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I should be working on my larger vector project.. D: It's this huge anime image..but..Alas, I can't work on it for weeks straight, so I decided to work on something else as a little..uhm..break? D: The idea of this came from a sharpie drawing I did last night (want to see?) Except this time, I didn't include my bandit and sexy black blobs.. ToT Hehe, I still love it, it reminds me of when I've always been sick over this summer..hm.. D:

EDIT// People are making assumptions of what the rainbow is, and yes, my fault; I never stated it. The sun is actually barfing a rainbow. Yes.. u_u;

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  1. shiningdays Jul 28, 2006

    .... lol. XDD

  2. blu3angl Jul 28, 2006

    ... LoL shinin ...interesting ne?

  3. AdventSX Jul 28, 2006

    your vectors never cease to amaze.
    If it weren't for the fact that its the wrong res for my monitor, id use it as a wallpaper
    +favs, keep up the great work

  4. inREVERIEforever Jul 28, 2006

    Hah this is very cute. +fav

  5. zeroenna57 Jul 29, 2006

    this is what happens to many of the care bears you OD when they OD on rainbows XD>

  6. starrliteangel Jul 29, 2006

    wow.....this vector is so cool! hehe and I like that drawing too. Oh, I saw that anime project of yours in someones guestbook....Izumichans? I dont remember. But it looked very nice! For that anime project one, are you making it from scratch? or are you following a certaing scan?

  7. animanga Jul 29, 2006

    I love the rainbow! ^^
    Well done! +fave!

  8. strawberrt Jul 29, 2006

    what a neat wallpaper ^^ Its cute and very original! it looks like it's barfing rainbow. HAHA. Awesome job on it, and to your sharpie drawing too!

  9. bromithia Retired Moderator Jul 29, 2006

    o_o This reminds me of a crazy rollercoaster, somewhat.

  10. cAiCa Jul 29, 2006

    the beard of the sun is a rainbow! o.O
    haha =D it's a really funny wall

  11. Saki-Sama Jul 29, 2006

    aww.. very nice, Ashley :3
    I like it! all your vectors are cute ^_^

  12. jasaiyajin Mute Member Jul 29, 2006


  13. murfle Jul 29, 2006

    Looks like he ate too many skittles... LMAO nice wall!

  14. ShiXon Jul 29, 2006

    wahahaha ~ the moon is puking rainboww ! <333 *i'm crazy*
    great job on this one ashley n____n

  15. Regenbogen Jul 29, 2006

    Hello again. Wow, a rainbow in a wallpaper. My Nickname here is Regenbogen which is the German word for Rainbow... *lol* I think your wallpaper is truly original and very creative. :) I am not sure though about the gray background. Maybe another color would have been better but I understand you wanted it to be in contrast to the colorful rainbow. Anyways... I enjoy looking at it! Keep your original wallpapers coming! :)

  16. LeeAnn Jul 29, 2006

    i have seen your drawing..
    its CRAZY! it so COOL!
    why not turn it into some kind of wallie!?
    it will be 'very dangerous' ~~refering to the concept~~!
    i will surely love it! and a lot of other people too!>.<
    makes me laugh!^.^ wohoohooo! yeah!

  17. Misato-Kun Jul 29, 2006

    Seriously, where do you get these ideas? Sun barfing a rainbow...brilliant! lol. You can't get anymore original than that. Ya know what would of made it even more spectacular, if you had those little black blobs riding on the rainbow!....I don't know, just throwing something out there, lol. Well, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of work, looking forward to more in the future!

  18. melymay Jul 29, 2006

    Ahahahah XD (can't stop laughing). The pic you included just makes it funnier. Good job ^_^ Great use of imagination and a definite fave for me :D *puts on desktop* Keep it up! :)

  19. IzumiChan Aug 01, 2006

    Quote by chubbykittyThe sun is actually barfing a rainbow,

    LOL, I was going to ask that! XD XD
    The rainbow looks so flexible... I intend on doing one too! Must learn from this! *takes off a notebook*
    Great job! ^_^

  20. Tiferet Aug 04, 2006

    Quote by murfleLooks like he ate too many skittles... LMAO nice wall!

    i was thinking the same thing lol :D

  21. animefairy Aug 09, 2006

    Awww....it's so kawaiiiiii! :nya: :nya: I love the black and white bg, with the colorful rainbow! XO I agree with strawberrt...it looks like the smiley is barfing a rainbow! So cute! XD Thanks for sharing and keep it up! *adding to favs*

  22. HaWaIIofHoaI Aug 16, 2006

    this disturbs me, but it is oh-so-awesome for disturbing my cousins even more so. =) the rainbow doesn't seem to be feeling very well and apparently neither does the sun. the whole world seems turned upside down. is this what it's like to be sick for you!? well... poor you. O_o glad you got better though! pretty sure everyone here does. =)

  23. sakuraino Sep 25, 2006

    first time i saw that i thought the smiley is vometing paint.. or something... made me jump an spill water on me... the smiley doesn;t seem to be happy...

  24. bloodyxiris Jul 21, 2007

    another, wonderful

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