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::SAturday Nights::
Never give in, never give up.
This saturday night you'll look up
An you never forget all the things
We've done
Time: 5hrs, 25 mins
Style: Jadey spacey! =)
File Size Ps: 63.8mbs

After many hours of practice and trying to get back into walling i have finally made my comeback, and what better way than with one of my space style, earthy wallpapers that is one of the styles people have known some of my bestest wallpapers by. I Love this wallpaper, and hope you do to.

Sorry, im not much on highly detailed fonts, im a plain white kinda font person XD
Comments and enjoy!

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  1. Miriam-Yukari Aug 20, 2006

    Wow really nice, You made beautiful effects I've never seen this style of wall but I really like it (+ fav) =P. Ahi nos estamos viendo

  2. yalubluchay Aug 20, 2006

    very creative. love it :)

  3. eternallegend Aug 20, 2006

    interesting, the way your wall is composed is really enchanting in a way and kind of magical, the colours look great, i like the theme of your wall and you protrayed it very well, you did really well working with an image that is kind of on a slant, the background scenery looks amazing, overall you made a lovely wall ^^

  4. PinkPrincessLacus Aug 20, 2006

    OH I absolutely Love it, I love the gradients in it. HOW DID YOU DO ALL THAT! XD Its so amazing. I love the pink looking and different color things falling down on the girl. The ripples at the girl's foot are so pretty and bright, I love it. And the background, is that trees back there? Whatever they are I think that is so clever of you to make them black and have the color behind them. Its beautiful, I also think that you having the plain white text was a good idea, because now it stands out from all the different colors and black in the wallpaper. Great Job! I Love It! *adds to favs*. Once again How did you do that? XD your so good. :)

    ~* Lacus *~

  5. URanimEnigma Aug 20, 2006

    Yes, it is a good wallpaper. I am having trouble figuring out how you made the colors on the girl different from her actual skin color. The shades of blue and purple go well with the rest of the light shining around. I usually don't leave much feedback, cus I'm not good at it. But the least I can do is compliment wall makers on the jobs they do. Your's is one that deserves a good compliment. Well done.

  6. Kenichi Aug 20, 2006

    wow nice rainbow color effect and kept it dark too.
    its a very nice wallpaper, did a nice job jade.

  7. SupermilkchanChii Aug 20, 2006

    Wow, It's really pretty!
    The colors are awesome!
    I love how the girl kinda looks like the MAIN focal point.

  8. Starrie Aug 20, 2006

    Ooo I love the different colours you used for this wallie. I like how the colors were used but everything still stayed dark. Thats very neat and unique. In the background it looks like stained glass if im not mistaken. That really brings out the brilliance in the theme. The ripples near her feet are awesome since it really looks like someones there or something. Nice wallie. Keep up the great work.

  9. Devilet Aug 20, 2006

    Yeah! Dark wallies ROCK!
    Well, from the thumb it's really hard to tell what it is. I see you used a stock image of a forest and applied some brushes and colouring effects. I like her position, and you placed her well. Very interesting angle you got here, the colours are what really make it interesting though.
    It's a pretty good style, and nice work!

  10. darkwings Aug 20, 2006

    great! excelent job!

  11. Milkiyo Aug 20, 2006

    hmm...kinda a bit too colourful but don't worry about the fonts..they fit nicely >_< and I like the shooting stars though a bit too much n.n
    lovely style +fav X-P

  12. jaderabbit Aug 20, 2006

    AIYAH! so man reply evn though i been gone for so long! >.<,
    Thansk ya' keepm comen :)

  13. enchantment Aug 20, 2006

    wow, its so pretty :) i love the colours, really colourful :D the shooting stars sure stand out alot XD really wonderful wall~^^

  14. muneera Aug 20, 2006

    What a cool & pretty wallpaper,I liked the shining colors.
    Good work (^_^) see ya

  15. zaira Aug 20, 2006

    wow! nice color combos! i like the way you make its combinations! :D very nice concept + the girl is cute! where did get that scan!? i want it! waaaaaah T_T anyways i like almost everything! + fav! >_<

  16. MarlinWahoo Aug 20, 2006

    She looks a little like Setsuna from Negima. Just an absolutely awesome wallpaper. Thanks for creating this masterpiece. FAV.

  17. AngelKate Aug 20, 2006

    Jade-san! I missed your pretty wallies. ^_^ This is so gorgeous! I remember one you made like this a long time ago that I loved. All the colors and the senery is just beautiful. :) Great work! :)

  18. soujiokita Aug 20, 2006

    Good to see you walling again, Jade. :) This wall looks great, and I love the different colored sparkles. The girl fits in so well with the bg. Keep up the good work! :) +fav

  19. pitbull Aug 20, 2006

    that beautiful wallpaper!it is going to my FAV!nice work!(^_^)

  20. Rhonda21 Aug 20, 2006

    Oh cool. Well I like it with the different colors. And of course I love darker walls. :) I like the way the girl is. It's a cool angle. Well great job with this wall!

  21. IzumiChan Aug 20, 2006

    OMG, that's so wonderful! O__O
    The phrase ''brilliant darkness'' now makes all sense to me~ :o
    You used all the colors of the rainbow, and even still the main color of the wallie is black... It's just too great! >_<
    I loved it, congrats for such an amazing work! :D

  22. Elyvania Aug 21, 2006

    I love this wall, the colors are great and the effects go along nicely with the image of the girl. Definetly a favorite ^_^.

  23. Barm Aug 24, 2006

    NICE WALL! It gives you that euphoric happy but sad feeling. There is rarely an artist of your calabur.

  24. tsukasagr Aug 25, 2006

    Very nice! Atmospheric too. A little sad too I guess, but melancholy seems to be everywhere these days... :)

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