Blood+ Wallpaper: No Loitering [W]

Production I.G, Blood+, Hagi, Saya Otonashi Wallpaper
Production I.G Studio Blood+ Series Hagi Character Saya Otonashi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Full view, please


I used three scans for this wall:
Saya's legs came from this one probably one of the few scans where she's not holding a sword >_>, sword from here and Haji scan from here. Saya and the sword were vectored as was the "No Loitering" sign.

I've never watched Blood + so don't kill me if loitering is something Saya and Haji would never do OX
But anyway, the stupid, but basic, story of this wall is just like, Saya hanging around to listen to Haji playing (?) (Once again, I've never seen this anime, so like, I dunno if he actually plays that instrument OX In fact, is the guy's name even Haji?)
Oh, and I dunno about the perspective... I tried my best to get it right. And the shadows of the sword and Saya's legs might not be right.

To Revan (if he sees this): Yeah, I know I was suppose to do a dark wallie next, and I do have one, but I gotta fix a few things >_<

But yeah:
Layers: 25
Time: 4-5 hours
Textures from DA! and Mayang.

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  1. ShiXon Aug 03, 2006

    whaaa coolness xDD
    i really like the perspective and design of this wall but maybe it would be better without the text thingy ~
    just an honest opinion , overall you did a really great job on the wall =D

  2. Kairi-Hearts Aug 03, 2006

    oh this is cool!
    I like the idea and perspective of the wall!
    Great job :D

  3. leosama84 Aug 04, 2006

    I only have one thing to pinpoint!
    first of all, i Love the idea! its really cool!
    then, if i'm not wrong, the shading of the Sword....is at a different direction than that of her legs...(again, that is if i'm not mistakin)
    i hope i'm wrong somehow, b/c i love the wallie, and its right at my desktop background! ^_^

  4. BlueAngel17 Aug 04, 2006

    when i first saw the thumbnair and read the description, I suddenly thought "huh? where's haji?" then I suddenly viewed it in full. Oh there he is! *laughs* nice piece of work although the grass irritates my sight >.<i love what you thought in your mind. :)

  5. eclair-chan Aug 04, 2006

    ohhhhhh I was wondering what happend to youuuuuuu XD

    well about this wall, it's very intresting, the whole atmosphere is well done, the night sence is even cooler, and I find those dangling legs gives the wall a better...a better, how can you say this? >_< a better look to the wall. and the wall it's self looks cool with the sign XD I have one of those in my door lol and lets not forget then sword, very cool indeed, I love
    +favs as always

  6. nolove Aug 04, 2006

    waaa it's breathless >_< yep of coz i won praise ur vector skill anymore since it's just somply reach masterpiece <33
    nice texture for everything XD and yet just to vector saya's leg is just so nice idea >.<
    ..and haji...i really didnt know where's haji till i saw full XD
    yohh and sure a fea at CW with 2 points ^__^

  7. Misato-Kun Aug 04, 2006

    Oh, what an interesting perspective! I like how you used the scan in this wall and the shadows for the sword and character do seem accurate if you ask me. As well, this wall has wonderful texture that compliments the environment. Great job, Chloe-chan! Keep it up :D

  8. Devilet Aug 04, 2006

    Great idea you have here, the perspective is simply genius! I see your artistic ability came out on this ... It's pretty simple, I like the textures and all the little details you notice. I think the grass sort of kills it a bit, but it's too original to pass up such a little detail. Nice work, and keep walling!

  9. kyokujitsu Aug 04, 2006

    Wow, I love the concept ^^ I love the textures on the brick wall and the ground, and the shadow of the tree is really awesome. I do suppose Devilet has a point that the grass is a little wierd on the wall, but I think it's really nice by itself. The vector is really nice and looks really simple (though I know I couldn't do anything like that), but I love how the calmness that you portrayed her handling of the weapon adds a simple deadliness to the wall. Thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  10. Dragus Aug 04, 2006

    well done on the loitering wall but i guess that is to be expected hahah later.

  11. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 04, 2006

    Whhoooa... this is sooo coool. I love the wall, with the girl's leg dnagling about with the sword, and the reflection of that man .. hmm.. all of them are equal mystery. But your vector is sooo awesome. ^^ I love the way you mix the texture so nicely. <3

  12. GoNik Aug 04, 2006

    Nice idea ^^ About Haji and Saya loitering... They are doing it all the time, so the sign is right XD
    I knew it! Knew where Haji is! It was too obvious...
    Anyway, looks cool, it's different from most of Blood+ walls <not dark and melncholic mean>

  13. Milkiyo Aug 04, 2006

    haha...awesomo vectoring as usual, enough depths and shadowing just right <3
    I haven't watch blood too so I can't kill ya :P
    what to saay.....sexy skinny legs lol...need more nutriens

  14. aishiteraburu Aug 04, 2006

    how do you always come up with creative ideas chloe-chan?I really have no idea.

    The way you made this wall is really unique and very perspective
    great job

  15. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 04, 2006

    Damn you and your wallies!
    They're so amazing >_<...this is no exception
    I love the textures
    The vector is amazing, as always!
    Definitely a fav
    Hmm... yeah this is really different from the common of Blood+ wallies

  16. Revan Retired Moderator Aug 04, 2006

    Always refreshing to see a work done by you... it always amazes me how you like to play with different views and perspectives. Plus you've done a great job as usual with the vector and texturing.

    No prob about the dark wallie... but only because you did this awesome one instead XD but still you have to do a dark one.

  17. anji Aug 05, 2006

    I like the concept, it's brillant.
    I like ideas like the reflexion on the swords ^^
    The colors are too pronounced and bright for my taste (like red brick and the green grass), but it's catchy for the eyes at the same time. So I really think it's a question of taste ^^
    And beside that, I love the texture like always.
    So keep it up with your great ideas :)

  18. LeeAnn Aug 05, 2006

    heheheh! the concept is kinda funny!
    i like it

  19. enchantressinthedark Aug 05, 2006

    Gah~~~ nice concept! XD Ooooooh chloe-chan does it again with her nice vector walls of concept... ! Get vectoring nightmares you will X-P Heeheee, amazing piece of work~~ keep it up!

  20. Limefreak Aug 05, 2006

    wow great wall. nice concept again another awesome piece of work from you!

  21. Rhonda21 Aug 05, 2006

    Again, I love the idea of this wall. And then it's Blood+ so it's just great.

  22. pamkips Aug 05, 2006

    that's such an original take on that scan, so original >___<
    love it

  23. bluSake Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2006

    Nice original perspective. Haji's reflection on the sword is an especially interesting touch.

  24. Yu-huang Aug 06, 2006

    Very interesting idea.
    Like bluSake wrote I find the reflection Haji on the sword particularly interesting.

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