Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Eternal Love: Kira Yamato & Lacus Clyne

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I know that moonescape already vector this image, but I'm already half away through when it was posted. So.. I decided to finish it! ---> After 42 days to be exact! ( I still remember when I start vectoring.. on 16 July. Kinda hard to forget, since I left for my Grandma's on 18 July!)

Anyways, I almost died vectoring this image! Reconstructing the missing part is one hell job. Especially on Lacus hair. Thanks to that, I don't have a heart to make an outline on her hair. Sorry if it seems weird. Note to self: NEVER EVER VECTOR FROM MAGAZINE COVER AGAIN! Umm... as you can see, I change Lacus dress color. Since her eyes already blue, I don't wanna used blue for her dress too. Ohh.. I think the outline look a bit weird. I'm too tired at that time... X-P

Well, please enjoy this one! As usual, don't post this elsewhere, and credit me if used! Ja!

Working hours: Around 20 hours
Layers: 71
Hardest Part: Lacus hair
Original Scan: In his arms

EDIT: Thanks to SakuraShirayuki and MapleRose for telling me Kira pants missing the outline! x_x

Picture Perfect Act.1
Picture perfect Act.3

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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Aug 31, 2006

    I LOVE IT, I love Lacus's dress pink/purple way better than the blue one. It looks amazing, the time you spent on it was worth it girl. Its amazing. Once again you supply us with such masterpieces XD . Your so talented!. *adds to favs immediatly*. I LOVE IT ! plus the backgrounds of your vectors are always so pretty! :D

    ~* Lacus *~

  2. seijaku Aug 31, 2006

    yeah the quality in your one is much better, it was definitely worth finishing, i like that you put in the black outlines that weren't in the other version

  3. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Aug 31, 2006

    oh so cute >_< i love it ^_^

  4. audeaya Aug 31, 2006

    I'm agree with PinkprincessLacus, your vecor art is so great! XD
    How did you do that EevaLeena ? You're very talented! I was so clean, good colors and good quality!
    I love your art XD!
    thanks so much!

  5. SakuraShirayuki Aug 31, 2006

    waiii! lovely!
    it's great and very clean!
    Did you do that on purpose that there are no outlines at kira's trousers?
    But nevertheless I love it!

  6. darkmoonfleur Aug 31, 2006

    Very cute! I love it! Thanksfor sharing!

  7. woodard Aug 31, 2006

    Very pretty. I like the pink a little better than the blue actually. Fits her more.

    Thank you very much for sharing this!

    God bless you!

  8. GolgoXIII Aug 31, 2006

    Yeap thank you very much for posting this scan also. The outlines have made all the difference on the hand. The other persons work was not too bad considering it didn't use line work. All I can say is Beautiful :D

  9. moonescape Sep 01, 2006

    (O_O) Wow! That's way better than mine. :D I mean I started since August 1, but I spend time everyday doing mine, but I got lazy and didn't post it until August 26. >_< Yours is so better. I know what you mean. I thought maybe purple would've been better on her dress, but I had to make her whole vector original for that reason. You put outlines on her which made it even way better than mine. I never knew how to really put outlines because I still lack at learning vector. X_X This is so lovely. The outlines really make the vector match. Most of the details are there. This must go on to my favs. ^-^

    Update on 9:29pm

    Though yeah you did forget to put black outlines on Kira's pants, but I think you might have a pretty good reason or you just didn't feel like it since you were very furstrated with the vector.

  10. MapleRose Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2006

    neat vector, very clean :) the outlines look nice (and I can see why you got frustrated with her hair >.< ), though Kira's pants don't have outlines either...

    anyways, nice work, and the pink/purple is very Lacus :)

  11. Kagally Sep 01, 2006

    Waa.. cantik. I luv her drees... And their smile too..

  12. Gallopia Sep 01, 2006

    It' nice XD

  13. Whitesparkles Sep 01, 2006

    oh WOW dis is sooo pretty...awsome job girl

  14. EldaLacus92 Sep 01, 2006

    Lovely! O_O It's so pretty! Your outlines are so clean and professional the whole vector is just amazing!
    The purple dress definitely suits for Lacus-sama :) It's so pretty. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    And you definitely made a wonderful job vectoring this ;)

  15. aneres Sep 01, 2006

    The vector looks amazing~! Your backgrounds are great too >w< Yeaps, the purple tone is so Lacus-like XD

  16. LeoTravis80 Sep 01, 2006

    This Vector art is amazing! (Add it to favs.) Very creative!

  17. royaldarkness Sep 01, 2006

    great vector :)

  18. xianghua Sep 01, 2006

    So cute! I love Lacus's dress! You even changed the colour which is little different but very good looking!
    Love the bg too :D
    Hope you'll make more!
    Instant fav! XD

  19. Harukawa Sep 02, 2006

    KIra Lacus>O<

  20. kira-freedom Sep 02, 2006

    Great work^^ Kira X Lacus
    Very nice pic!

  21. eternally-asuka Sep 03, 2006

    wow another amazing work from eevaleena, your vectors are always so awesome! i wish i could make vectors like you do *-* mine, which still not done yet... i'm already two motnhs with it hehe -_- anyway, i love the scan so i love the pic! and of course i love your vector!

  22. zblazer Sep 09, 2006

    Kira and Lacus, for the win. The purple-ish dress fits great with Lacus.

  23. UchihaTaijiya Dec 01, 2006

    sooo cute! i love this
    you did an awesome job
    thanks for sharing

  24. merelie Jan 25, 2007

    it's so pretty
    you did an amazing job with the lines
    lacus's dress looks so formal but kira always wear the same clothes ^_^'
    thank you very much for sharing

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