nice wallie with wings, castly and purply colors, umm.. me like. :D

  12. Angi Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2006

    pretty colors I like the wings of the girl!

  13. starrliteangel Sep 04, 2006

    oh its really nice! The colors are so pretty. There are so many walls with pretty colors like this right now! And that castle in the bg is soo beautiful. The ribbons look like they have little bits of unextracted parts still attatched...maybe you should go over the edges of them with an eraser. I also recommend duplicating the ribbons and overlaying or soft lighting the top layer of ribbon, and then gaussian blurring the underlayer a bit. They seem a little bad quality...as if they were stretched out or enlarged, and the overlay + gaussian blur should get rid of that. ^-^ Otherwise, you did a nice job! Im really loving that castle. hehe

  14. Phantasm Sep 05, 2006

    i felt it a bit too bright, but beautiful... nice job.

  15. starrliteangel Sep 05, 2006

    oh much better with the ribbons like that. Good job ^-^ it looks alot more softer and angelic now.

  16. kokoro8 Sep 07, 2006

    wow.........lovely wallie!fav it!

  17. lukesky Sep 07, 2006

    Awawawa... It's sooo cuuutttteee... XD

  18. royaldarkness Sep 07, 2006

    Wow, this is so cool!
    I love the soft, sweet, pretty colors :D
    And awesome scan ;)

  19. guaxinin Sep 07, 2006

    WOW..This wallpaper is beautiful! :D
    XD Good work and very nice wall! :) :) :)
    Thanks and byebye! -_-
    PS: All wallpapers this website is amazing! OX

  20. PinkPrincessLacus Sep 07, 2006

    OH wow, I love it, I love all of your works. :D I love the ribbons and the scan so much XD. I looks so magical! I Love It! *adds to favs*

    ~* Lacus *~

  21. Firemace Sep 08, 2006

    Mmmmm.. i feel so bless when i fav this. *Am on Cloud 9 *

    Thoughtful. Superiorly. Putting the ribbons as part of the wall's fore-and background decorate. :)

    Ah.., that building there is a very suiting. ^^ .......
    Oh my, i can't possibly say all else someone will really put an apple in my mouth soon.

    Thank you, eternallegend-san. Your works will always remind vivdly in my memories. XD

    Magnificent. Dreamy. Fantastic. ;)

  22. SupermilkchanChii Sep 08, 2006

    Another great one from eternallegend!
    It's really neat!
    Awesome job!

  23. foreverforgotten Sep 09, 2006

    Wah eternal-chan, you do such a great job at walling! ^^

  24. Osirisa Sep 09, 2006

    I love that scan so much XD so feel really happy to see so making wall with it XD
    haven't full-viewed it ^_^' (because it load so slowly +___+) but I'm sure it's nice XD

    Good work ^___^

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