Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Magician of the Mists

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Fay D. Flourite Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Fay D. Flourite Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper is for the Fye-Fans wallpaper contest!

heheh, well this wallpaper took me 3 days to complete. I can't believe I worked so hard on it! About 10 hours a day for 3 days...so about 30 hours of work. Yep, everything in it has been vectored! Probably my best vector yet. The original scan had so much text on it, I had no choice but to vector it (well, i could have edited it a little but I didnt feel like it...it also takes much more work anyways). I really loved the original scan because Fye looked so nice in it. But he had his head on someone's (err is his name Ashura-ou or something?) lap so i had to make him put his head on the wall. (i know, i know, it doesnt really look like it, but im in a rush here). I had to finish this wall so fast because Im leaving for japan the day after tomorrow and Im going to be out almost all day tomorrow so I have absolutley no time to do anything on the computer. and im supposed to be in bed by now cuz i have to get up reaaaally early tmrw...so please excuse these spelling mistakes. :sweat:

ehem. well, about the wallpaper - if you look closely at fye's cape (robe, watever) you can see that there are stars on it! It kind of looks like a night sky, you know. I did that because it looked boring before. The ice columns were so incredibly hard to vector. and the icicles....well, they were a last minute add-on so they are vectored very sloppily. I added snow outside because there wouldnt be ice if it wasnt cold right? and if it was cold, then there would be snow (usually). I did the mist because I was too lazy to do the entire wall of ice which would probably take me 3 more days to do anyways. I think the ice things sticking up around Fye are a nice touch. They bring a little color in.

I suppose the robe was pretty hard to do though, because I had to keep using the gradient because it gradually changed colors. I didnt outline Fye's hair because it looked better that way. So dont tell me it would look better outlined, because I wont change it. :hmpf:

I also changed his eye color from a dark green to a more blue color...geez i put so much work into this wall, but i cant think of much to say b/c im rushing! ahhh! I hate being rushed. The snow in the bg and the moon havent been vectored (and the mist) because i thought it would look nice if i added some unvectored brush work into the wall instead of making everything look unnaturally vectored.
ermm...okay, well i gotta go! enjoy the wall! I'll probably update this later sometime.

original scan - In Ice And Snow... by mysticdawn
layers - erm...probably more than 100 because of the vectoring
mood - crappy

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comments, favorites, and critiques are appreciated! thanks to pinkprincesslacus for her help also!

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  1. aqiaqua Jul 30, 2006


    ZOMG awesome! I love the background, but erm, without the lines on the side of Fye's face ...errr...the vector doesn't look quite right. The vectors ok too, just a couple of erm...things which seem a bit "out".

    Actually, I was intending to do similar with the same image...but I probably can't now.

    Fave from me and i'll add it to the entries list ;).

  2. enchantment Jul 30, 2006

    wow, interesting wall, the vector is pretty good [considering i cant vector ^_^' ] and i love his cape thingy :D

  3. bokinhvan Banned Member Jul 30, 2006

    waaa,suprise,it is veru nice , i like background,he is very handsome^^
    fav from me

  4. eternallegend Jul 30, 2006

    your wall looks nice, the vector seems okay [like enchantment i cant vector either], i like especially the frozen pole thing [cant seem to remember the word at the moment ^_^'] and your title suits well with your wall ^^

  5. cassandraronald Jul 30, 2006

    *full views*
    wow really nice.the vector is really nice

  6. Chingers Jul 30, 2006

    Very impressive. 30 hours you said? Oye, you will be a likely candidate for arthritis *chuckles*

    The two ice columns in the background are very symmetrical, I wonder if that is intentional because classic symmetry is based on 3 (the symbol of stability and balance)? Just a thought.

  7. PinkPrincessLacus Jul 30, 2006

    OMG it looks wonderful, more beautiful than I remember it my friend XD. Once again you made another masterpiece. I LOVE IT!. *adds to favs like crazy*. I love everything about it, espically the icicles, those were such a great touch to it. You worked so hard on it, and it payed off alot my friend ALOT! I like the mist way better than any snow, I love how you have his head on the ice istead that was a great idea! :) . *hehe* thats so cool how you changed his eye colors some, I like his hair better with no lines like you said vectors look better that way sometimes. You cant tell you rushed at from my point. You did a Great Job XD. You are so talented...I hope you have a fun trip.

    ~* Lacus *~

  8. milla-chan Jul 30, 2006

    WOW it's really beautiful, you gotta enter this to the wall-contest, it's fantastic ;D

    Clamp-fanatic + Fye-lover :D


  9. kyokujitsu Jul 30, 2006

    I was feeling too lazy to comment on anything today, but this wall really did poke my attention. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to read your introductory text, so sorry if I say something ignorant. Faye looks pretty beasty there, and I love the cloak ^^ I think the stars in the background are pretty plain, those and the moon are pretty boring for me. But the ice columns are stunningly amazing. I would never have imagined that something like that could be done, it's so different to what you normally see ice looking like, and I love the shape of the ice shards sticking up ^^ Thanks for sharing ^_^

