Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata Wallpaper: Silent Breeze

Hyung-Tae Kim, Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata, Orha Duren Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Thank goodness, I can finally get this wall here. AA is finally able to update +_+
Anyway, this wall was for the battle against puppychow16 in The Battlegrounds in AP.
To the wall...Well, I'll have to say this wall caused a lot of probs technically. Photoshop kept on lagging and it got to the point where zooming out takes 3 min to load. Perhaps it's the fact I never flatten my layers... bleh. Used a hell lot of stocks, but I blended it to make that 'smooth' effect. I actually had this idea in mind a while ago, but never got to executing it until I made the challenge. The water was totally CGed from scratch with references from multiple water stocks. The text is horribile because I couldn't edit it...=.=a It was just stuck there after I took away my text layer O_O I'll have to say the hardest part was getting the lighting well blended. I hope you like the feel this wall gives out...it's relaxing. Btw, this wall may appear to be a bit too green for some of you - it differs between monitors. =/

Thanks to all those that gave me tips ;D

Stocks: http://www.sxc.hu
Textures: http://www.mayang.com/textures
Scan from: Hyung-Tae Kim - OXIDE II ~Carta Numinous


Chosen by LordWe and bromithia

I'm sure everyone is sick of there being pretty much only vectors getting highlighted nowadays. So here is something that we haven't seen in a while, a very well made scenic wallpaper with so much feeling to it... with a *non* vectored scan. I really love how it turned out, great job Highknees!

Proposed by LordWe and highlighted by bromithia.

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Browse Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 08, 2006

    This is really awesome. The lighting, the blending, the scan, everything is just awesome. The water is really cool and I love the reflection on the rocks.
    Excellent job, and +fav for sure.

  2. Sanin Aug 08, 2006

    oOO...NiCE walL!
    LoOkz ReaLLi grEat!
    dA bG loOkz awwEsoMe....dAM DA lightiNg LOokz nIce...><!
    fARrr...Nice walL LoOkz HEctiK
    NiceLy doNe.. ><

    [ jowney was ere ]

  3. LordWe Aug 08, 2006

    This is the first Magna Carta: ToB wallpaper I have seen that completely captures the atmosphere of the game; ancient, magical and mysterious. Words don't do it justice, this is truly breathtaking. From the forest itself down to the beams of sunlight, it is just such a well executed vision. I envy your skill. ;)

  4. Imashitowareto Aug 08, 2006


  5. enchantment Aug 08, 2006

    wow, amazing :D i love the scenery and the whole wall all together is really lovely~^^

  6. eternallegend Aug 08, 2006

    i like the composition of your wall, the foliage looks nice and i like how the light seems to be shining down, overall great wall ^^

  7. BlueAngel17 Aug 08, 2006

    gee, the only thing that needs improvement was the birds beak. but aside from that, everything BLENDED! as in blended in! Gee, this is really something worth faving! >.<

  8. Sandra Aug 08, 2006

    I'm in love with this wall *__*

  9. zepherDRGN Aug 08, 2006

    nice wallie *thumbs up*

  10. HaWaIIofHoaI Aug 10, 2006

    i like overall how this wallpaper is put together. however, realistically speaking, with the way you lighted things, the character and the water would be darker. O_o

  11. Devilet Aug 10, 2006

    At last ... a non vectored wallpaper that's actually HIGHLIGHTED. MT is kind of slow at this loading though .. hurr ... Anyways on to the review.

    I love this lucious forest atmosphere, it's very tranquil in it's own way. Good use of stocks, and the lighting coming down from the sky through the trees is simply divine. In all respects we enjoy walking through forests with a peak of sunlight coming through onto us, creating such interesting shadows. It also happens to feature a male scan, I see it not gathering too much attention because of this ... Girl walls are so overrated, but it is hard to find nice males scans at the same time.

    The colours are dark, we have lots of rich greens from the trees and grass. A long with a lot of black and darker tones. Everything is very earthy and much to the colours of a deep forest.

    Good composition we see here, the character is not centered, and we have some grass close to our view. Some water, with rocks around, it's very realistic and full of life. Nice placement of objects and thought, also keeping in fact of what is close to us and not.

    Quality is pretty good, the rocks look a little too round at some parts, but nothing to be too picky about. The stocks aren't enlarged horribly like most tend to do. I enjoy the water effect too in the front, it's very neat. The scan is relatively good quality, and the hair extraction is perfect! Can't imagine how you managed it so wonderfully.

    I'm happy to say, this was not a waste of a download. Full view truly sparks the real image of this wallpaper, and the little detailing you put into this wall shows. Great work, and hope to see more from you. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Hyuu Aug 10, 2006

    This feels so nostalgic for some reason. The light filters through the forest beautifully... both the foreground and background are well thought out and done. Thank you...

  13. shiningdays Aug 11, 2006

    grats on the highlight highknees :) i made my comment over at AP already <3.

  14. fuyuu Aug 11, 2006

    Congrats for the highlight; you sure deserved it. XD It feels so calm and just... beautiful. (: +fav~

  15. semanga Aug 11, 2006

    what the hell is this
    it looks so wonderful fall in love to this wonderful work go and download it now and add this to my fav one of the best walls what i saw here in mt after so a long time ... congratulation i fall in love to your work ... and this is not happen so often ;)

  16. drastikhate Aug 12, 2006


  17. eroX Aug 12, 2006

    Beautiful ^^ I love the colors

  18. Marsup Aug 12, 2006

    Like others, I can only say wow in front of such a masterpiece... Amazing work, really.

  19. Phill Aug 13, 2006

    lovely scenic wall ^0^I love its really soft BG :x

  20. kiokorenay703 Aug 14, 2006

    Holy Shit man! I love this wall!
    its so UWSOM!, the bg is like WOW at first, then its like WOW WOW! duble that! XD

    I love the colors, and how the forest, and the rocks look so unreall, and almost 3D dont ya think? anyways, i like the trees, and the bird is so Cool!

    I like the way the water looks. It almost look like you used some misty brushes, and just blended them in. Well ill tell ya if thats true, Well.... Thats SOOO WELL DONE! No freak this wall, should have been highlighted, and thank god it is! ^^

    Well Congrads on this! and since i said this wall is UWSOM, and COOOl i must now add it to my favs, otherwise im lying! XD
    Great work, and also Very nice blending!
    hey i got a quastion! is the forest a stock, or did you paint it your self?
    ( yeah i am sorry if you said it all in the coment bellow the wall. I just dont have much time right now, so i didnt read it! ^^' sorry!) but well i love it no mater what! :) :) :)
    Thanks for this KICK ASS wall, its so neat!

    P.S. always loved your work! its so unique! :)
    C Ya!

  21. zoey89 Aug 14, 2006

    OMG! O.O it's totally awesome, amazing really ^.^ u've captured it's beauty and have created a masterpiece....lookin' at it takes my breath away and leaves me totally stunned and amazed....breathless

  22. ayaki Aug 15, 2006

    waaah how do u blend stock images into such an amazing wall.......@__@
    yea it does look relaxing..and the lighting is great *___*
    to me everything here looks perfect... :P

  23. animefairy Aug 15, 2006

    Wow....this is so pretty! XP I just love the colors and the beautiful techniques and effects! :nya: :nya: :nya: The lights shining through looks so pretty! XO Cool bg! Keep it up and thanks for sharing! ^^

  24. candy-chan Retired Moderator Aug 15, 2006

    really well done
    *high fives*

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