Rain (Mangaka) Wallpaper: Flowers for Zoe

Rain (Mangaka) Wallpaper
Rain (Mangaka) Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Flowers for Zoe
Love for Zoe
Angels and rainbows
All kinds of things you can call your own

(Lyrics of Lenny Kravitz "Flowers for Zoe")

Finally I managed to not only start a new wallpaper but also finish it. I actually thought I'd not submit anything not original for a while but when I finally got my laptop back I felt like picking a scan... I ended up with this scan by the artist Rain. As usual I found the scan in DREAM's beautiful and diverse gallery. :)

Actually I wanted to make a new Amano wallpaper but every artwork of Amano seems so complete already... and I prefer to make a wallpaper where I can make some changes... I found the original image really fascinating but since it goes over two book pages the scan itself is not perfect enough for a wallpaper. Furthermore there were elements in the original scan that I didn't like so much. Some parts seemed too messy to me... which made me crazy when I vectored the outlines in Illustrator. I tried something different with the outlines... some parts of the lines are thicker, some thinner and not all of them are closed... so some people might think it looks unclean but I wanted to try something different and keep part of Rain's original style.

After vectoring the outlines, I colored everything in Photoshop. It looks so simple now... but actually it took me quite long. (Tonight I'll need lots of sleep because last night I ended up coloring till 4am)... I never colored like this but I am actually quite happy with the result. For her dress and the background I used patterns from squidfingers.

I enjoyed making this wallpaper. Especially making the changes to the original... and comparing the scan and my wallpaper... I think there are quite a few changes... ;) Maybe the colors and flowers look a bit kitchy... I simply lover flowers too much. ^^ I decided to leave the left part empty... before there were even more flowers but in my opinion it made the whole wallpaper too crowded. So I erased them again... it's also nice for my desktop... I do not leave many icons on my desktop, only one row... and there is exactly space for one row of symbols left. I don't know how many layers... but it was so many that I couldn't export the layers to a Photoshop file... so I had to merge them. I spent about a week with this wallpaper... ;)

What more is there to say... while making this wallpaper I listened to the CD "Mama said" by Lenny Kravitz and "Quixotic" by Martina Topley-Bird.

As usual... your criticism is really welcome... I hope some of you will like this wallpaper. ^^

PS: @Misa: Thanks for the motivation boost. However I must still finish my trendwhore wallpaper... ;)

PPS: Please full view the image... the thumbnail looks horrible!


Chosen by kuroimisa and bromithia

This wallpaper is just beautiful, the vector is so well done, and the patterns are perfectly applied. It has a vintage feeling to it, and I just love that about it. There isn't much to say but great job!

Proposed by kuroimisa and highlighted by bromithia.

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Browse Rain (Mangaka) Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. nolove Aug 12, 2006

    hah? the thumb really cant say the true beauty of this wall o_0
    so neat vector, detailed to perfection omgg cant stop staring
    1000 times more wonderful than the original scan *__*
    it is more than a normal vector art can reach, such a masterpiece urggg urgggg soooo beautifullll
    im gonna favveeee this wall >_<

  2. Sieloe Aug 12, 2006

    its so cool and beutiful whats with the thumb again >i didnt see anything<im like ur work its got a certain thing i never see in artists here keep it up i love it

  3. Rhonda21 Aug 12, 2006

    wow. Thats such a beautiful vector! I love the way you colored it! So pretty. And the simplistic background seems to go with it so good. Well I really like it. Great Job!

  4. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2006

    Hahaha thanks for the note ;) And btw, dang you beat me to this scan! Lol jk you did a great job <3

    Wow. I absolutely adore the texture in the back and the careful kind of vectoring. What's more, the colours in this are so much stronger than the original scan. I love the changes you made. Absolutely beautiful ^^

  5. DREAM Aug 14, 2006


    Quote by kuroimisaWow. I absolutely adore the texture in the back and the careful kind of vectoring. What's more, the colours in this are so much stronger than the original scan. I love the changes you made. Absolutely beautiful ^^

    i agree with Lady Misa totally.
    ah i love to see Rain's artwork. the original was a little to much for ya, Lady Regenbogen, ne pas?

    one of the things i really like about your work is the touches such as the details [patterns and the flowers etc. everything fits perfectly inot place. ^^

    i love flowers etc.
    i must say i am really dissapointed by the small amount of comments and favourites here.

    beautiful job as always. :)
    btw- i havent been online much lately so please forgive the late reply.

    + fav

  6. flyindreams Aug 14, 2006

    ^ *agrees with Dream and misa* It might be interesting to see the background with a slightly different color... a bit more contrast might be nice, but otherwise... really lovely vectoring :D

  7. markjo Aug 19, 2006

    Whoa... I love the effect you managed to create - the vector without clearly defined lines looks pretty interesting.
    And I don't think that the background colour should be different, as too much contrast could spoil this warm feeling...

  8. moonfire Aug 20, 2006

    When I looked at the thumb, it was very ordinary and plain. But due to my curiosity, I decided to check it out. And I proved yet again that the thumbnail ruin the beauty of the wallie. OX

    Then I full viewed it, and what a totally different thing I see! :) I love the pattern and the flowers! The vector is very detailed and interesting, really! :D The oriental vintage feeling is there, you managed it, and congrats on that! :D

  9. nolove Aug 21, 2006

    well well well XD
    so finally this wall got what it derserve X-P
    i've been waiting kekekeke
    so finally XD
    congrat for the hightlight :)

  10. Devilet Aug 21, 2006

    Wow, I'm really happy my fdq returned and decided to check out this wallpaper.
    I'm very impressed by the full view, it's very captivating, and the first in 6 months, a wallpaper from MT is going to my desktop!
    Very nice job, your hard work really shows :)

  11. Misato-Kun Aug 25, 2006

    Indeed, a submission well worth the highlight and should be shrouded with pages full of comments, but thats not the case. Nonetheless, this is another wonderful piece of work submitted by you, Regenbogen. The scan is really congruent with the backround and is simply eye-catching. Thank you for your hard work and for sharing it here, very much appreciated.

  12. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 25, 2006

    You changed a lot with the scan. O.O And you managed to present such fine vector, I'm so amazed. I wouldn't even dare to pick up the pentool if I were you, too much messiness in the scan. But your vector is great! Very amazing. *the thumb fools ppl* It looks better in full-view, clean vector work, nice colouring too. And I particularly love the expression on the girl's face. ^^

    Very nice job!

  13. MissyG Aug 27, 2006

    Wow... absolutely fabolous (Spelling...? Not 100% sure what it means either but take it as a good thing ;D) !
    I love it >.< It's so pretty~~

  14. b3nitora Sep 04, 2006

    beautiful! It certainly is abosolutly fabulous! I love the color scheme, the flowers are beautiful and the girl looks very soulful. I've never seen wallpapers anywhere quite like yours, you're style is tres chic! ^_^

  15. Revan Retired Moderator Sep 05, 2006

    I can't believe I've missed this... ^_^' I'll just say that I'm very impressed with your coloring work it gives so much to this piece.

  16. GaiJiN Nov 09, 2006

    Haha I was a bit afraid of the thumbnail, love Rain's work but her shadow looked blurry. But wow, never seen such a smooth use of patterns, and the tone of the skin really fits the art. Great job! :)

  17. littlefishyface Jul 01, 2010

    thank you for the image ^~^

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