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Alternate version for those who are blinded by the original: http://ikun.net/images/solacetate.jpg
Wait, another version?!?!: http://ikun.net/images/solacetateagain.jpg

Well this is my first wall in like... forever. I've only just returned from a (long) month away from home and decided to start walling again. I wanted to try something a little different this time, and I'm sure you can see that in the final result.

I started out with this crappy sketch: http://ikun.net/images/nageniorsketch.jpg
The girl is from this scan: http://ikun.net/images/treeislescan.jpg

100% vectored and 100% painfulnessed.

As always more resolutions at that place, where ever it is...


Chosen by flyindreams and shyxsakura

Simple yet unique, this wall just gives off a sense of peaceful pleasure and comfort. With nageni's delicate orray of soft, pastel colors.. this wall is just the right wall for your desktop.

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by shyxsakura.

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  1. nolove Aug 01, 2006

    yayyyy, first post XD
    wow...so kool >_<, i was nearly breathless...the first thing in my mind....i must favvv this one o_0
    what you just did with the sketch and everything turn out with so soft and nice color XD
    soooo wonderful >.<

  2. flyindreams Aug 01, 2006

    Damn you, for the hotness that has rendered me incapable of doing anything else apart from shower you with <3's... Rocking awesome wall and really sweet vectoring, x3

  3. quantixar Aug 01, 2006

    Awesome simplicity! :D Very good wallie. Love the colors and all.

  4. N9e1 Aug 01, 2006

    Cool! I like the simplicity~~~
    Just a side note- the thumbnail first reminds me of Laputa: Castle in the Sky~
    Great job as always! ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

  5. eternallegend Aug 01, 2006

    wow, amazing vector, the colours you used look really nice, the girl sitting under the tree and the overall wall looks amazing, i like the simple look of your wall, wonderful wall ^^

  6. enchantment Aug 01, 2006

    wow, there is no other world i can describe it [your wall that is ^_^' ] its so amazing and the vectoring is is done really nicely :D really lovely wall^^

  7. Sandra Aug 01, 2006

    Mom , buy me this wall O_o

    I Love it <3 Everything <3 It Rox !

  8. Ardenta Aug 01, 2006

    Huh, it's a very interesting work. I like the idea, though this piece of land with the tree feels kind of lonely but peaceful as well.
    Well, it's impressed me. ;)

  9. ShiXon Aug 01, 2006

    when you look at the thumbnail it looks like a cute pixel thingy and when you fullview it looks like a super awesome beautiful vector <33
    the trees and like everything else is GORGEOUS i love you and this wall <33 mwahaha .
    will be my new desktop ~ buuu teach me how to vector properly ! >.<

  10. Boko Aug 01, 2006

    fantastic simple work ^^

  11. shiningdays Aug 01, 2006

    commented on AP but uh yeah. this rocks. D: (the detail on that tree is exquisite <3.)

  12. chubbykitty Aug 01, 2006

    Amazing work! Everything is vectored so beautifully! ToT Great job!

  13. Zefie Aug 03, 2006

    this is so cute >w< really like the simple consepth, it so airy yet there is much space for your imagination which makes the whole atmosphere really interesting ^_^ design is very neat and you made peaceful yet beautiful look for your wall by using only few elements. the background colour is relaxing and gentle to look at. wavy effect gives touch of wind or water which gives nicely depth. vector is wonderfully done and fits really well for the theme. it's so detailed and since it's small it takes you more time to find things from it. the idea is nice and the whole atmosphere comes well to be seen. simply gorgeous work :D thank you for sharing it !

  14. bleach-rukia217 Aug 04, 2006

    Wow! I love this! It's so simple and nice! -^^-

  15. akazookin Aug 04, 2006

    wooot! :) :)

    lovely wallie ne! very cute and simple.. i love the kind of floating it has wahaha :D :D it's kinda lonely yet peaceful :)

  16. mystvearn Aug 04, 2006

    nice, cool colours. Looks very very appealing

  17. dracofil Aug 04, 2006

    Simple, cute and beautiful... Love the coulours - sky with the touch of sunshine... Peace and tranquility:) Thanks!

  18. Angi Retired Moderator Aug 05, 2006

    looks so peaceful I remembered those windmills of that Gorillaz song when I saw this but this one looks more simple and peaceful.....
    Great work!

  19. KennyMcCormmick Aug 05, 2006

    simply awesome ^^

  20. diabolique Aug 05, 2006

    Quote by xangel0...I remembered those windmills of that Gorillaz song when I saw this but this one looks more simple and peaceful.....
    Great work!

    I just supposed to say that :x, but anyway, you work is gorgeus, it's simple but make me feel free...or sad, i don't know.
    And art is everything that make people feel something :) and you did that with this wall.
    + fav

  21. cagalli-y-a Aug 06, 2006

    Awww, beautiful yet simple. Amazing work! I have nothing more to say XD


  22. diablillo Aug 06, 2006

    beautiful work I congratulate to you, looks so paceful and their colors are so warm that it relaxes to me, really brilliant ^^
    thanks 4 sharing :D

  23. Somnabu Aug 06, 2006

    hte idea is excellent.
    isolated island + a warm atmosphere create a miraculous scene

  24. bombninjanaruto Aug 07, 2006

    love the scenery and the color and the settings are great but whats the story ? overall great pic and keep it up

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