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If anyone of you have watched Honey & Clover II, this is one of the most memorable scenes in episode 3. Really, PartII is much more fun to watch because love triangles are starting to smoothen out. And I really wanted Ayu and Nomiya to end up together; Nomiya is really a good guy (travelling from Tottori to Tokyo for 9 hours just to see Ayu, oh, I wish I was her instad! >.<) So for my love for the two of them, I decided to make this wallpaper.

After wanting to retire from the 'dark walls' mood that I've been creating lately, I've decided to make a much more lighter theme. The characters were vectored from a screenshot that I took and created the bg to make it look like the scenario:


Used textures from Miss M and stock photos from sxc and DA mixed with filters to create the mood. Brushes from DA. The text in the bottom means "How?" and "Why?" - the two questions Ayu wanted to ask Nomiya on that scene. *gags* they're so romantic..

Plus, this is a wallpaper to raise the Honey&Clover flag! Many people don't seem to appreciate the art of this series, but I tell you guys, it's has soft art with a very deep and beautiful storyline. So, fav Honey and Clover walls! There are a lot of great ones! Hope you guys appreciate this too. More resolutions at KatzKrafts.

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  1. epsilon86 Aug 28, 2006

    Nice wall. I like it alot. Thanks for making this wall. Look cinematic to me. Bring lot of memories to me too!

  2. littlejonny100 Retired Moderator Aug 28, 2006

    Showing the screenshot really emphasises the amount of work that would have gone into this. At first I found the art in Honey & Clover to be kinda weird but got use to it, if you want to promote the art with this wall I'd say you did a good job. Somehow this makes that scene look really solemn (more so than I remember anyway).

    This wall gives off a nice feeling, maybe because I know the atmosphere behind it but either way I like it will fav it.

  3. nolove Aug 28, 2006

    this is just..so great >_<
    blue-chan getting improve much than ever
    i love how the sand and the sky turn out, though i must admit that it is not special and not attractive but making thing turn out that way cost a lot of work and time, especially the cloud.
    it is not normal cloud brush that i've seen anywhere ^_^, it has something special, artistic way :D
    nice work blue-chan, you got a fea at CW of coz and 2 points ^_^

  4. starrliteangel Aug 28, 2006

    wow, really nice! I love the texture you have going on...it looks like.....watercolor? I dont know how to explain it, but its really nice. But the colors are a bit....hm...not depressing....but a bit oppressive compared to the original screenshot. Its alot darker. I dont know the story (I was going to buy the manga at Book-off, but they were out T_T), but by reading the text in the screen shot it seems to me like she is asking him a question about something he did..but not something bad. In the wall, it almost seems like he is leaving her. Maybe because hes farther out in the wall than he is in the screen shot?

  5. GoNik Aug 28, 2006

    Angel-chan, another vector! I'm so proud of you *hugs her*
    Like it have been said already: showing us screenshot gives chance to compare your wall with it and to see how much you worked on this wall.
    It's beautifully composed and skillfully done, one thing I can point out is that edge of sand right under his feet is a bit jagged.
    Fav from me, dear :*

    And one more thing: I though you said that you're on hiatus now XD

  6. enchantment Aug 28, 2006

    wow, the sand and water look amazing :) the people are vectored really nicely :D the textures you used bring out a nice touch~^^

  7. pamkips Aug 28, 2006

    fabulous >_< it's waaay tooc cool, I just simply adore the texture

    it's interesting and beautiful ^_^

    fabulous job

    merged: 08-29-2006 ~ 04:58am
    fabulous >_< it's waaay tooc cool, I just simply adore the texture

    it's interesting and beautiful ^_^

    fabulous job

  8. eternallegend Aug 28, 2006

    amazing, the textures add a nice touch to your wall, the background looks great :) and so does your vector :D the atmosphere seems slightly depressing and you protrayed the scene really nicely, overall you composed a wonderful wall ^^

  9. Emma Aug 28, 2006

    I smiled when I read in my guestbook that you felt like you were a discovered artist, but apparently you are with me. I love your works and I am glad we became friends. This is pretty! I really like the texture that was overlays the entire wall. It gives a painting feeling--indeed, reminds me of a painting in those modern art museums. I love the colors that were used for the ocean. And I like how bellowing the clouds are. Wonderful!

  10. annakee Aug 29, 2006

    I appreciate a lot to see one wallpaper of H&C by your behalf... it's har to explain the torrent of emotions that the anime produces on me. thanks for you effort and its a very beautiful wallie, my master ^^

  11. Rikkablurhound Aug 29, 2006

    I think its a really nice piece^^
    In between a painting & a scroll^^
    U did well with the sand, especially the part where it blows up & all...
    The screenshot is pretty small & Ill say U vector it quite nicely XD
    the footprints are a lil dark & I think U might want to get rid of the darker lines on the sand & the border of the sea to give it a more painted look... unless thats not what U were looking for... >_< Anyways... thats just a comment... >_<

  12. Korixxkairi Aug 29, 2006

    wahhh ! I have never seen this anime before *0*! but i always heard there name~ Oh my this is vector wallpaper awesome again Blue-Chan~ >.<
    + fav

  13. Mallory Aug 30, 2006

    I really like this wallie....I'm always glad when there is japanese writing and not sappy english words...really nice job!

  14. animefairy Sep 16, 2006

    Aww....so pretty and so romantic! ^^ I love the bg! It's a perfect place for any romantic stuff. >.< Cool colors and I like the white puffy clouds! Hehe. Keep it up and thannk for sharing, BlueAngel17! *adding to favs*

  15. Ardenta Oct 02, 2006

    Those clouds are great.

  16. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 23, 2006

    *glomps Nomiya* Nomiya-san~!

    So you're the one who posted this wall on AnimePaper? Thought it looked familiar. ^^ By the way, the comment on AP was before I watced H&C II so this time round's comment would be a little different. ^^ We need more Nomiya love!

    I really love the whole atmosphere. There character is there, but the fact that they had their backs on us just adds the feeling. *sobs* Nice recreation. Though I think there's some rainbow-like textures behind the Japanese words... but this is great. Nice vector!

    Seriously when I first posted on AP, I thought Nomiya was going to commit suicide. >.< But kyaaa, he's such a man! I vote for you, Nomiya! T_T

  17. Toya999 Oct 26, 2006

    i love this a lot....so nice....i love the sea.....to ma favs....^__^

  18. Alcyndore Oct 25, 2008

    The texture and the simplicity of this wall is lovely. That's why it is so beautiful and striking. Congratulations on this wonderful work!

  19. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Apr 19, 2009

    Woe...! Beautiful wallpaper but I am unable to access the site for other sizes! (I need a widescreen version... T_T) Nomiya and Ayu are one of my favorite pairings. The painted feel of this wall really enhances the screenshot and adds to the atmosphere. Beautiful...

  20. BloodyMonster Sep 03, 2009

    beautifull <3

  21. mkforema Nov 27, 2009

    Awesome pic! I love it! ^_^

  22. zylfairy Mute Member Feb 12, 2010

    Maravilloso, wonderfull this picture is full of melancholy. Thanks.

  23. Jalfred-kun Feb 14, 2010

    thanks very nice image love Honey & Clover!

  24. CALIPSA Restricted Member Mar 19, 2010

    Thanks for this beautifull wall! I love H&C very much!

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