Metropolis: what am i (weep for me)

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oh please for the love of all things that are holy FULL VIEW! ^_^'

hm this is my sub for w.a.r. round 1, when i passed this i didn't put any description... i wanted to know if my intentions for this drawing could be seen without words. i guess the result was ok. but since it's done i'm gonna put my description now.


well the topic was fear... about humans merged with something else and stuff. since I'm a real cyberpunk fan (though not obvious from some of my subs) I decided to use cypunk elements on it. osamu tezuka's metropolis was where I got most of the ideas (so much so that I put it under in homage)... also akira and serial experiments lain (all those wires)

there are lots of things I wanted to show in this drawing... which includes...

1. the coldness of a human person - characterized by the her cold stare and her face having little expression... i kinda failed on this one.

2. the humanity (sadness - or even soul) of a machine - this was easier shown... her right eye (the robot eye) weeps (motor oil also seen in metropolis ^^) and her robot arm holds the three eyed teddy bear almost like clinging to her humanity. also it gives the question... "what makes us human?" common cypunk theme.

3. the fear - mainly the fear that we will be viewed as nothing more than machines... as instruments to be used. well... there is also the fear that we'll be invaded by robots... ^_^'

well that would've been the description. I did this for about... something something days (I forgot... but it was a long time). this is the biggest thing I have ever done... two typewriting papers taped together. ^_^' my finger was throbbing like... a throbbing thing. ^^ I didn't color it cos' I ran out of time... I decided to compensate by putting as much detail as I can. the same excuse goes for the lack of background (which was supposed to be a scrapyard filled with robots) I coloured it gray then used the noise filter. well sorry for the long description... again full view please. thanks.


Chosen by Saikusa and bromithia

This is just absolutely stunning. The execution is so nicely done, and the composition and textures look lovely as well. It all just falls together... great work!

Proposed by Saikusa and highlighted by bromithia.

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  1. Angi Retired Moderator Jul 31, 2006

    Aww this one is cute
    it seems you a lot of work making this
    I see all you want to describe with your pic I think you represented everything very well
    Nice Work!
    fav! you deserve it ^.^

  2. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 31, 2006

    Holy cow! That thing is damned scary, but I can't take my eyes off it! Where'd all that impressive detail come from?! And what a fantastic use of blacks & greys... but damn, that's so freaky. I'm kinda scared about what else is gonna come outta your imagination... but at least I know it'll be impressive! XD

  3. rafaellaGP Jul 31, 2006

    wahhh the details.... many datails..... O.O
    really cool! *_*
    i loved! ^^

  4. flyindreams Aug 01, 2006

    I LOVE this doujin... definitely one of my favorites from this round, and as I said, it blew me away when I first saw it... tremendous detail and stunning line art... and I think, one of most expressive drawings this round. Fantastic job well done, I think your hard work really paid off, and I really really look forward to seeing your work again in round 2! XD

  5. 95Elizabeth Aug 01, 2006

    Well I think its nice anything deadly is nice to me ! Well you owe me for talking like a girl ! : Wow so cool !

    I am going to take a 1000000 year washing my voice !

  6. frozenwilderness Aug 04, 2006

    How can you have the patience to do all this? The details are absolutely stunning.. especially the shading on the techno-pipes and stuff X__x

  7. julian1 Aug 04, 2006

    very good, nostyle. good to see that you have this one highlighted. must have taken you hours to do this, especially the wires. it seems that you've put a lot of effort in this. good job!

  8. rorenzu Aug 04, 2006

    wow! *.*

  9. SupermilkchanChii Aug 06, 2006

    Wow! Thats really awesome!

  10. BlkLotus Aug 08, 2006

    wow well this is amazingly wonderful :) very well done indeed

  11. Yina Aug 09, 2006

    omg.. *__* you definitely deserve to be invited to round 2.. >__<
    the details are amazing.. ;__;
    and i love the way how you expressed your feelings about fear.

  12. pegassuss Aug 10, 2006

    Great drawing nosty-kun! ^^ It's really amazing. It's different form your others works too. The use of black and greys, the shading is really great. It's so detailed, it must have been hard :P Well, it's a bit scary too XD poor boy and poor teddy bear :P It really express feelings. You did an amazing job! Congrats for passing to round 2! ^^ *throws confetti* ^^

  13. Hyuu Aug 10, 2006

    It definately has more of an Akira feeling to it... at least when I looked at it was like instant Akira but that's good because Akira was phenomenal. As for the detail.... *speechless*

  14. chisaikame Aug 15, 2006

    hey jericho-san! XD XD

    w.a.r. sub mu toh! wai wai!.. sayang napili akong judge eh, per di ako nag sisipot sa mga meetings.. >_< argh.. kaya hindi ren ako nakapag lagay ng matinong input, sayang.. kung alam ko lang na sumali ka.. T_T anyway, obviously, unti unti munang natutupad ang pangarap mong maging ganap ng mangaka sa dami ng techniques na ginagamit muh-.. XD ..manual ba yan o software? kase may na download ako, Mangastudio.. perfect sa amateur and pros.. sana you can get a copy or dl a torrent.. :) i love love the details! and concept..! :D especially the 3 eyed teddy bear.. full-viewed and it's really really creepy.. you captured the essence of cybergenetic-phenomena. i hope this piece wins! :) gambare! :D

  15. Wapy Aug 18, 2006

    wwow this is the coolest thing ever seen by be... hmhm... I wanna it!

  16. charaznableamurorei Sep 08, 2006

    Same here, you succeeded in the 'wordless work' angle you're going for. I hope you finally got yourself out of the 'gap' (A little reference to the Ursula K. Le Guin poem I sent out to you and the other w.a.r. participants: did you get it, btw?) and gave your hands a good rest! ^^^

    And, hindi nakapagpigil si chisaikame, nag-Tagalog, lol! (Translated: lol, chisaikame couldn't stop herself from typing in Tagalog, lol!) But hey, what am i (weep for me) holds the Highest Expression (2.89) and Technique (2.89) scores for w.a.r. ... those are tough scores to beat, in my opinion! Nya, nostyle118 seems to be stuck somewhere in Real Life these days... T_T ... but it's ok! Anyway, we're sad that you couldn't make it for Round 2, but in many ways still happy for creating this piece. ^^^ Thanks so much, nostyle118, for being a part of w.a.r.! ... oh, and 'really sorry but I'm still wondering what you could have done for your MT thread on round 2... ^^^

  17. Nubes Jan 04, 2008


    the baby is so sweet but his right side is cover with worms and wires :S... well, that's what i think he's surround of.

    but anyways... i was goin to remove of my fav. becuz is kinda disgusting, but i look well and i kinda like, so it stays on my favorites. :)

    good work

  18. darkangeluz108 Mar 07, 2010

    Wow! this is incredible! :O

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