  10. schwindelmagier Jul 30, 2006

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *__________________*
    a great wallie from Fay with a lovely, maybe one of the best scans of Fay.The vector is great but you should have drawn the lines of the face, but it looks wonderful though. ^_^
    like it.
    Yes, the guy he originaly has his head on the laps is Ashura-ou.
    aah, you are flying to Japan.I will too, in 2 - 3 months in October.

    well, great work, love it *_*
    keep it up ^.~

  11. Rikkablurhound Jul 30, 2006

    Well... its really pretty...
    I clicked for a better view right after I saw it XD
    I like the night sky, very mysterious & so...
    U're really good at vectoring... I cant vector to save my life XP
    Anyway... The icesicles are actually pretty nice, the only thing is probably the outlining which is alil shaky... i guess... same goes for Fye.. >_<
    Oh, his hair... really dreamy XD
    oh, and... the thing hes lying on... looks... erm... a lil odd... >_<
    And, just in case U might wanna know... the mist there... near him, on the right... looks cut off... >_<
    But its really good! much, much better than mine XD
    I really like it XD
    especially when Fye is vectored so nicely... XP
    *starts hugging comp* XP

    btw, have a good & safe trip XD

  12. starrliteangel Jul 30, 2006

    thanks for your critiques, guys! I updated the wallpaper so now Fye has his face outlined (oops, forgot about that part...heheh)

    I also forgot to say that after I outlined fye, I went over him with a soft eraser to make the outline look more natural - so thats why some of it is thinner and some of the line is thicker. I do agree about the ice columns being shaky though.

    merged: 07-30-2006 ~ 07:39pm
    oh, hes supposed to have his head on the wall there. theres a wall behind all that mist - so i think the cut off fog you are talking about, rikkablurhound, is part of the wall showing through the fog

  13. aishiteraburu Jul 30, 2006

    eeeek!*squeals* fyeeeeee
    *full views*
    such a awesome vector !
    love the background its totally awesome but i love the vector the best! Its so clean and tidy

  14. Fran Retired Moderator Jul 30, 2006

    Nice wallie, I think the vector needs some more work, overall in the face and hair, it feels like you blurred in some parts and the other parts were unblurred..
    But in the other hand, the icesicles are awesome >_<, they look really cool, I really love them
    But I still think that Fye's vector needs some extra work..
    Overall a great wallie
    Keep it up

    Oh, Hope you've a fun trip!
    OMG, my Fye banner is there >_<

  15. acido Jul 30, 2006

    it's reaññy nice the wall, and it has a lot of work, maybe just the skin color you use for fye it's kind of weird, but the rest is nice... congrats and good luck for the contest

  16. pamkips Jul 30, 2006

    mmmm fye
    nice vector....I seriously can't vector soo vectors are always a
    big thumbs up from me ^___^ nice

  17. BlueAngel17 Jul 31, 2006

    nyaaa.. starr-chan, I was also planning on doing this wallpaper! and i'm impressed - I was supposed to do the same theme too.. T_T awww.. you made it first cuz i'm busy.. im planning actually to join the fye-fans contest for aqi-chan.. but.. huh.. what to do.. >.< oh, and it's a vector. nyahahaha. >.< but the sky seem to irk me a bit.. they seem somehow uniform.. if they're falling outside i expect them to be quite less visible..if it's snowing inside i expect some on fye's coat. but then, the vector still wows me.. T_T can't believe you made it first.. T_T good job! >.<

  18. rene3088 Aug 02, 2006

    yay, another work from starr^^, absolutely cool, but I think it'll be better if u removed the mist ( on the top of the wall) ^^ or maybe u can lower the opacity...anyway, it's nicely done** thumbs up**

    addin this to fav

  19. obsidianwings Aug 05, 2006

    wow this wall is gorgeous. the vector work is awesome and very detailed. i think the fog is a little too much, but everything looks brilliant.

  20. enchantressinthedark Aug 05, 2006

    Heeeheehee somehow, when i saw the title, I knew that its gonna be a fye wall~~~ LOLOL Wonderful work of art, especially the vector~~ *___* 30 hours on a wall? Mah gawd...you're really hardworkin! My vectoring skills sucks~~~ >.< Anyways its realliee wonderful! Keep it up and good luck to you in the fye wall competition!

  21. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 18, 2006

    wow, that looked like a lot of work! but I love the vector, esp the icicles (I would not have had the patience to vector that...) and his cape, I love the sparklies and gradients :) and finally, it's Fye ::glomps:: (okay, got that out of my system...)

    umm, I'm not too fond of that bar of white mist at the top.. I think it's a bit too bright... maybe add some blues and greys into it to tone it down?

    anyway, awesome work!

  22. rollingmreg Sep 17, 2006

    It is good. I think that it is individual that it is not drawn an outside line of hair.

  23. azdvmc Oct 03, 2006

    Yay! Its Fye, this wall is so crispy and shiny! Most cool ^^ great wall!:D

  24. nanapan Oct 12, 2006

    Wow! Exellent ! So cool ! and very beautiful Oo ! I really like this wallpaper ...Thx for beautiful wallpaper... ^^

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