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Koei, Dynasty Warriors, Da Qiao Wallpaper
Koei Studio Dynasty Warriors Game Da Qiao Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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PLEASE try to download image. As many of you know, the thumbnail doesn't do it justice, but not only that, for some reason, it looks blurry in thumbnail and a lot of detail of course is lost. Thanks!

Hello everyone! *waves and hugs*
Long time again, no? Had surgery this summer so that kind of affected things. I am healing well now. I have tried to respond to a lot of you, but I must say again Thank You for all the wonderful comments, favs and suggestions with my walls. Also I have tried to see everyone's work that I have missed. I apologize if I have not.

I come back with this wallpaper that I dedicate to sweet Iscalio over at Suikox.com. He is not that much of an anime fan. Says that they are drawn weird =D So I try to find a scan that was not too anime for him. He also owns finches and loves birds. So I thought this scan would be perfect for him.
I tried to find the category for it, but sadly it does not seem to exist there. So please any mods if they could fix it that would be great. The scan is from Dynasty Warriors and the original creator is Shin Shangokumusou.


I love the artwork of Shin Shangokumusou. It took about a month to do this wallpaper, but that is because of the surgery I underwent and with the recovery. In order to expand the wall, I had to do a lot of stamping and redrawing. With the stamping, I wanted it not to look like exact replicas, so I focused on varying everything that was stamped. I painted/drew some areas like the floor and certain parts of the wall.
To add more to the oriental feel, I took pieces from other scans of the original artist to keep consistent with the texture/pattern of the original. I also took some pieces of furniture from other scans, but had to alter them very much to match and blend in with the original scan. So that overall the wallpaper has a continuous harmony of texture and feel. I hope I have achieved this well.
Here is the original scan which is here at MT:
da qiao by cloudd2000
And here is the image so you can get a feel of what occurred:

As always--Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions ^_^

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Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: ayaki
Wall: secret eyes
Reason: An exquisite black-n-white work that has a mysterious...secret... tone


Chosen by flyindreams and Saikusa

What a seemless and impressive background you've created. Just goes to show that not every wallpaper has to be a fantastic vector to be highlighted... ^^

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. Billy85 Aug 28, 2006

    Perfect wall Emma,even unique...it look like a painting.The girl is so beautiful like little princess.I like that color.

  2. Ardenta Aug 28, 2006

    I like red and this picture is nice and calm. & beautiful, of course :)

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 28, 2006

    Blending is really awesome in this wall and I love the red color. The girl is really pretty and the details are great! Excellent job!

  4. eternallegend Aug 28, 2006

    wow, amazing, your wall is blended well, the colour suits well, the room you created looks great :) you created a nice atmosphere through your wall, overall you made an interesting yet amazing wall ^^

  5. AngelKate Aug 28, 2006

    Oh my God Emma...This is just amazing! It looks like the scan was in the wall like that originally. Everything is just so perfectly blended it looks real. You are seriously an amazing waller. *jealous* I can see why this took you a month to do. I'm afraid to ask how many layers there are. O_O

    *waits for this to be put in the elite gallery and faves*

  6. pegassuss Aug 28, 2006

    Lovely wall. The scan is beautiful and the blending is excellent. I love the red colors, and that texture looks great. The details are lovely, the room look really nice. It looks really peaceful. Great work emma! ^^

  7. BlueAngel17 Aug 28, 2006

    Aww. She's cute. I really like art that look like that. She's a very pretty girl with porcelain skin. You did a good job in stamping the rest of the environment to place. Color harmony, light balance, perfect. >.< I especially like the fans.

    I hope you've recovered well from your surgery. I know how it feels to cope up on those times cuz I've been there too. ;)

  8. AiWoKote1714 Aug 28, 2006

    I changed my wall into this one. I like the color so much! Iscalio is lucky to have such a dedicated friend!

    If you told me this was from Dynasty warriors, I must have missed that part. Or maybe you didn't mention it to me at all. Still, it doesn't matter. It's a lovely piece of work. ^^

  9. Lady-Lotus Aug 28, 2006

    OMG! this is so beautiful! I love this image! the background you used is so awesome! the color is very eye catching and so pretty!

  10. revontulet Aug 29, 2006

    It is amazing! Truely ^^! Best ive seen in ages!
    But its expected from someone as skilled as u lol ^^ No pressure :)! Da background is awesomeness! So warm and trad looking..i love it so much! Ill dl when i get home though..im at school atm XP

  11. rubenz Aug 29, 2006

    oh the wallpaper is great u blend it do nicely :d awesome :D oh u went to surgery, but ur ok now right, hope u heal fast ^^

    take care ne ^^

  12. Devilet Aug 29, 2006

    Damn, it took forever loading this wallpaper *sigh* I so wanted to see the full version. The red is what attracted me here, it's my favourite colour. Reading your whole description, I see you've been through a lot this summer ... ehhh, and a whole month to create this wallpaper? Amazing, I don't have that much dedication towards my walls ..

    At first glance, it seems a very old and rustic place she's in. Gazing out the window, surronding by red pigments and old treasures. She looks quite content in her humble room that's dark and antique. Some things look quite flat in the wallpaper, like the little table, but I like the shelves in the back, the sofa is quite nice. The blending is quite good, not exactly perfect, because the things still look a bit cut out, although, the look isn't bad to give it huge minus points. I like how it seems grungy and grainy. Good atmosphere and the quality is nice. I say you did nice here, a great wallpaper worthy of your hard work. Keep it up!

