Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Just Me and You

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yula Athha Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well it's me again with an asucaga wall hehe well i did it again i put Athrun and Cagalli 's head instead of Lacus and Kira ahaha well I did the Kiralacus version too for PinkPrincessLacus and this one is for Thingperson XD I will post later the Kiralacus I need a bg XD and again special thx to my dear and best friend thingperson for the title she is my official title-creator now ;) ahaha

So i tried to do the full version but it was kinda hard... so if u see anything wrong don't hesitate to tell me ^^ Well i used about 60 layers the bg is really simple like the other asucaga .... I used space brushes and cloud that's all

Hope u like :nya:

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. thingperson Aug 16, 2006

    Oh I love this..really its my favorite..*smiles*..I love how you turned them into athrun and cagalli..I love cagallis dress and how it flows and athrun outfit..wow..your so talented..I love there poses..and the background..I love it outer space and the colors you put in it the greens and purples..oh I love this I cant stop looking at it..*smiles*..im so amazed right now..*smiles*.oh this is so pretty..I love this..wow..*smiles*...thank you so much for posting this your the best..*hugs*.

    From your best and tendre amie,

  2. glassheart Aug 17, 2006

    This is an exceptionally beautiful work! I love your art :D! Your style and anatomy is perfect. I would really have thought it was a scan from the official artist ^^;!

  3. PinkPrincessLacus Aug 17, 2006

    Oh I love it Kan-chan its so beautiful! XD once again you created a masterpiece you truely are the Fan-art Princess. :) and the background looks so wonderful against them, with the colors complimenting Cagalli's dress and the stars in outspace was such a great idea once again. I LOVE IT! XD . I think you are so talented and clever for always drawing such pretty artworks, just thinking of how to pose them and etc. is such a hard thing to do I bet and you do it with such ease. Your so great. *adds to favs immediately*.

    ~* Lacus *~

  4. enchantment Aug 17, 2006

    i love the stars and the background :) so many star OX wonderful wall~^^

  5. pchne2630 Banned Member Aug 17, 2006

    Athrun and cagalli good matches well oh likes oh

  6. uniceteoh89 Aug 17, 2006

    I love all your asucaga wallpapers! Good jobs =)

  7. JCzala Aug 17, 2006

    This is just amazing! A wonderful moment/scene of the two. I'm completely liking this than Lacus and Kira... Hehe no offence. But hey the background matches the two as well. Adding this faves..

  8. cassandraronald Aug 17, 2006

    wow nice wallie
    i love the bg and the effects that u used

  9. aneres Aug 17, 2006

    Gosh, you're spoling out tender AsuCaga hearts with all the recent works of them. XD Lovely~! We can finally see our dreams turned into reality. hehe XD

  10. Justice48 Aug 17, 2006

    ^^ Simple, but heavenly in it's own beautiful way.
    I seriously thought this was real or something.
    Although the original one (KL) isn't bad, I like this better than it. :D
    (Yup... really shows how talented you are. :) )

    Once again, you've made asucaga fans happy. ^^
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Emina Aug 17, 2006

    sweet!I've been in the mood for these two recently...

  12. SakuraShirayuki Aug 17, 2006

    OMG! Awesome! It's soooo awesome!
    *can't breath*
    *can't speak*

  13. Citra33Zaoldyeck Banned Member Aug 17, 2006


    thx for your job to made an asucaga pic^^

    and thx for sharing ^^

  14. Loneokamionna Aug 17, 2006


    This is so awesome! The background and the posture are so amazing! X3

  15. eternally-asuka Aug 17, 2006

    kyaaa how beautiful! just lovely XD haha from a kiralacus? x3 it doens't matter, you just make awesome arts!

  16. supermario2 Aug 17, 2006

    This is just superb! No one can do a better job than you for sure. I love it! The background is splendid!

  17. rubenz Aug 18, 2006

    OMG kancahn this one is greattttttt ^^ totally fave for me ^^ cagalli is pretty and i love her dress kyaaaa ^^ he he ne ne kan chan may I use ur art for my next wallie? I will credit u for sure :D (ps: do u have a bigger version of the image) te he thanx :D

  18. eloque Aug 18, 2006

    Woah! That's just wow... There are like no words for it. It's just that wonderful! Thank you so much for creating another lovely asucaga fanart for us fans.

    Keep up the great work and I'm so looking forward to more asucaga fanart!

    - Roxxanne

  19. UchihaTaijiya Aug 19, 2006

    This is very beautiful!
    I love it, the background looks great
    Athrun and Cagalli = <3
    Thanks a lot for sharing
    and please keep it up!

  20. Haven100 Aug 20, 2006

    Beautiful! Cagalli looks cute and beautifully Lovely in that dress! They are the perfect couple! Great pic! +Fav! I also like the background! ;)

  21. Hikari87 Aug 20, 2006

    Very pretty! ^^ Especially the colours~ really luv Cagalli's dress! ;D

  22. CosmoStar Aug 26, 2006

    So pretty! I loved how they look here! You did a great job on Cagalli's dress and Athrun looks so handsome! Congrats!
    I simply love your fanarts! You're a motivation for me to keep drawing too!
    Thanks for sharing your art!
    I'll add this to my favs! This is amazing! :D

    merged: 08-27-2006 ~ 04:22am
    Oh, and I wanna see KxL version too! :)

  23. Kagally Aug 29, 2006

    Woaa.... another asucaga sumbition!
    This looks so great! Ilove them.
    + fav

  24. AkatsukiKawa Sep 01, 2006

    Nice picture. I love this picture.... It is AxC and a very pretty picture.

    Thank you for sharing....

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