Aoi Nanase Wallpaper: [--+--] Guardian of the Universe [--+--]

Aoi Nanase Wallpaper
Aoi Nanase Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yay another angel wallie!
--*.Full View if you can.*-- ;)

Ok, were to start...
Program I use: Paint Shop Pro {PSP}
Scan found @ .... I forgot -_- I have to many scans...
Inspiration: I was trying to sleep at it came to me XD
Brushes: Celestial-Star, DA! I think also vbrush and some other sites ^_^'

"Review"...: Well at first I wanted to use another scan, but I was browsing thru my scans and found this :D
so I said what the heck, anyways, I pretty much got what I wanted :\ It would have been better if I had some other brushes -_- but like I've said before is hard to find brushes for PSP >_< (I need a grass brush! *lol*) I was going to use "

Umm Why are clouds there? Cuz that's like her ... power? and she uses them to move around the Universe XD *lol* I made a story too >_< *lol*

T_T anyways....


Layers: 24
time: ... 3-4 hours with no break XD *lol*


Well anyways, hope you like it,
all comments are more than welcome :D
and favs too ;)


Got rid of the lines ^_^

Wings-Lovers ^_^

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  1. Hiraku-San Aug 04, 2006

    I Love It!
    oh lol i am really a lover for stars and galaxies ;) so i may be bias....

    Just notice that some of the unwanted lines and drawings is obvious against the black background..

    i think you would attempting to put something more around her(sees abit of spinkles) and some reason decided to give it up right?

  2. animanga Aug 04, 2006

    Wow It looks great! You're sure improving fast. :)
    Hmmm...things to moan about. XD Just a little varying colour tone in the sky & I guess that's it!
    Good job! ^^
    _ fave!

  3. Dornatela Aug 04, 2006

    Kyaaaaaa! Sooo cute! Luna, animanga is right! You ARE improving fast.

  4. eternallegend Aug 04, 2006

    the background looks nice but the clouds look a bit funny [hope i didn't offend you ^_^'] i like the scan you chose in your wall but she seems a little out of place but it could just be me, overall nice wall ^^

  5. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Aug 04, 2006

    Hmmm. It's pleasantly made because of your skill in extraction, but just a few crits:

    - quality of the scan: you'll need to clean it up. There are scan lines running across it.
    - blending elements: the earth... the planets... the stars... none of them seem to belong to the same family because they look so different. you could try some blending modes or go to mode> adjustments> hue/ saturation and play around with those controls. I would suggest the blending modes more, but you've got a black background and nothing will work with a black backgorund XD
    - text positioning: to solve your empty problem, shift the character and the text to the right. The text is too close to the edge.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. 00y41b400 Aug 04, 2006

    wAwAwAwAwWaWaWAWawWA . . . .='D

  7. annakee Aug 04, 2006

    wow, sugoii ne. encuentro razon a lo que dice kuroimisa en los astros esos. no parecen mucho de la misma escena. ademas esas lineas en su cabello le hacen ver un poquitin rara. todo lo demas esta perfecto. buena extraccion, el fondo negro con la niebla debajo... esta precioso incluso con esos detallitos.
    vi tus anteriores trabajos y si es cierto que se nota progreso, aunque tienes otros wallpapers bellisimos igual.
    espero tu proximo trabajo ^^

  8. BlueAngel17 Aug 04, 2006

    geeee.. a night wallie this time. ^^ hmmm.. well you sure are good making clouds! >.< i would recommend bigger planets.. and.. hmm.. the text is too much on the left. but it's pretty. keep it up! >.<

  9. lunagata Aug 04, 2006

    Thanks for all the comments I uploaded a newwer version >_<
    this one I improved the problem with the lines, so ... ^_^

  10. 4ngelxvi3t Aug 04, 2006

    wow , i love her outfit n da back ground ^-^ ++ fav !

  11. kiokorenay703 Aug 04, 2006

    Hey there,
    Oh this is the wall youve bee telling me about! Great job i can say! XD i like the scan, and the bg too. I like the clouds, they are very realistic looking, and the quality is very good, thanks for this. Hey i have one sujgestion! sorry i probly spelled it wrong, but anyways, I think to make this wallpaper Even better than it is already, try to add some more colors to it! i mean like with the stars, and the galaxies.

    The clouds, and the scan looks FANTASTIC already, but its the only thing i think you can do better on, is just make the stars more colorfull, you now like make the moons, and the planets more of a blue color or purple which even one. And for the stars make em more Shiny, and white, then that way it will look more "Outstanding" Than it is right now, but right now i wood give this GREAT A, But i think you can go for an Exallent A+! XD hehhe lol! I still like it very much thou! Thanks for this, and FAV for me!

    merged: 08-05-2006 ~ 02:32am
    Great it looks better now! hehe thanks for doing this, its so cute!

  12. Yu-huang Aug 04, 2006

    Pretty good lunagata.
    I like how you did the dress of the angel and the clouds are amazing.
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Farewell Aug 05, 2006

    Amazing background and great effects. You did a really good job. Nice one.

  14. mikan-sakura Aug 05, 2006

    hmm maybe u could make the planets a lil bigger ( it'll fill up space + it will look like the planets are closer to the char) oh well....
    btw, u're improving fast ^^ so GJ lunagata ;)
    keep up the good work ^^
    i can't wait to see ur next work! ^^

    ps; i'd appreciate it if u put a banner of Feathers of Eternity under ur artwork the next time >.<

  15. crusher500 Aug 05, 2006

    nice job

  16. Kabura Aug 07, 2006

    Congratulations Lunagata-chan! You're getting better everytime! :D

  17. orpheuz Aug 11, 2006

    Wow, it's great luna-san ;). You're really improving in making wallies. How I wish I can do that too :(

  18. theremosster Aug 16, 2010

    I love her expression. Very beautiful wallpaper.

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