  13. nolove Aug 29, 2006

    woaa your skill is really amazing now emma, for what you have create in this.
    it is really a hard-wroking wallpaper i've ever seen >_<
    you blended everything to in the best way it should be, not to mention about the attractive red color ^_^ and the lovely grunge i've seen :D, this wall is one of the best of MT these days and i believe this is your best so far emma-san :)
    it's time again for a top feature at CW ^_^, you got 5 points sweetie ;)

  14. enchantment Aug 29, 2006

    wow, this wall is stunning :) i love all the red bits of furniture and everything in this wall fits so nicely with each other :D amazing wall~^^

  15. x-lawss Aug 29, 2006

    This is nice>_<
    Hope you heal up fast.

    Take care.

  16. Semuta Aug 29, 2006

    Great blending and scan reconstruction. And variations of red color look awesome, too. Another fav from me xD

  17. moonfire Aug 29, 2006

    This is very nicely done wallie! I just love the furniture.. looks so antique.. :)
    The blending of colors is amazing.. the red colors are really striking and oriental.. and the details.. *speechless*

    And yup, you're right. The thumbnail doesn't give justice to this beautifull wallie.. XD

    Anways, very beautiful job on this wallie, Emma! Keep on improving! :D

  18. Korixxkairi Aug 29, 2006

    WOW *0*! must full view at this (Time past 2 hour ....being loading .... oh just kidding > <!)
    Oh this scan .. I have never seen it before~~ ...and ....SHE IS DA QIAO! wahhhh... she is my favourte character in DW
    I really love her oh my...>.<The bg look so PERFECT ~! the light of the sunset very match with the colour in this room~ wahhh my FAVOURITE Emma-san > <!
    + fav

  19. mizu-megami Aug 29, 2006

    So here I am, As I promised huh^^
    Anyway, I really like your wally=) (only the lanterns looks a bit weird, it might be just me>>; )But it's really beautifull, and I don't mind the redness at all^^; (and I know I already told you all this, but I don't have much time>> )
    I'll add it to my favs too^^ *huggles and waves*

  20. Nickisherenow Aug 30, 2006

    without fail =) i luv ur wallies, u manage to make stuff special. gj emma-san

  21. CLAMPchic Aug 30, 2006

    Yay, I'm semi-on time with this commentary this time! Normally I'm weeks - if not months - late in commenting on your work.
    Hmm... personally, I didn't like this as much as some of the other walls you've done. I'm not a big fan of the main character; though she fits your purpose for "not too anime," she strikes me as plastic-y. If that makes sense...
    But looking at the original scan versus what you did to create the wall is cool. The color red you used is rather unique; not to sound morbid, but it rather reminds me of the color of blood. But I like the design on the walls. I love the fans and lanterns that are hanging on the wall. I just adore tassles, and the ones you put in the wall look so real... I think that's one of the reasons I like the lanterns and the lamp. Anyway, all the aspects (lamp, lantern, curtain and wood designs, the girl's clothes etc.)play together very well in order to present a very oriental aura or feeling. And that couch looks like it'd be very comfortable to sit on, with it's plump cushions ^_^
    I don't know if I've told you this recently, but I admire the way you're able to take a certain scan and make it your own in a wall. I can see the resemblence between the original and yours, but I like yours so much better... I suppose that's always been the case with your walls, though ^_^ I'm looking forward to your next submission... and I hope you continue to heal well :)

  22. mico-de-avi Aug 30, 2006

    Such an amzing and original wallpaper! Perfect bg, also there's no weakness. The girl looks so pretty! Oh yeah, the texture is very beautiful. The colors blend nicely, and also very oriental. Splendid job, keep it up!

  23. semanga Aug 30, 2006

    honey i am speakless
    what is this ? u make me everytime supriced about your walls
    u have great ideas wonderful walls everytime and this is my new fav girl
    i am sure u are now one of the best wallers here in mt and i am one of your biggerst fan
    of course this fly to my fav and the wall of my desktop :D

  24. starrliteangel Aug 30, 2006

    NOW THIS is what I call an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WALL WITH TONS OF WORK PUT INTO IT. Just by looking at this, I can tell that you must have put ALOT of work into it. I mean, it shows! I looove Dynasty Warriors. The game is just so much fun! Erm... but back to the wall. The colors are really..solid and youve done an outstanding job in choosing your colors. CLAMPchic above said how the red color reminds her of blood, and it does look a bit like blood, but it looks more chinese with the red colors you know? I just think that red is a chinese color (not trying to be stereotypical here). The basic wall in the bg is kind of obvious that you used the same pattern in the original scan over and over again, but you did such a great job covering it up with the two lamps, the fans, and that piece of hanging cloth. The couch and the lamp are such a nice touch. I really love how you made the room so red, and you didnt put any other light colors in it because it really emphasizes the window and the finch. it looks like the girl is sitting in a room reading a book, and the finch is calling out to her to come out into the bright world outside her room.

    I am glad you are recovering well from the surgery. You are so brave! I hope to see more of your wonderful walls!

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