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I was kind of on the fence about whether to submit this or not. I mean, personally, I don't really like how the result came out but then again, I spent way too long on it and there were some things I wanted to clear up. So bear with me, because this description is probably going to be... long.

This was my submission for w.a.r 2006. I wasted about 3 days time in Hawaii to finish this on time (by that I mean with the extension X__x) and many other random hours before the vacation to do preliminary sketch etc. etc. It didn't come out like I had imagined, because for me, nothing ever does. I would have preferred a more vertically oriented image instead of a square since I don't like squares.. but whatever :|

The category I picked was "fun".. which was basically to pick a slogan and illustrate it. Now obviously, "fun" is really nowhere to be found in this image. I actually spent a long time wondering if we had to draw a image that was "fun" or not. In the end my interpretation of the topic was that our images didn't have to portray "fun" so I treated it more like a self-fulfilling theme (kind of like "the unknown" theme for the wallers), because the "fun" part was supposedly in finding a slogan that could be appropriately illustrated in a non-conventional manner or such, and the instructions didn't specifically say to draw fun like it had with the fear category. But anyway.. I guess I'll not put in so much thought next time.

So.. now that that's over with.. I guess I should cover technical details and such. This is about 99.5% pen tool and 100% paths in pscs, and resulted in over 500 layers, maybe even a couple hundred more since I kept repeatedly merging them to save diskspace. The attention to detail got crappy when I got to the nose, the background, and the hair since I was so sick of working on the picture that I just tried to get stuff done as quickly as possible. (I lack the quality of.. umm.. what do you call it again.. patience! yea! X) Plus I tried to fix the problems with the original sketch on the computer, and things do NOT go over well when that happens. Her nose is too big, even though I shrunk it a little in this version.. but ahh whatever. And oh yeah, the details on the ear I did mostly with semi-transparent fills on a single layer, because I had originally planned for the hair to cover the ear but.. it ended up not being that way. You have no idea how much longer it takes to do solid fills, b/c you have to keep doing each fill on a separate layer AND you have to pay attention to the rgb values to make sure you're changing the color by the right amount each time D: So in short, I got lazy and impatient.

In the end, I'm slightly pissed with this image because I spent so long on it and it still looks so simple. And fugly.

Like Brom D:
j/k j/k *flees from wrath of the mods*


Chosen by bromithia and Saikusa

The artwork is flawless with a smooth & soft watercolour feel. The muted rainbow in the background only adds to emphasise the brighter rainbow on her lips.

It's a cute and fun idea, and I certainy hope you had fun creating it.

Proposed by bromithia and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. jasaiyajin Mute Member Aug 02, 2006

    wowowow.... very creative... good emphasis on the colors... ^__^

  2. Odeena Aug 02, 2006

    Beautifl. Absolutely beautiful. +Favs from me and congratulations!

  3. Sandra Aug 02, 2006

    It's brilliant *___*

  4. Cldmani Aug 02, 2006

    Hmm......i like the concept you used in your artwork this time around. The rainbow effect on her lips is really strong and makes it stand out, but somehow it balances it out with the background rainbow, which was marvously done. Great stuff frozen. A Beautifull piece indeed.


  5. bromithia Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2006

    lol, hot. I love the idea of rainbow lips, and having the Skittle-thing-going-on. Should've had skittles falling from the sky, but ah well. I like what you did... and, it really doesn't look so simple, I mean, the clouds do look like they should have a more painted-ish feeling going on, but overall it works out well.

    Gud job.

  6. evasion Aug 03, 2006

    Hey man, I love it! Definitely captures taste the rainbow, and it's WAY better than my crappy submission (I got burrnnnned, lol). I think the final product is excellent! Your efforts really do shine through the picture - a touch of realism, a touch of abstraction, a touch of skittles. <3. +fav+

  7. charaznableamurorei Aug 03, 2006

    I guess it was also my fault of not really emphasizing and pointing out to the w.a.r. doujinshi judges that the "FUN" category has to be judged from the slogan used. ^_^" If it's any worth at all, I'm really sorry about that.

