White Clarity Wallpaper: Heaven's Flurry

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Ah! Finally a wallpaper filled with light! *_*

I just tried Terragen to pass time (FIRST TIME EVER) and started fumbling with it without any sense, until I came with a bg. I just stared at it and thought "ok, it's done. What the heck am i going to use this for?!" Then I saw this scan at AP and suddenly decided to do a light, generic wall. So I made a snowy landscape, put the image in, and started to brush away. It's nothing really special, but I'm kinda happy I've made a light scenic wall like this after a long time.. Brushes from DA.

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  1. aqiaqua Aug 31, 2006

    Phweee! So cute! Love the sparklyness. Magical atmosphere. And my new desktop. Fave from me!

  2. schwindelmagier Aug 31, 2006

    wow, very nice wallpaper, blueangel-san ^_^
    the scan of the girl looks really beautiful and perfectly fits in its surroundings
    it has a kind of melancholy in it, I think....I love it
    and the pet (?) or puppet(?) she holds looks like a mix out of a dog and a halloween puppet ^o^....on a strange way cute
    well, fav from me ^-^

  3. enchantment Aug 31, 2006

    wow, the mountains look great :D i love the feathers and i love all the sparkles :) the title matches nicely and the softs colours add a nice touch~^^

  4. Hiraku-San Aug 31, 2006

    ouch my eyes hurts now XD...
    Although i like the mountain details... i got to say is just too bright xp.. other then that i say its a great wallpaper..
    oh yea i would have like it better if the text can be seen instead of being transparent..Your wallpaper abit too colorless...adding color to the text give our eyes something to divert from XD

  5. JKLeganes Aug 31, 2006

    Hmmmmm I dont like those mountains very much...Terragen is something that just surprised me favourably 3 times before, talking about mountains: they usually seem so fake...but the rest is Perfect! ^_^ I love that sky specially

  6. eternallegend Aug 31, 2006

    amazing, the feathers add a nice touch :D, i like the background with the mountains in the background :), the stars look nice, your wall seems melancholy, distant, far off in a way, the colour suits well with the scan but maybe it is a bit bright [or it could just be me ^_^'], you chose an interesting title and it matches well with your wall, overall you composed a lovely wall ^^

  7. Rikkablurhound Aug 31, 2006

    Oh, wow! its pretty beautifull XD
    I like your theme there, the snow mountains looks good even though its a lil 3D for the others... >_<
    The water is very nice! I like that the most XD
    some parts are not very clear though... >_< like the blue water beneath the mountain and the blue triangle at the right... >_<
    U might wanna make some shadows though... >_<
    Its really pretty^^ soft
    love the clouds XD Im sure this will get into the popular items XD

  8. alterlier Aug 31, 2006

    you are right in the thumbnail looks too bright but nice idea anyway, the girl suits to perfection in that theme of snow....but maybe the quality is not the best ...I was deeply looking if the problem didn't have to deal with quality, in the contrary with the fact of wind and snow effects you put on the scan....but in the end yeah....it was quality after all....not a big problem since you may tend to confuse like I did...so is ok in final terms
    a cool submission...with a cool design, great work.

  9. starrliteangel Aug 31, 2006

    oh how lovely...I love White Clarity. The girl is so cute, and I love that ferret she has. I just wish her eyes werent red..(hehe, i actually have her in the new layout for my website...err..that im still working on. But I changed her eyes to blue, and it looks really good!)

    Her wings look like brushes though..kind of 1 dimensional? but the bg mountains are so nice..I seriously cant figure out how to use terragen. It drives me nuts.

    quite pretty though. It matches the anime with her standing out there alone. Ive never seen the anime, but alot of the art looks really..lonely and solitary.

  10. BoBoGirlz Aug 31, 2006

    nice..thx sharing

  11. Devilet Aug 31, 2006

    Awww, what a sweet snowy wallpaper we have here. I love the wings and water, the ground is nice too. The mountains are just way too bright, sorry if I seem to be repeating something people said, haha. Really good work though, I see this going into popular gallery items aswell xP

  12. Melisandre Aug 31, 2006

    Nice wallie, so white though a little too bright, but I still love it. The girl is really cute and the wings look great. Congrats :)

  13. animanga Sep 01, 2006

    Gorgeous! I love the mountains & feathers.
    Really gorgeous BG & good scan choice. ;)
    + fave & proposing for wallie feature at FW. ^^

    P.S Sounding stupid, what's Terragen? XD

  14. annakee Sep 01, 2006

    at the end you could manage the result of terragen with something more traditional. the chara is very lovely ^^
    i like your wallie, katz-sama ;)

  15. Boko Sep 01, 2006

    it looks very bright but just about the limit ^^

  16. mikan-sakura Sep 01, 2006

    omg another lovely wall <3
    *is adding it to favs*
    *is too tired to comment*

  17. HaWaIIofHoaI Sep 02, 2006

    it is rather bright but it's pretty and it's got a ferret so it's worth it. =)

  18. kiokorenay703 Sep 07, 2006

    Hey there, WOW i have missed out on your things i am sorry! ^^ Gomen!

    But, this is just UWSOM! i love this kinds of walls, i mean i love what THE MIGHTY Terragen does, and all the PS work you Also have put into it, Its just Hmmmumm! XD i love it!
    Its to bad its as popular as some others you have, its really a fantastic wallie! And the wings look great too! :)
    Fav for me, Suport My Friends ! XD
    Take care, and make more! ;)

  19. N9e1 Sep 09, 2006

    I like how the colour of her eyes form clear contrast with the colour tone of the background~ The little mouse she is carrying (it is a mouse, right?) is cute, though I'd prefer it if it were, for example, a white rabbit~ :P
    The background is so pretty~ very well made. :) Very heavenly indeed.
    Great job! *fav* :D

  20. IzumiChan Sep 09, 2006

    Terragen rocks! ^_^
    You did it amazingly: it's so pretty!
    The words ''light'' ''angel'' and ''heaven''' would be the keywords for this is MT had this system~ XD
    Anyway, great job, I loved it! ^_~

  21. drastikhate Sep 13, 2006

    +fav! an angel in the middle of a frozen wasteland.

  22. Korixxkairi Sep 17, 2006

    WOW ! How could i miss your wallpaper TT_TT Let's me died !
    I love this one the bg and the little girl very match ~~ Wahh I love this game > <! Bright colour white planet ..lonely~VEry Beautiful Blue-sama >.<

  23. Kyelor Sep 17, 2006

    Whoa...not that it matters, but you chose such a perfect title for this wall! It really does look really soft and "flurry" ^_~

  24. thecatmistress Sep 18, 2006

    <3. excellent wall =] +fav

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