Quilt Wallpaper: Overseas, My Love.

Carnelian, Quilt, Airi (Quilt) Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Quilt Visual Novel Airi (Quilt) Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Since a lot of people complained about the swirls, (I had doubts about them too~ >.< ) here's a swirl-less version for you:


You can go ahead now~ ^_^'

Okay, I've heard more than once that I talk too much... therefore, I'll work on this whole ''being brief'' thing from now on. You won't hear more anything unnecessary from me! >_<
*looks back to the post*
*sighs* -_-
Let's talk about the wallpaper, then... In topics, if you don't mind~ -_-

* The reason: I felt an urge of making something, like an abstinence syndrome or something~ OX
Got one free weekend, and voila! XD

* The name: I was watching TV while doing this and someone on some program said ''she's overseas!'' or something. That's it. >.<

*The girl: Quilt's girls are great, but Airi's hairstyle is just the coolest. ;)
The scan is here: Quilt - Airi by Scampi .
As you may notice, her hand and the boat part (yes, it's supposed to be a boat~ >.< ) are not included on this scan. I took them from another version of this pic, the original game shot I got in Cute CG .
The only problem is that the game shot was way too small... so I re-vectored the boat and her hand. I hope they don't look as awful as I'm seeing them now. >_<

*The BG: made with terragen and some photoshop adds. The brushes are taken from Creepy Dolly and another unknown souches. I tried to research, but.. <_<
If you are any curious, the lighthouse was vectored with an orignal photo as a guide. (gosh, I truly need one~ >.< )
I used a photo of the ''Farol Mae Luiza'', or ''Mother Luiza lighthouse''. It is located on Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, here on Brazil. I actually visited this lighthouse once~ :)

*The Story: Oh, I really need one? XD Well, then she's off on a trip to find love... no matter how far she have to go, she won't give up! Even if it's overseas, she knows she'll find it! [/tacky mode] (in portuguese, we call this ''brega''~ ^.^ )
... is that enough? ^_^'

*PSD filename/size: Overseas/ 1.34 MB.

*Final words? : I guess this will be my last wallpaper at least in a long time... If I get this urge again and free time helps out, maybe I'll come sooner than I expected. (I'm sorry for coming back... enjoy while I don't! X-P )

*Anything more I should notice? : If you take a look at the original scan, you may find a little change on the eyes~ XD
I re-did all her make-up~ seriously, those red eyes are so out-of-fashion. >.<

*And? : ... that's all. :)

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  1. enchantment Aug 21, 2006

    wow, she fits nicely in the wall :) her hand and the boat doesnt look to bad :D her hand looks a little odd on a certain angle though XD the background is nicely done :) im not technically a fan of the brushes you stuck around the edge as a border, it just doesn't look right in my opinion OX [hope i havent offended you ^_^' ] but besides that nice wall~^^

  2. viekazama Aug 21, 2006

    WOW o_O
    You're really great XD
    I'm still suck for making such wonderful arts like you XD
    but anyway I like this one XD
    Gotta put in my fave :)

  3. eternallegend Aug 21, 2006

    amazing, the background looks nice, but it maybe seems a bit too realistic or 3D compare to her, you did well trying to make her fit into the baclground, maybe it would have looked nicer if you didnt have those brushes there ^_^' but that is just my opinion, i like the theme you are portraying in your wall and its done very well, the atmosphere is peaceful, relaxed and carefree :D overall you composed a lovely wall ^^

  4. muneera Aug 21, 2006

    WOW..nice work (adding to my fav)

  5. tian82 Aug 21, 2006

    Nice work on this, IzumiChan. I love the view from this wallpaper and the girl look beautiful. The brush that you used suit well with this wallpaper. Another nice and great work from you. Keeping up more great work !