    But hey, "I guess I'll not put in so much thought next time"? No way! You're gonna need this attitude in the next round! And next time, we'll try to put lots of "thought" for both doujiners and doujin judges in round 2!

    evasion, you think you got burned? lol, well, but the judges thought you got "burned with inspiration", lol!

  8. flyindreams Aug 03, 2006

    This was another personal favorite for me from this round... I thought this drawing was really beautifully executed and conceptualized... An extremely refreshing piece overall. I can't believe you were working on this in Hawaii XD Really great job, and seriously no, it's not fugly xD

  9. nostyle118 Aug 03, 2006

    hi... (*sigh* hawaii)... this is actually my fave out of all the subs... because of the superb coloring and cool idea... plus it's one of the few fun subs (haha everyone chose fear >_<)... please don't think it's fugly... it certainly is not... let's do our best next round ok?

  10. Jormungand Aug 04, 2006

    Ooo... love the concept
    I can't believe you actually work on vector drawings during vacation in Hawaii, lol
    and you even did it with great attention to details
    The contrast between b/w and the rainbow looks amazing
    and the detailed skin tone vs solid coloured hair too
    Her nostrils are a bit too far apart imo, but maybe that's just my eye o_o
    It's still a beauty anyway, and certainly not fugly...

  11. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Aug 04, 2006

    Aww I wanted to make this my first highlight but the internet was too slow and when I checked again it was too late.. -_-

    Anyway, this is simple and really beautiful~ Refreshing both in its concept and execution. I love love love the lips and the hair. ^^

  12. supo Aug 05, 2006

    I thinks it beautiful all I can say is its just a very beautiful

  13. MuZ0NaZ Aug 05, 2006

    Gawd I can't imagine what could you do if you were more patient <_<

  14. Regenbogen Aug 05, 2006

    This looks really beautiful! :) I love the rainbow lips and the hair too. Only the shadows are in my opinion a bit too strong. But it doesn't really matter. Looks nice!

  15. cagalli-y-a Aug 05, 2006

    Oh my... 0___o

    It's... amazing... I'M SPEECHLESS! Really, it's too amazing for my n00bish words and it's definitely an uber fave from me~ (I have no idea what I'm saying to be honest XD )


  16. sailorchiron Aug 06, 2006

    Dude, this is wicked cool.

  17. KOKUJINDESU Aug 07, 2006

    It's people like you that make me want to throw away my art supplies!
    Awesome job--I love the concept--definitely a fav!

  18. embershadow Aug 08, 2006

    Wow, wow...

    I thought it was cool from the thumbnail, but when I full-downloaded it... I really went "wow" (do I sense an echo in here?), mostly because of the insane amount of fine detail put into that shading. I would have been lazy and done that with, like, three levels of depth. You say you don't have patience, but you have /way/ more patience than me if you were able to do that for that long and actually... finish it. o_0

    I also loved the way her lips looked shiny.

    Insane props from me. Definitely a fav.

  19. Sieloe Aug 12, 2006

    really creative to me o ya cagalli-y-a thats my line and ill say it to

  20. MapleRose Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2006

    wow, that looks amazing! The lips really caught my eye :)

    I love the pose, how her face is cut off like that :) and the shading is wonderful too ^__^

  21. Rex Oct 19, 2006

    im speechless

    that's really impressive work
    i really love the rainbow on her lips as well, a good touch there.
    and yes, the nose is a bit....big...lol
    but! i wouldn't have noticed if i didn't read ur description, and if u didn't just stare at it for a few min, and besides, i think most of the attention would go towards the lips and the hair, which both was done really well

  22. AsYouWishLadys Sep 15, 2010

    Wooooooaaahhh awesomeeee ... ove the rainbow on her lips. well thanks for sharing

  23. Baraka-Senpai Jun 18, 2011

    excellent detail of the rainbow! thanks for sharing here '-'

  24. heart-sky Sep 18, 2012

    pretty work ,thanks to sharing :)

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