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heya ^_^
my new wallpaper is here :p

title: watashi no teikoku
subtitle: my empire (which is the translation)

Oh, I have never worked on a wallpaper for such a long time. Just the cutting out of the scan cost me about 10 hours >.< and then I had also clean the scan from the spine that went straight through the middle of the scan...hell +_+ also the hair was a litte bit strange at some locations so I had to fix it.
For all those who do not know who this character is (I also do not know it before making some inquires....it is Amaterasu no Mikado, the big sister of Tomoyo-hime (referring to chapter 97 of Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE ^.^v).
The background is almost self-made. No stock-photo or something like that. I have drawn the paper-doors by myself.The whole bg is a result of using some brushes, some drawings and some textures (the floor and the paper of the paper-doors (but not the brown plants on the paper)).Gomen, I have forgotten where I have found the texture but the cherry blossom brushes are from deviantART.

I hope you like it. ^_^
This is a wallie for all Tsubasa fans especially for Aqi-chan, Ju-chan and Enchant-chan *hugs you*

Now, some infos:
scan: Empress of the Rising Sun - Kendappa by Marissa
layers: more than 100
time: around 25 hours





hehe, so many banners ^_^

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  1. nolove Aug 12, 2006

    *fullview right away*
    zommggg, it's amazing XD
    haha it's such a nice scan huh lol xD
    humm i havent read to chapter 97 so i dont know who she is X-P
    the flowers dont look really real but it's still nice >_<
    you got a feature at CW with 2 points

  2. dianas Aug 12, 2006

    oOo this is really lovely :D great idea u had for this wallie
    and of course a fav from me for ur work :D

  3. anime-xp Banned Member Aug 12, 2006

    i relly liked this wall paper because it is viberent and very artistic its just awsom

  4. GoNik Aug 12, 2006

    <ARRGHHHH! just hate those stupid power failures! have had almost complete comment.... arrghhh... try to write it one more time...>

    first: honestly, love this scan cos it shows good clamp's current art skill
    next: agree with Love-chan that flowers looks a bit weird and personally don't like that much blur on right doors
    and next: *gives Magier-chan plushie Fai* Yay! You've really cleaned this scan so much! Though some whites still can be seen on her hair ^^''
    *gives another plushie... Kuropon, perhaps?*

  5. gabysango2011 Aug 12, 2006

    i like it...sooo much
    it's a very nice work..
    the scan is awesome...and the sakura was a great idea...
    nice nice nice...
    + fav...
    see ya

  6. SupermilkchanChii Aug 12, 2006

    Wow, that is sooooooo pretty. I'm adding it to my favs!
    Awesome awesome awesome!

  7. enchantment Aug 12, 2006

    wow, i love the background, its really nicely done :D the flowers are ok and the doors are nice :) lovely wall~^^

  8. aqiaqua Aug 12, 2006

    Wooooooow...AMAZING! I love it! The scan matches perfectly! I love her sword XD. Must of been very very hard to extract. I wish I could make such good wallies *_*.

    Awww, for me? I ...LOVE IT! *gives huuuuuuuge hug, lots of chocolate, heaps of Fye/Fay merchandise, and more chocolate*

    Yaaaaaaaaay! Onee-chan has outdone herself again!

  9. eternallegend Aug 12, 2006

    amazing, i like the way you composed your wall with the sliding doors and the view outside, nice wall ^^

  10. ikki333 Aug 13, 2006

    Excellent! I like so much your work!
    It's really very good... add my favs ^^

  11. BlueAngel17 Aug 13, 2006

    wow, you made it smagier-san! >.< i saw the scan too, and it was so cool! i'm happy someone managed to make a wonderful wall out of it before i did,, nyahahaha.. just kiddin. I love you wallpaper smagier-san! you deserve that fav from CW! >.<

  12. kyokujitsu Aug 13, 2006

    Wow, that's awesome. The scan is brilliant, and you background compliments it well. The pieces of wood actually look like wood as they're meant to, which I find quite rare. I'm not quite sure if the warrior empress fits the mood created by the background though, as it looks too grim for the free sky. But whatever. It's still an awesome wall. As a side note, I like it even more because of the "rising sun", as that's my username ^^ Anyhow, thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  13. Korixxkairi Aug 13, 2006

    Wowwwww ! I love this scan > <! so awesome ~~ the bg really great ~~~! I really love the cloud ~~
    Oh well this is my fav >.<
    + fav

  14. joviality Aug 13, 2006

    I think this wall is great! The designs are very detailed and nice.

  15. starrliteangel Aug 13, 2006

    Wow lovely wall! the character looks so dewy and lovely! the shading is really great. and the paper screen looks really well done. The only part that kind of bothers me is how bare the sakura trees look. The sakura is pretty, but it doesnt seem like there is alot of depth (because the sakura towards the back would be smaller), and there is not enough sakura as well. Hmm..it should be more overflowing with sakura. and it seems as if the character`s hair is blowing in wind, but I dont see any sakura blossoms blowing in the wind. overall, you did a really really great job on the scan. The extraction is good and youve cleaned it up real well. I think the only thing preventing this wallpaper from being just plain awesome is the background. It almost seems too much like the original scan. But I do see you put a lot of work into it and admire your good skills!

  16. CuteSherry Aug 13, 2006

    Yet another great wall magier-chan ^__^
    The edit and cleaning of the scan were really well done and the way you pur this awsome scan unto a wall is amazing ^__^ The cherry blossoms and paper door suit it so very well!

  17. Imashitowareto Aug 14, 2006

    wah!reli great!

  18. enchantressinthedark Aug 14, 2006

    Kyaaaaaaaaaaah Sugeee~~~~~~ ! ^^ What a beautiful wallpaper! I've never seen such a beautiful character in Tsubasa before other than Tomoyo! Oh wait, this is her sister, who am I kidding? LOL Great work on the extraction around her hair especially~~ must have took you lots of hardwork to get it right! :D I love the background you made~ Enchant ish envious of your skills! :nya: Keep it up! Thanks for the dedication! *hugs*

  19. sakurals Aug 14, 2006

    Hello Anna-chan!
    Wow! ^____^
    This is a GREAT wallpaper!
    It must be so difficult to cut that big image!
    But, like always, the result was great!
    Of course.. fav for me!

    Thanks for the greeting... **snif.. crying with emotion**
    Have a nice time!

    _- * Sakura Hime * -_

    P.S: I made a new post in your guestbook! :)

  20. Zoamel Aug 15, 2006

    The colours are so beautiful. I like the way they are shining. The landscape behind the door is fantastic. I love the cherry blossoms :D

  21. Billy85 Aug 15, 2006

    Wow Full View or Not the wall is Perfect..everything in it...and the character and the background..how colorful is she!

  22. Hikari87 Aug 15, 2006

    Very nice~ the colours are awesome! ^^ Luv the bg much, keep up the great work! ;D

  23. royaldarkness Aug 15, 2006

    Ooh...beautiful wallie!
    This is awesome, you've made such a great wall :D
    The colors of the wall is simply fantastic!
    Great job!

  24. KyoFan368 Aug 16, 2006

    That is a really cool wall! You did a good job on it! I like the background it is very colorful^_^ Thanks for sharing! :) :D :pacman:

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