After... Wallpaper: You Are Late...

Tony Taka, After..., Kanami Shiomiya Wallpaper
Tony Taka Mangaka After... Visual Novel Kanami Shiomiya Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well okay i am going to bed right now, so well i am sorry but i will just have to tell this!
The original scan-http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/3448/050817037uv3.th.jpg
Time- About half a day
Brushes- Please see for your self, i just cant remember how many i have had since i used MANY! XD lol!
Layers- About 5 or 10. I dunno why but i just seem to make walls with small amount of laeyrs! ^_^'
Work- Wel for one, the scan, some retouching. The pull behind her, redrawn by me. The trees some parts redrawn by me. The sky, fog, moons, Rain, and everything is done by ME!
Well thats it! got any Quastions, ASK, sugjestions TELL, coments GIVE, favs PLEASE! Hahaheheh lol! XD XD XD XD XD :) XD XD XD XD XD






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  1. schwindelmagier Aug 04, 2006

    oh, a new wallie from you ^_^
    you have good added the rest of the picture to the wallie, looks like the top of the wallie were originally there, the rain looks also good.
    this is a kind of situation, nobody wants to be in ^o^...you are waiting in the rain and do not know when he/she comes because she/he is too late....terrible >.<

  2. kiokorenay703 Aug 04, 2006

    thank you so much for the nice coment! :D you made me happy! ;P

  3. enchantressinthedark Aug 05, 2006

    This is awesome~~~! I love the rain...very soft and appealing~~~ The water drops, gah..everything about this wall is simply awesome! Keep it up!

  4. Rikkablurhound Aug 05, 2006

    Oh, wow! very impressive work.
    Its pretty simple to look at, but the rain is really soft & appealing, everything is in shape & U redrawn it well XD
    About the elite gallery thing, Its a top gallery where works which are good, really good get in XD Hope that answers U XD
    Congrats XD

  5. crusher500 Aug 05, 2006

    nice job

  6. Yu-huang Aug 06, 2006

    Amazing work, simply amazing. +fav

  7. BlueAngel17 Aug 06, 2006

    Gee, this is pretty! I don't remember you posting this at CL, you bad kioko! :D just kidding. This is really much more prettier than the original scan cuz you made it darker and more natural. But.. what's that planet doing in the sky? x_x we're not supposed to see anything in the sky when it's raining hard and has fog. >.< but nevertheless... awww.. i love it. my fav. :)

  8. starrliteangel Aug 08, 2006

    very very nice! its so different from your usual style. I think I like this better because it looks more original, and the brushes blend in better. i also dont see any sparkle brushes in it which is really different from what i usually see from you. there arent too many wallpapers in MT that show this point of view. the park looks like its part of the original scan.

  9. EternaLumination Nov 27, 2006

    wow, very nice retouching. Every shape is more defined and small details like the rain and wind direction make it feel life-like, if only it was not a drawn character, hehe. The reflections on the pavement is well done too.

  10. luna2009 Jan 25, 2007

    Who can be late to this beautiful girls? This is a very beautiful pics

  11. Be101 Nov 21, 2007

    It's really nice and i like the gloomy look, your definitely good at using brushes too

  12. TalyanaMRahl Jan 31, 2008

    she looks so sad q.q i love it

  13. musicmaker Mar 21, 2009

    wow, amazing, the rain effect is gorgeous

  14. Kirieskyo Apr 05, 2009

    come what dude would make her wait in the rain like that XP great pic though i love it ^_^

  15. abelini4 Mute Member Sep 10, 2009


  16. stepupparty Feb 20, 2010

    Well I finally got around to making a new wall, and I am pretty pleased with the result

  17. dimaateo Apr 07, 2010

    thak u vry much for sharing
    i like it

  18. Krycha Jun 08, 2010

    amaying picture
    thanks foe sharing

  19. rane08 Mute Member Sep 22, 2010

    nice picture ...........................

  20. HaroHaro Dec 10, 2010

    Really conveys the feeling of waiting with a touch of sadness... Thanks for sharing

  21. wetcat1000 Jul 10, 2011

    Personally, i think that someone is going to get it in the neck... lol!
    Great pic, and very well executed!

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