Yuji Kobayashi Wallpaper: I'm Off...

Yuji Kobayashi Wallpaper
Yuji Kobayashi Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well i dont have much to say bout this one, but well okay ill try! XD
hum... well actually curetly i am working on A BIG project so to call it, and no i wont tell anybody what it is, unteal i post it here! ;D lol!

This wall was very easy to do, or i think so. . . .
Anyways it looks pretty simple right? like a stock, and a scan, but NO its not just that i used many brushes to blend everything in, and plus i also made most of the light since there was light in the stock, but when i puted the gurl on it was very flate so i made the light from the sun fall on her too! ;P

Well it took me around 3 houres, and there is about 10 layers, but only coz i stock most of the effects on one layer! ;D lol! Heehe yeah i now the scan is not the best quality, but PLEASE dont tell me that it does coz i already now! ;P ! ! ! well i hope someone will like this fast wallie, and as usuall i love all the NICE coments, and favs, and yeah on this one i wood LOVE to have some critisism, not that i like it much, but i just think i am not very good with these kinds of walls, so i wood LOVE to impoove! ;)
Thanks again, and i am sorry if i dont reply from ure coment, i just have so much things right now. but i thank everyone ALREADY! :D
P.S. please can someone tell me were this gurl is from, i mean the category of it? i dont now, and so i cant submit it at AnimePaper coz of that! thanks to anyone who nowes! XD





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  1. yalubluchay Jul 31, 2006

    i thnk its great, no idea were the girl is from cus i dont watch a lot of anime. prettier than anything i can make :)

  2. Dray Jul 31, 2006

    Wooooow! I am to impress, the effects of perfect light its and the bottom superbly well done. I had the thunderbolt for your wall

  3. PinkPrincessLacus Jul 31, 2006

    Well of course I love it. :) I love the background so much XD . The light is simply divine. You did a great job! *adds to favs*. I love your works.

    ~* Lacus *~

  4. Imashitowareto Aug 01, 2006

    the jungle i like it!

  5. kiokorenay703 Aug 01, 2006

    thanks, its not quate a jungle, but thanks! XD

  6. Yu-huang Aug 01, 2006

    I think its a great wallpaper.
    The background is very cool and the effects are skillfully done. +fav

  7. quantixar Aug 01, 2006

    Oh, I so agree with the others about background and lightning. Really a beatiful piece of art this is. :)

  8. N9e1 Aug 01, 2006

    Very nice wallie~ Everything blends so well! The anime girl fits perfectly into the real scenary~
    Great job! ^_^

  9. schwindelmagier Aug 01, 2006

    wow, amazing wallie ^.^, luv it
    and ...it is not pink ^o^
    the stoch with the brushes is really beautiful, luv the bg and the girl fits perfectly in the surrounding.
    fav from me
    good work, keep it up ^.~

  10. kiokorenay703 Aug 01, 2006

    thank u all! i will thank u all indevidualy a bit later, SOrry ive got to go, but thanks so MUCH!

  11. o0Beginner0o Aug 01, 2006

    lol if the scan is ba or not i still think it's a good wallpaper, and the background and lighting is good too, but what is that blue thing on the top right-hand corner(i'm not sure if it is ment to be there or not) but anyways it is still a good wallpaper ^_^

    plus favourites, i might checkout some other wallpapers from the members of "colourful wallies" too

  12. Xymor Aug 01, 2006

    That's an amazing wall, the light effects, the mixing with the real scene, it's just awesome. Great job, keep it coming. ^^

  13. IzumiChan Aug 01, 2006

    I loved the stock photo you used, so autumm-like! :D
    Good job on the lightening~ :D
    Keep it up! :)

  14. Pladao38 Aug 02, 2006

    A pretty walle.
    The lightening effect is great and the background suit the girls very wall.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the great work.

  15. Korixxkairi Aug 02, 2006

    Very nice > < the girl and the forest very match for them~
    You did a wallpaper really fast ~~ so awesome kioko -chan~
    The light very good in the forest.
    " I'm off " what that mean? Let me guess ....? The girl left
    school in the lunch break ? ~~~~
    I have never seen this anime before TT_TT !
    Wow..! i'm very love your wallpaper~

  16. starrliteangel Aug 02, 2006

    oh! really cute! but I think the stock photo in the bg is a little too unmodified...but it fits so well! those stairs are a nice touch.

  17. Bacher Aug 02, 2006

    Nice forest, but a bit too light on some places and the anime girl is a bit scary. xD

  18. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Aug 03, 2006

    Wow, the anime character and the non-anime background look great together! Good work!

  19. AnoxiaAngelus Aug 07, 2006

    the background is freaking AMAZING!

  20. guaxinin Aug 08, 2006

    WOW...this wallpaper is beautiful! ;) ;)
    Good job and very nice wall! :D
    Thanks and byebye! -_-
    PS: All wallpapers this website is amazing! OX

  21. bellehermione Banned Member Aug 09, 2006

    Beautifull wallie you made. It's great, it could seem dark but with this cute girl and the colours and rays of light you made a very good work. Congratulations :D

  22. Melisandre Sep 12, 2006

    Nice wallie, very joyfull, fav for me ^^

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