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Artist Comment

Phew... Finally finished!

Clamp artwork may look simple but lots of attention is actually paid to the details in the art. I only noticed this after I started vectoring this image. An example of the detail given to this piece by the original artists would be the pattern on the gloves that yuuko is wearing. If you observe carefully, you will realise that the pattern is similar to that of the flowers on the fan and in yuuko's hair.

Also, the costume and design of the flowers give it sort of a 'traditional' chinese look. Thus, I made the colours in the pic more sepia to give it the colouring found in old chinese photographs during the 50s.

The most tedious part was the netting-like gloves that yuuko is wearing. This was partly due to the fact that I could not make out half the pattern on the gloves.

A hitch that I encountered was that my comp became extremly slow during the last few parts of the vector. Had to close all programmes and even then, it was still slow. Oh well...

Okay, I will like to clear a few doubts befor I end my monologue...

First, this is a vector.

But it will fit the desktop as a wallpaper.

So enjoy this piece and thanks for any comments in advance.


Chosen by LordWe and shyxsakura

Truthfully, this has got to be one of the best vectors xxxHOLIC has ever seen on Minitokyo.
There are hardly any flaws on this, and it's just a beauty to look at.

Proposed by LordWe and highlighted by shyxsakura.

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  1. zaira Aug 12, 2006

    yey! another cool vector from you!
    this one is soo great! nice vector + the texture and the patterns are so cool! i'm sure your having a hard time vectoring but that hard time really gives you a nice outcome for your vector!

    anyways great job! and keep em' coming! + fav! >__<

  2. nolove Aug 12, 2006

    pega pega always has amazing vector XD
    and today is a xxxholic vector wow *clap clap*
    soooo kool so neat vector, smooth and wonderful coloring X-P
    ohh mt suck, it tool me forever to download the vector T_T

  3. 09Chiaki09 Aug 12, 2006

    Nice vector of Yuko and Watanuki! ^^
    Yup, if you look closely, CLAMP's art really has many details, especially costumes, hair and ornaments. I always do wonder how did they manage to draw it.
    Lastly, this is AWESOME!XD

  4. BlueAngel17 Aug 12, 2006

    geez, so crisp, so clean, yeah, i love CLAMP artwork cuz they're so detailed, and being able to sucessfully create something in detailed CLAMP work always deserves to be in the elite. great job! >.<

  5. sailorchiron Aug 16, 2006

    totally cool!

  6. janicehamtaro Aug 16, 2006

    Whoa! That's one cool vector of Watanuki and Yuko! And yeah it does have this sort of traditional chinese look which i find it really nice (i'm a chinese so it's obvious why i like chinese stuff XD) and i'm amazed that you actually found old chinese photographs during the 50's! You are really hardworking! +fav!

  7. dans Aug 16, 2006

    IMO, the file size is way too big. you dont need to set the quality to 100%. 70 or 80% will do. the pattern choice is nice but some of the patterns on the bg dont look smooth enough. overall, it's a good job.

  8. pinaylily Aug 16, 2006

    omg, it's simply beautiful O_O!


  9. Lichking Aug 16, 2006

    What? This is a Vector?! You can't make a wally out of it

  10. aneres Aug 17, 2006

    The vertoring looks gorgeous! I find it unbelievable that people actually vectors CLAMP's works which are known for their extremely well detailed art and een do such a beautiful job out of it. <3

  11. drastikhate Aug 17, 2006

    Brilliant! +fav

  12. Hanazaki Aug 18, 2006

    Beautiful and very stylish. Thanks for sharing this.

    merged: 08-18-2006 ~ 05:16pm
    Beautiful and very stylish. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. Rikkablurhound Aug 18, 2006

    Woah... impressive vector... it takes a lot of patience to actually do a vector... >_<
    Very nice...
    Yep, it does resembles to wat we chinese usually have in the olden times... lol XD
    Its great though, very nice XD

  14. moonfire Aug 19, 2006

    it's...indescribable! XD
    you did a very good job on the vector, congrats on that! it's clean and the details are just flawless and perfect. this is a very beautiful piece, no doubt about that. :)

    i see a great vector artist emerging. keep it up! :D

  15. royaldarkness Aug 19, 2006

    Wow. This is simply amazing. A vector? WOW!

  16. b3r Aug 19, 2006

    It took forever to dl. But it was SO WORTH IT. Amazingly detailed, yet so amazingly clean! Your effort was definitely worth it, this is beautiful!

    P.S. one way to help make your com slightly faster is to merge more of yr layers together. It helps me ALOT, hopefully it'll help you, but sometimes some layers just can't be merged and I'm stuck with a slow, sloooooooow time. XD

  17. DragonboyVNY Aug 19, 2006

    Wow, gorgeous! XXXHolic really took off in my town just recently! SOLD OUT everywhere... Trying to get them to order more in! Done! I love this wall... as much as the Chobits artbook!

  18. animefairy Aug 21, 2006

    I LOVE THIS VECTOR! ^^ The colors look so cool and the ancient designs are so beautiful! :nya: :nya: the black background looks cool, too! ^^ Keep it up and thanks for sharing! ^^ *adding to my favs*

  19. Kiako Aug 25, 2006

    wow, the vector looks great, and all the details and the shapes are well done,
    keep up the good work.

  20. stador Aug 26, 2006

    whaa .. nice .. love it!~

  21. Saberonski Aug 27, 2006

    Ohhhh, cool!

  22. xzuenx Aug 27, 2006

    I really like the attention that you paid into the details, I think that's important. As well, I love the sepia, I think it really fits :D

  23. marcoskatsuragi Aug 27, 2006

    Oh boy, this one are amazing... thanks for sharing!

  24. PPShadow Restricted Member Aug 28, 2006


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