My Merry May Wallpaper: Ocean Born

My Merry May Wallpaper
My Merry May Visual Novel

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Hello everyone! *waves happily while getting off a spaceship* I'm back! Did you guys miss me? What kind of question is that... of course you did! *starts randomly kissing and hugging all her firends*
Ok, I really feel like rambling about life going down the pits for me, but that's not the point right now. The good news is (besides the fact that I AM ALIVE!) my new wallie! Yes! It's been such a long time, ne?
A bit more about this last one: it took about five days to finish it (once I got the time to actually do so...) and it also took me like forever to find a suitable scan for my original idea. So here it is! I still think it's a bit too yellow (I don't like yellow), so maybe I'll change it a bit in the near future. Gotta go now, and work on my next one, before I run out of time again! Please, as usual, do tell me what you think! Ja ne!

Credits: I'll properly thank the person who posted the scan when I find it... :sweat:

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  1. vaden Jul 31, 2006

    amazing, the background is beautiful

  2. Angi Retired Moderator Jul 31, 2006

    Hey! so pretty wallie
    Lovely colors and effects

  3. xianghua Jul 31, 2006

    Very beautiful wallie!
    I liked how you made the scan merge with the ocean!
    Very nice! The girl looks cute ^_^
    Her wings are very nice and match her!
    I simply love the ocean!
    The sky is very pretty! The colour is perfect for the entire wall :)
    Great work!

  4. enchantment Jul 31, 2006

    wow, its so beautiful :) i love the sunset theme and the wings are really lovely, amazing wall^^

  5. eternallegend Jul 31, 2006

    i like the sunset ocean theme that you created, the water looks nice with the reflection and the scan blends well with your background, lovely wall ^^

  6. jaam0927 Jul 31, 2006

    her wings are so bright
    nice water effect with the shadow and all
    nice work

  7. afterbunner Banned Member Jul 31, 2006

    very interesting. i like

  8. lthnadml Jul 31, 2006

    mmmmm very beautiful, her wings are very pretty ( the yellow is just fine for her wings ) and the colors are very good too . . . i like, especially. the reflection on the water and the darker colors on it, very nice waters effects too . . . awesome work iarly! XD XD XD

  9. Imashitowareto Aug 01, 2006

    so pretty about the background!the girl also pretty!good!^^

  10. kiokorenay703 Aug 01, 2006

    This wallpaper is very pretty, and i really like her wings! Great job on it, its all very fitting, and the colors look so chearfull, and sunny! :) thank you for this wallpaper, its very unic! hehe! lol!

  11. Zetman Aug 01, 2006

    ohhhhh sooooooooo pretty, the girl is so sexy and her wings are wonderful, between i like the yellow colors they fit very good with the girl and with the rest of the wall. The waters effects are amazing! ;)
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautfil work! :D

  12. Lady-Lotus Aug 01, 2006

    WOW! this is really good. I like it. The wings looks pretty. The background is just amazing! Very nice blend. Good work.

  13. LacusRox Aug 01, 2006

    saw your notification, nice wallie o^.^o your hard work pay off

  14. IzumiChan Aug 03, 2006

    Iarly! It's been a long time~ :)
    What a cool wallie! The water looks so golden shiny and cool~ XD
    The girl's position and clothes are so ecchi~ XD
    Her wings look like they're made of light, so kakoii~ :D
    Good job, keep it up! ^_~

  15. 4ngelxvi3t Aug 04, 2006

    WOW ! it so amazing ! cute !
    ++ fav

  16. Melisandre Aug 20, 2006

    Really nice wallie, I love the wings! Superb >.< Congrats! :D

  17. moonelf313 Aug 26, 2006

    Beautiful wallie, I love the coloring and the sunset with the water! :) Great job! +Fav

  18. Emma Aug 27, 2006

    Wow. I like the colors! I think the way you have it, it gives it such a powerful feeling. The water is amazing. The sunset is amazing. And the scan is amazing with the wings. Heh! The whole wall is amazing. Definite fav from me. I just love the combination of these colors. So vivid and enriching it is ^_^ Can I show this to my guy friend. He loves these types of women =D

  19. babyblueshakira Oct 18, 2006

    oh wow, so pretty, i love the colors and the anime gurly is sooo cute ^_^ hehehehe good job on the wallie!

  20. awa0216 Nov 02, 2006

    Great pic.

  21. nkasi87 Nov 29, 2009

    WOW, this is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely, gorgeous piece of work!

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