Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Fye - Episode 41

CLAMP, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Fay D. Flourite, Vector Art
CLAMP Mangaka Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Fay D. Flourite Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

Hehe! Finally, a Fye vector from me ;). It took about most of my day to do (meh, roughly 3-5 hours...wasn't counting). It's of a screenshot of episode 41. Fye is just too hot in Lecourt.

Now, it's dedicated to my friends of MT!

Magier-chan - My fellow Fye-fanatic, hope you like it!

Enchant-chan - Somehow, me and Magier-chan got her into liking Fye.

Sakurals - She herself has done many beautiful vectors, only if mine was any good ^_^'.

Cherry-chan - Hehe, I still added sparklies at the back XD.

Kawaii-chan - This isn't your birthday present (I'm still working on it), but hope you like this as well.

Faves and comments are appreciated!

Now, the group advertisements...ehehehe...






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  1. cassandraronald Aug 12, 2006

    OMG FYE!
    super nice vector XD
    i love it^^

  2. aishiteraburu Aug 12, 2006

    XD sparkle! Sparkles!
    And its for me as well>_<
    Thankies ! Aqi-chan
    Awesome vector by the way ,nice choice of screenshot since you hardly ever see such a emotion on Fye
    *mesmerized by Fye's blue eyes*aww

  3. enchantressinthedark Aug 12, 2006

    Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah FYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *squeals hysterically* I wubb him! He's sho smexy in this vector of yours! *goes all dreamy* But somehow, he looks abit darker than before? o_0 But its still gorgeous~! OMG I hafta store this vector inside my comp forever! <3333 His gaze is like... wubb... XD Cheers to you aqi-chan! *hugs her and the vector*

    Thanks for the dedication!

    I nearly died when I downloaded the vector XD

  4. schwindelmagier Aug 12, 2006

    another Fay-vector and Aqi-chan *sniff*...YES, I LOVE IT *hugs Aqi-chan very tight*
    It is so great, wonderful, gorgeous, mysterious, cool, charming and beautiful.....FANTASTIC, PERFECT. *____*
    domo ARIGATOU gozaimasu for the dedication *hugs imouto-chan more and more and more*
    I have also really thinking about vector one of those screens of episode 41 and now, you have done one ^o^...that is really, really funny but i gues I will leave the vector to those who are skilled in it ^_^
    of couuuuuuuuuurse FAAAAAAAAAAAAAV ^.^v

  5. starrliteangel Aug 12, 2006

    hehe hott fay! lol looks like this one is going to get a lot of love by fay fans! really smooth and nice! the outlining is awesome. And irresistably mesmerizing! nyahaha

  6. sailorchiron Aug 12, 2006

    Very nice vector! I love Fye-san.

  7. AngelKate Aug 12, 2006

    Wow, Fye looks all hot XD Nice job Aqui-chan ^_^

  8. CuteSherry Aug 13, 2006

    Very nice vector Aqi-chan! Fye looks gorgeous! XD XD XD XD

  9. KawaiiCardcaptorSakura Aug 14, 2006

    Cool vector! Your vectoring skills are improving! :D

    Wow, he looks totally mysterious and so hot! No wonder u made a vector out of this image! ^____^

    You're making a wallie present for me? Something to look forward to! :)

    I hope to see more Fye vectors from u!
    Keep it up! ;)

  10. sakurals Aug 14, 2006

    Have you see Aqi-chan!
    Made vectors is really funny ne?
    You did an amazing work!
    I'm so happy because you work hard and the finish result was great! Also, you made a Fay vector! Is wonderful to start using a character who you really like!
    It's hard to make a Fay vector because of his lovely hair... XD

    Thanks for talk about me in the post.. :) **Hug you hard**
    Please, keep this on!
    You are a great waller, and of course, you will be a great vectorer too!

    Kisses and Hugs!

    _- * Sakura Hime * -_

  11. Emina Aug 16, 2006

    ...this picture all the more attracts you... all i can say is thanks for sharing the hotness that is fye!LOL

  12. ek7 Banned Member Oct 27, 2008


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