Hourglass of Summer Wallpaper: The View From The Afternoon

Murakami Suigun, Hourglass of Summer, Kaho Serizawa Wallpaper
Murakami Suigun Mangaka Hourglass of Summer Series,Visual Novel Kaho Serizawa Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Batatatata Disscolored >_< I seem to have a habit of making crap >_< *laughs* anyways I've had this wall waiting tp be submitted I was waaaaaayyy too lazy anyways this wall has to have "depressive" colors since I am soo lifeless and depressed -_- life definately is not on my side this year

Brown Tones?: check
Superficially Depressing?: amen to that one
Based On An Arctic Monkeys Song?: yeah
Graveyard Scene To Emphasize The Death Feeling I Have Suffered?: *sigh* mmmhmmm
This reminds me of that one wall I made about a year ago.....This Night I'm..... yeah -____-

Thanks to the lovely Chloe-Chan who vectored this image, I found it in her webiste ^_^

For Anywho Who Cares
mmmmmmm yay if your readin' this your nice >_<

Oh kawaii is a part of alot

ENJOY >______<

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  1. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 26, 2006

    Sugoi O_O
    Looks fantastic!
    I love the lights...they look amazing
    I'm speechless....
    I've added alredy this wonderful wallie to my favs
    Keep it up Kawaii-san!

    merged: 08-26-2006 ~ 09:48am
    First one

  2. enchantment Aug 26, 2006

    wow, this wall is soo nice :) seems to portray a lot of emotion as well.. i think ^_^' in a way XD, ahh poor kawaii-chicken -hugs- T_T i love the colours you used :D looks sad but nice OX lovely wall~^^

  3. aqiaqua Aug 26, 2006

    Hehe, that's really pretty. I like the texture, and the haunting feel. Fave from me, and your being added to my watchlist ;).

  4. BlueAngel17 Aug 26, 2006

    yey, i love the lamps. stock photo? can't seem to find one of those these days. and they're lit even in afternoon! >.<

  5. nolove Aug 26, 2006

    what a so stylist wallpaper XD
    luvv the hot view from this wall XD, esp when it's summer now and geeez everything looks hot
    kyaaa but nice grunge texture ^o^ and everything blended sooo well ;) ^___^
    for this special wonderful wall, you got a feature in CW and got 2 points ^__^

  6. eternallegend Aug 26, 2006

    i like the textured like background, the colour scheme looks nice, the lamps look good, the atmopshere that you created through your wall seems kind of sad in a way, overall you made a great wall ^^

  7. knightstar3 Aug 26, 2006

    the lighting effects are beautiful. :)
    i love the scan you chose and the color tones are nice.
    well done.

  8. quantixar Aug 26, 2006

    Sugoi-desu! Keep it up! :)

  9. KyoFan368 Aug 26, 2006

    That is a really cool wall! You did a fantastic job on it! I really like the background. It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :) :D :pacman:

  10. jaderabbit Aug 26, 2006

    Hey chicken i see ur still making some great material :)
    "tries remmebering ur very first wall" damn thats been forever ago at ao.

  11. Rikkablurhound Aug 26, 2006

    Yes! Its another Dark-Brown-desolate wall!
    Well, i like it though XP
    As usual, like your sky and so XD
    Its really nice...
    I tihnk the grunge brushes went well too^^
    Its a pretty great job U've done there XD
    me & En put it up on fea XD

  12. Rhonda21 Aug 26, 2006

    oh love the dark atmosphere and the colors. Really nice background! Well great work!

  13. Emma Aug 27, 2006

    I really like this wall ^^
    I love the dark mood it portrays. And I adore the sky. Looks cool with the color changes in it and with the texture or pattern. Gives an eerie feeling ^^ Indeed, nice combination with it all.

  14. cassandraronald Aug 27, 2006

    wow really nice wallie
    i love the colours that u used
    the sky is very nice
    very nice combination^^

  15. zaira Aug 27, 2006

    wow! very darkish! i like the dark colors + the bg! very nice + the scan fits the bg :D i should say i like those light post! XD where did you get those? a stock photo? a brush? or whatever? can you tell me where did get those stuff! please! >_<

    anyways i like your wall! sooo + fav!

  16. ExiledWings Aug 27, 2006

    The dim texture darkens the atmosphere of the surroundings, but they have been rendered well indeed. The scene is reminiscent of a dark, pale autumn afternoon glow, and is quite elegant. Very nice efforts you've put in, good work indeed!

  17. Kasai Aug 27, 2006

    Ms. Chicken, this is a lovely piece. I just adore the colors.

  18. starrliteangel Aug 27, 2006

    depressing?! I dont see anything about this wall thats depressing. (hehe maybe Im so past depressed, that I cant even tell what depressing is...jk XP) The colors are sooo great. I just love these browns. And the lamps are nice, I like how they are lit up! Its so..simple because the bg is made up of only trees and lamps and a couple birds, but its so interesting! wahhh I love it!

  19. Firemace Aug 28, 2006

    HRmmmmm... mm! Okie-dokie.

    So a Dark theme. And a shadowy luminscent backdrop. Ah... another one to the Gallery's Ganary! XD

    Confused, Lonely, searching for an answer. Wahaha! <-----That's what i can feel from this artpiece. I don't see why others have not seen your artpiece yet! >.<

    Not to forget! It's Fabulous. Love the Fade-away portion shades on the lower part of the wallie. :)

    Heya... try Face of Fact by Jap. singer KOTOKO.
    She'll cheer your life rythem up if not by abit. :)

  20. mystvearn Aug 28, 2006

    Finally changed my wallpaper after months and months not doing so :)

  21. Korixxkairi Aug 29, 2006

    *Full view*~~~
    Wahh ! Nice shot > . < The light of sunset ..evening? very GREAT ! I like the way that the light of lamp came from . I LOVE that ! Woww There are little bird around her so cute~~ >w< awesome work again~~ >.<

  22. Devildude Aug 30, 2006

    LOL, one complaint, the text could be a little better, or maybe I have been playing around with text blending too much, nonetheless, the overall wallpaper is quite soothing to the eyes.

  23. moonfire Aug 30, 2006

    this wall gives me a melancholic feeling.. maybe it's the color scheme XD
    there's a portion in the sky that's somewhat bright.. it kinda blinds me..
    but nonetheless, great wall. the grunge looks nice, the chara stands out, and the bg is pretty. :)

  24. hmyip Aug 30, 2006

    Wow, it looks awesome, nice background, the scan is nicely extracted, also the texture looks classy :)

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