Otohiko Takano Wallpaper: Sky Evanescence

Otohiko Takano Wallpaper
Otohiko Takano Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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hey everyoneee. [;
finally back with another wall. vacation was awesome....but short x__x
school's started for a week. @_@ and the tests and essays are already comingggg. >:[
well, back to walling in my free time. :)

so the wallie, well. yea i kno, very common kind of wall, wut with the sky and everything. but i like it. XD
clouds are my fav, as if it's not noticeable.... :P sorry if my wallies are getting repetitive and similar. >_<
o well, i'll change some time....later. hehe, my fav colors~~ <3 the scan is Otohiko Takano's art. i really like his drawings although you dunt see much on the web. i recently got one of his artbooks and fell in love with it. :P so had to wall one. the structure she's standing on is Makoto Shinkai's artwork. another fav artist <3 keepin it simple.

thanks for anythign in advance, even just viewing! [;

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  1. Bluearth Aug 26, 2006

    I liked it :D Although the sky is quite common, but the way you did the sky, looks better than most wallpapers =] it looks so soft :] The tones of the colour looks great. Flawless execution on the wallpaper :) The wallpaper doesn't look crowded, position and all that. Fantatsic :D

    [edit] Congratulations! Your wallpaper had most certainly deserved to be in the elite gallery :)

  2. redangel6112 Aug 26, 2006

    Simple and nice...^-^...
    This wallie of yours had just calm myself down from tension...^-^...Thanks
    The bright spot at the sky made me think of something.
    I like pictures with hair being blow by the wind. Like this picture.

    Making her wings transparent is a great idea because it won't make this wallie of yours looks messy.
    Plus it looks more realistic and it shows the girl is imagining about flying towards the light...^-^...
    It is great...^-^...thanks for sharing.

  3. VindicatoR Aug 26, 2006

    hehe the scenery looks like that of Beyond the Clouds.
    The pillar thingy and stuff...
    Lol and seeing the other pics, I see it is.
    It looks nice.

  4. krisaiee Aug 26, 2006

    hey nice wall!

  5. enchantment Aug 26, 2006

    the colour you used suits really well and the girl fits nicely in the wall as well i love the clouds :) really nice wall~^^

  6. dracofil Aug 26, 2006

    Wee... I'm not sure if it's repetitive. All I can say it's just the kind the kind of a wallie I personally adore! Really appreciate this contribution:) Thanks!

  7. eternallegend Aug 26, 2006

    amazing, the conposition of your wall is great, in short it looks lovely, the clouds and the sky looks nice, i like the colour scheme and i like how you made the girl fit into the background, the title suits well with your wall, it looks as though there is a nice breeze in your wall, overall you made a wonderful wall ^^

  8. BlueAngel17 Aug 26, 2006

    eh?! i love this? do i need to say why? just looking at it gives this ease of mind you know.. very impressive work! >.<

  9. royaldarkness Aug 26, 2006

    wow, this is brilliant! ^_______^
    totally in love with this wallie!

  10. lthnadml Aug 26, 2006

    ohhhh this is really awesome . . . the background is excellent, like always . . . i really like the sky, the clouds and the colors are very beautiful . . .
    another great job! . . . keep up! ;)

  11. starrliteangel Aug 26, 2006

    ohhh I love this image..I was going to wall it, but the girl was drawn very sketchy-ish, and Im not used to doing walls with that style. I must say that yours came out great! The wings are so nice. Yea, I thought of putting wings on her back too, when I saw her standing there with her hair blowing. I like how you took out that sunset and made it a nice sky with billowing clouds, because it fits her more nicely. Great work - I love your style of walling.

  12. alterlier Aug 26, 2006

    I love this kind of walls though is simple looks pretty messy and that feeling is no easy to show...the color one of my favs too, the great part is that, is not like to clear or strong it is in a soft tone of blue.
    the clouds, awesome, I have seen that in your walls you tend to make them in a huge way and they just end up looking this way, maybe yes, kind of similar, but still very elegant.
    dont have more to say ...the scan is just perfect for the bg, not forgetting about the fact that the way she is looking only gives more mystery ....something like that.
    anywayyy....I really love this wallpaper.
    hope to see more coming from you.

  13. jaderabbit Aug 26, 2006

    DUDE! ur back, im back! lets have a mac attack :)
    WEll awesome wallie ive been wanting to try this style as well >.<,
    Sweet wall + favorite from ur neighborhood bunni wabbuit.

  14. Boko Aug 26, 2006

    extremely nice.....fits being a desktop-bg ^^

  15. pamkips Aug 26, 2006

    hello celestial fabulous textured grunge >_<
    oh this is simply fantastic! it's just so stunning and beautiful ^_^
    fabulous job

  16. Emma Aug 27, 2006

    hey Knightstar! Long time no chat. Your work here is beautiful. Very smoothing and original. I like the way the clouds were done and I like the overall texture. Nice job on this indeed.

  17. kyokujitsu Aug 27, 2006

    Wow, that's beautiful ^^ I love the different textures making up the entire wall. The sky is beautiful, the clouds are amazing, and the scan is mysteriously sweet. I love the transparent wings too ^^ Thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  18. Devilet Aug 27, 2006

    You know, I was a bit skeptica, by looking at the thumb. Gradually awaiting for it to download and see fullview, I was surprised. The scan is very very beautiful, I always loved those featuring a back of a character with, it just seems so elegant in it's own way. The clouds yes, very trending and overdone ... But I don't mind it, since it's an odd colour the wallpaper and sky, and the clouds are big and not too many. You didn't over do it with the stars, thank god. And the light effect in the sky, leads to mystery as she stares at it. Nice concept, it's simple and the graininess is really attractive. Beautiful work, adding to my favs.

  19. HaWaIIofHoaI Aug 27, 2006

    it's really pretty. i love how detailed it is when you look up close especially with the transparent wings. =)

  20. ayane-heine Aug 27, 2006

    *_* it has been long since i last saw knightstar3's wallie.. ;___; *touched to see 1 now* XD wow.. i can understand why u like his art so mux.. i myself like the art that he done.. <33 muahaha.. great blending of the bg.. your wallie look sho real as though images will pop out from the compie.. >.< i can see that there's a transparent wing.. it looks great.. although the top right hand corner does look abit empty.. but overall great job.. ^^b keep it up with your great job.. ^^

  21. zaira Aug 27, 2006

    hey! its been a while! knight-sama! glad your back with us! and of course with a nice and very simple wall! XD which i really like it! nice going with the sky! i like the clouds + those starry starry stars :D the artwork is just so cool! nice job for the combination of colors too! simple yet cool! + fav! >__<

  22. AeroStriker Aug 29, 2006

    I like how the girl is facing the sky instead, makes me wonder what she's looking at. The clouds in the backgrounds are nicely done.

  23. moonfire Aug 30, 2006

    what a dramatic wall...with the girl staring at the sky, wondering.. *hmm..*
    those clouds and stars look pretty too. and the color scheme you chose is nice. not blinding or dark or anything. and the chara just really fits the beautiful bg you made for her.

    great job, knightstar3! :D

  24. atb1o1 Aug 30, 2006

    This is a beautiful wall.. I love the sky, very calm. The clouds are amazing. Very nice texture. Very nice job!

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