Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Boys in Komonos

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, Shinn Asuka
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Series Kira Yamato Character Athrun Zala Character Shinn Asuka Character


~*NOT my Scan*~

But I had to submit it! XD
Don't they look sooo damn cute?
I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

it's from LJ-user dilettantka XD

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  1. laurent Aug 05, 2006

    Kawaii kawaii ! ^^ Well it sure is quite different to see them like that when you're used to always see them in their uniform or flightsuit.
    Nice scan. Thanx so much for sharing ! *adding to my favs* Ja-na ^^


  2. muyel0925 Aug 05, 2006

    OH! ! It is cuty!
    very very cuty! ^^
    Yoo kata the features which it puts on is cute : )
    It is good, sacn Thank you

  3. toumarie Aug 05, 2006

    Wow! Love it! Love it XD XD
    the watermelon looks delicius ha ha ha ha....
    Thanks for sharing :)
    ::Adding to fave::

  4. Miriallia Aug 05, 2006

    KYAAAA! *_*
    This scan is awsome!
    Shinn is so nice! XD He looks like a child! <3 Beautiful Athrun! ^__^
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. enchantressinthedark Aug 05, 2006

    Quote by MirialliaKYAAAA! *_*
    This scan is awsome!
    Shinn is so nice! XD He looks like a child! <3 Beautiful Athrun! ^__^
    Thanks for sharing!

    Heehee I couldn't agree with you more! :D Thanks for sharing such a nice scan!

  6. evaunit2 Aug 05, 2006

    I like shinn's expression. " my popsicle, not your's. back off" atleast that's what get out of looking atthis scan. nice job. take care.

  7. Loneokamionna Aug 05, 2006

    I'm glad you update this.
    Shinn looks like a child.
    Kira and Athrun are so darn hot and cool! X3
    I'm adding it to my fave!

  8. Kairi-Hearts Aug 05, 2006

    thnx for sharing this!
    it's really nice to see them together and not in their uniform or fightsuits ^_^'

  9. UchihaTaijiya Aug 05, 2006

    Zomg. <33333
    They do looks so cute! XD I love it!
    Athrun is the best of course, but Shinn and Kira are really great!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  10. matrempit Aug 06, 2006

    I believe the scan came from LJ-user dilettantka , FYI (her post 11 July).

  11. Justice48 Aug 06, 2006

    I like Shinn's childish selfishness over his popsicle... although I do think Athrun looks pretty good with a.. watermelon?
    But all in all, they all look great together. :D

  12. LilKittyCrazie Aug 06, 2006

    Shin is a total adorable boy!
    Kira is a totak hot guy!
    Athrun is a totally hot sizzling beautifil guy!

    But I dunno why, Athrun kinda remind me of Meer in this scan. Weird!

    If they were characters in other anime, this would be their characters:
    Shinn Asuka, the arrogant boy who has a high temper.
    Kira Yamato, the wise man who sometimes looks stupid.
    Athrun Zala, a hot womanizer. ;p

  13. Klari Aug 06, 2006

    Wow! i dont like Shinn, but Kira is so cute here! Athrun sugoi! THANKS!

  14. stellarstomorrow Aug 07, 2006

    I love all three of them and they all look good, especially Athrun. Thanks for sharing!

  15. onestepclosertonumb Aug 07, 2006

    Wow kawaiiiiii ! Shinn-sama looks so cuteeeeeee! And the others are cool too. Thankie!

  16. EienKazuki Aug 09, 2006

    OO! They are sooo kawaii! =D But they aren't smiling :( awww <33 alll! Thx for sharing this! xD

  17. JCzala Aug 10, 2006

    Cute, handsome, and cool! *drools* Definitely a cool scan, especially for girls.

  18. kaizzya Aug 12, 2006

    they look so kawaii ..

    thanks for sharing

  19. cassandraronald Aug 17, 2006

    they all looks soo cute
    thanks for sharing

  20. Lunariha Sep 10, 2006

    Awwwwwww.....my Shinn looks sooooo cute...*hugs Shinn*
    Kira and Athrun looks cool tooo....
    Thanks soooo much for sharing Shirayuki-chan...

  21. citraCHAN Banned Member Oct 07, 2006


    nice scan

    i like three of them, they look soo cute :3

    and thx for sharing .... add to fav

  22. merelie Jan 24, 2007

    a very nice summer theme
    i love athrun holding that huge watermelon and shinn looking still kind of surly but relaxed and (somewhat?) happy

  23. Anh-Chan Dec 31, 2007

    Lol look at Shinn, he's like a child! ^o^ So cute! Thx for sharing! :)

  24. MADSUSLIK Apr 02, 2009

    nice scan^^
    thanks for sharing

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