  6. Lum-sann Aug 25, 2006

    WOW! O_O
    another beautiful work from my idol of wallies! ^_^
    The background is so cool and the character so lovely, i like the brushes that you used Kyaumi ^^
    It's a beautiful view i like the sea XD and the tower,the clouds are so lovely too,ok i like all the bg! XD
    Hm... i see that TV helps you to give titlles to your walls XD it's a nice tittle ^^
    Ah well you know keep making beautiful wallies! ^__^
    and a fav for my Kawumi you deserv it! ;)

  7. moonelf313 Aug 25, 2006

    Nice job, you are really improving! Love the lighthouse in the background! :) Take care

  8. Aimee1991 Aug 25, 2006

    this wallies really pretty ^_^ fav from me

  9. Phantasm Aug 25, 2006

    nice work.
    though thinks that the white of the tower of the background stands out a little too much, very beautiful wp.
    I like ivy processing of surroundings.

  10. CaMiLi Aug 25, 2006

    i like the wall too,... looks very cuuute ^^ but the swirls are weird x__X

  11. starrliteangel Aug 25, 2006

    ohhh...you should have left those swirls out! I personally think that border decorating with swirls is a waller's no no! But the rest of the wall is really nice. The lighthouse is a nice addition and the rest of the scenery is pretty. I do think that you need to move up the boat railing a little though, and erase a bit of her index finger so it looks as if she is holding on to it rather than touching it.

  12. yalubluchay Aug 25, 2006

    First off terragen is the best, second i love the swirls u mad for the border, and third the wallpaper is very creative and cool :)

  13. Angi Retired Moderator Aug 25, 2006

    Hey Izu-chan!
    new wallie looks cool and cute
    i like the colors and the brushes you used are sooooo cute I love them
    your mountains are very characteristicals from you ne? (anyways they look great)
    your story is so romantic I want to make that travel too, the lighthouse looks great and the clouds too, the perspective that it takes seems very cool! GREAT Izu-chan!^_^

  14. alterlier Aug 25, 2006

    let's see, well I guess people already told you....the swirls thing....mn no.....those stuff take out the escense of the wall seriously .....but still is a cool one, I like the lighthouse most of all, clean vector and nice BG..... maybe the scan doesn't blend to good with the whole thing....the difference between both things scan and bg is pretty clear I guess that with some effects on photoshop you may fix that....actually dont know if that's kind of important ....but anyway...I like it.

  15. kawaiitamaki Aug 25, 2006

    uwaa! i like i like!

  16. KyoFan368 Aug 25, 2006

    I really like it! You did a fantastic job on this wall! The swirls are cute and the background looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!^_^ :) :D :pacman:

  17. royaldarkness Aug 26, 2006

    wow, this is really nice :)
    with or without the swirls, it looks awesome! ^^

  18. himura088 Aug 26, 2006


  19. ExiledWings Aug 26, 2006

    Very cute. The swirls bordering the wall makes it look even more lovely. The background's really superb and suits the serene feel of the atmosphere. Nice work

  20. cassandraronald Aug 26, 2006

    wow really nice wallie
    i prefer the wall with the swirls

  21. Rikkablurhound Aug 26, 2006

    Yes, its actually a really pretty wall...
    Im gonna complain bout the swirls too... ^_^'
    Like the one without it...
    the swrils messed up the calm & peace in the wall...
    okay... nothing else I wan to complain XP
    its actually pretty well done...
    The scenery behind is lovely and all...
    *Ill stop now... coz Ill go on forever bout the swirls*

  22. SuiHana Aug 26, 2006

    wow...this is great.
    The swirls were kinda too much, but it was really really good.

  23. Rhonda21 Aug 26, 2006

    oh the background looks great! Nice job with the lighthouse. And well I think it's a very pretty wall. Great job!

  24. Emma Aug 27, 2006

    Oh Izumi--how pretty. I like the water and the mountains in the back. The mountains seem very realistic. And yeah, it does look better without the swirlies, but I actually thought the swirlies was a nice addition to add variety. Like the colors too ^^

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