Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper: Okasan [W]

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For the love of Kadaj, PLEASE FULL VIEW! Details, people, details! Thumb looks like absolute crap!

I'm going on a two-week vacation starting tomorrow afternoon, so this'll be my last submission till I get back. Oh, and this is going to be a long description OX

Where to start... well, I was looking through my notifs last week or so, and the word "Kadaj" caught my attention. And seeing it was submitted from Madoshikurefu, I figure it was a scan. And what a cool scan! I immediately saved it and decided I wanted to wall it.
Well, I had extracted it and was trying to get rid of the white box-like things on his suit when the insane idea of vectoring Kadaj came to me. This is the first time I've vectored a computer-generated person, so I was a little nervous about screwing up the image.
After around 7-8 hours (6 of those were trying to get his hair to work), I completed what I called "Part A" of the vector:

After that, it was just trying to get some color into his hair:

Anywho, the wall was basically me trying out a "Grayserg technique" (for those of you who don't know who Grayserg is, go enlighten yourselves) though obviously, I failed :/ But I still like the way it came out. As for the title, well, if you've seen FFAC, you know what it means. If you've read all of this, type "chocolate chips, yo" somewhere in your comments, please :P

Time: 7-8 hours for the vector, 10-12 hours for the actual wall OX
Layers: I never count the layer for my vectors, 35 for the wall

Dedicated to my good friend, Eric (also known as Toxi Mandragora) :]

More resolutions @ EDD!


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  1. sailorchiron Aug 12, 2006

    chocolate chips, yo!

    EXTREMELY cool. I really like it. The effects you added make it look MORE like it's from AC than before. Serious fav.

  2. Kairi-Hearts Aug 12, 2006

    chocolate chips, yo :)
    this is amazing ^^
    You did everything with such a detail!
    you did the vector pretty well! ahh I'm jealous X-P
    I like all the effects you did, even though you say you messed up!
    really cool wallie that you made :)

  3. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Aug 12, 2006

    *goes to AP to comment this but isnt there yet* ehm, chocolate chips, yo ?

    Really great job at vectoring the hair and face, trying the grayserg style is not simple but you manage very well, but there is just one detail, and this is those highlights on his hair, they look good but a vivid color like that seems a little odd in the middle of gray tones.

  4. KennyMcCormmick Aug 12, 2006

    So beatiful, really clean and very nice effects... good job on the vector
    +fav for you Chloe-chan ^^

  5. anji Aug 12, 2006

    Hello! Oh yeah I saw the work of Grayserg, but I would never even try since it looks so... beautiful and hard.
    You seem thinking you have failed, but I think it looks awesome, and "en plus" it's the first time you try this style.
    I think the hair color come up really good!
    I just don't really like the hand, I think the focus should be more on the hair since they are so nice.
    Great job! :D
    What's about "chocolate chips, yo"?

  6. boogybro Aug 12, 2006

    Love love LOVE the vector. Excellent job. But really not liking the wallpaper.

  7. shiningdays Aug 13, 2006

    I clicked on the vector cause it looked almost like a grayserg wall and i was slightly confused/expecting to find one XD It seems like it's almost becoming.. vouge to do grayserg walls these days. Both a good and a bad thing, methinks.

    I don't think you "failed" in trying grayserg's style, but i also don't think anyone will ever be able to emulate his style with any great degree of success.

    Anywho, enough with the politics and onto the wall.
    I like the use of the hand, but not the swirlies (i didn't like them on serg's Coralian Dream either, so it's more a personal thing; they're extremely well crafted.) I like that you weren't afraid of colour with this wall - that's quite the shocking mahgenta in his hair; but said magenta doesn't go well at all with the green. Overall an amazing vector and a good stab at grayserg's style.

  8. ShiXon Aug 13, 2006

    i don't wanna write choco chips yo in ma comment xO hoho
    and OMG it's KADAAAJJJ *hugshugshugshugs* ah-hem!
    mmm yup some funky colors you got there chloe xD
    i think the hair is superb <3 i want that DD: TEACH ME PREASE~
    overall you've done a great job and i like the vector better than the wallpaper~ but seriously you've did a great job xO

  9. inuyashalove04 Aug 13, 2006

    Wow...you did a great job vectoring Kadaj. And the colors you used in the wall are wonderful. I like it! Fave for sure.

  10. fuyuu Aug 13, 2006

    Chocolate chips, yo!
    Amazing wall with amazing details! I love what you did to Kadaj's hair and skin (those swirlies looked like some kind of tattoos XD)
    *adds to fav*

  11. nolove Aug 13, 2006

    geezzeeee, fabulous hair <333333
    unique unique sooooo kooollllllll kyyyaaaa xD xD <33
    errrmmm, what's the chocolate chip mean? XD XD next time try another kute word lol...is it delicious? *blink* XD
    chloe-chan, go go and vector my Cloud X-P I'll feed yyyuuuuuu chocolate chip <3333 lol
    errr i wonder how many time you put on your amazing hair neh? >_<

  12. BlueAngel17 Aug 13, 2006

    chocolate chips yo! >.< well, yeah, Okasan cuz he speaks of nothing in FFAC but his Mother, Genova (or was it Jenova, whatever) it's as if he was immersed in the lights after the box of goo broke at the near end of the movie (i hope you got what I meant). im really amazed at the hair.,.. so soft.. but somehow the overall impact doesn't have effect on me, but i love the softness of your vector. >.< you'll be able to do it someday, Grayserg's technique, gambatte!

  13. eclair-chan Aug 13, 2006

    kadaju~~ ahhh yesh, kadaj....>///< you gotta love him, hm and his sephy hot looking self =>_<=, hurray for sephy clones!
    lol, ahem yes, ok now to zeee walleh
    I dunn know how you can vector a real looking pic, but this is amazing, the original vector you made ish amazing, and now this wallie!, how great is that, I luv it, the colors you use are so eye catching *_*, and that shadowy hand is so cool there, great as always!

  14. annakee Aug 13, 2006

    rimasi senza parole...
    b e a u t i f u l.

  15. LeeAnn Aug 13, 2006

    how you did this is amazing..
    magnificent >.<
    so so..

  16. ROSEANA Aug 13, 2006


  17. GoNik Aug 13, 2006

    Chloe-chaaan... u're almost vector goddess, u know? It's so beautiful.
    Oh, yeah! Colors you used reminds me of Kagaya's works ^^v

    *gives her chocolate chips* Bleh! Eat this by yourself, yo!

  18. Limefreak Aug 13, 2006

    wow the shading is superb and looks 20000000000 % than the other image. ;)
    Your talent is has endless limits I'm beginning to see. :P Very nice job! Fav.

  19. SharinganKnight Aug 13, 2006

    I love it, my favorite part is the random hand coming out of the corner. It has greyserg written all over it xD so you didn't fail, the only thing that bothers me a bit is the multi colored hair.

  20. moonstruckstephanie Aug 13, 2006

    It's so beautiful. I am so jealous of your vector skills, lol. I love all the colors you used on Kadaj's hair. The lighting is perfect. And if I'm not mistaken, is that a hand in there? Lol, very nice overall! Bravo!

    -Chocolate chips, yo!

  21. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2006

    wow, wonderful vector! I love the colours in his hair and the smoothness of the shading on his skin :)

    can I have chocolate chips, yo! ^__^

  22. Shuyin07 Aug 14, 2006


  23. enchantressinthedark Aug 14, 2006

    OMG You can turn a pic of Kadaj into a vector? That's like....soooo difficult! >.< But you're Chloe-chan~~ the vector goddess~~ ahahaha cheers to you for making out such a wonderful vector! This has yet to be your best vector yet considering that its not any ordinary scan~~ Impressive~~! And you turned into a wallpaper with all those lovely effects~~ I'm amazed!

  24. pamkips Aug 14, 2006

    awesome O___O
    hmmm so preetyful and aahhhhhh

    great job

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