Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: iLacus's Song of Hope

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello Everyone!, This is my newest wallpaper and I love it. I have always admired this type of style so I decided to make one of my own. Though it was not as easy as I thought it would have been. I Love the outcome so much! I first of want to thank my dear friend starrliteangel, without her help and input I would have never been able to submit this, thanks a million my friend *hugs*. I had a time trying to make the ipod and the strings to it ^_^' but I think it turned out pretty nice looking. I used pink in the wallpaper because its just not Lacus without the pink. :) This took me two days to complete. I worked really hard on it, so please compliments are welcomed.. *puppy eyes*. Oh and I also wanted to thank my sister thingperson for supporting me while all I did all day long was make walls and she was so nice to me. Enjoy :)

Layers Used: eight
Listened to: Justin Timberlake "sexy back"
Talked to during making it: My sister (thingperson) and my friend Starr

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  1. thingperson Jul 27, 2006

    OH dales this is wonderful i love the idea..and i know you have worked so hard on it..really..and i love the idea..just wonderful you are so creative like that..*winks*..really..and i love the pink behind her and how you made some parts pink and black..this is such a great idea..wow....your the best really..im so proud of you...*hugs*...this is the prettiest ever...*smiles*.

    From your real life twin sister, Elizabeth..aka..~*Cagalli*~

  2. Kairi-Hearts Jul 27, 2006

    nice idea!
    I like the scan you used to fit the ipod!
    you did a very nice job

  3. starrliteangel Jul 27, 2006

    wow! 2 comments already! I love this wallpaper. I'm so happy that I got to help you on it! It looks really great and you can tell that you put so much effort into it (really guys, she did. If she wasnt so hard working, I think I would have killed her by now with all my critiques on her wallpaper.) hahahah. and as usual, pink is the best color on the planet!

  4. DrakenImmortal Jul 27, 2006

    I LOVE these iPod pics!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. acido Jul 28, 2006

    i've always loved the ipod walls.... great!

  6. ZonSlashSykato Jul 28, 2006

    Nice Nice Nice....it looks good.

  7. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Jul 28, 2006

    omg cute!

  8. EldaLacus92 Jul 28, 2006

    Hey cool! And really inspiring and original!
    It's really clever to put iPod on Lacus' hand!

  9. wokanshu Jul 28, 2006

    wow! I love thesepics!

  10. laurent Jul 28, 2006

    Kawaii desu ne ! ! ! Whaaa, I was checking out the gallery when I saw the thumb of this and I got curious, so I took a little look and I was "OMG ... OMG ... *blinking* ... it's made by ... Sammy ! ! !" You naughty girl, not telling me you were making a wall ... I'll have to spank you for that *hahaha* XD
    I have one word for this wall ... Pink ! ... oops, two words, 'cause od course it's also WONDERFUL ... I liked that style with the iPod already, but now I do even more. Great job my love ( I'm proud of ya ) And wowies, it's just on and already soooo popular. Oh, I must fav it *clicking on that button like crazy*

    Your eternal loverboy, your Kira-kun

  11. Lina-chan10 Jul 28, 2006

    waah I luv the idea by putting a ipod with Lacus xD
    the silhouette of Lacus looks pretty good too
    you can't miss that she looks like her especially
    because of her hairthingie :P

    well keep up the good work!
    *adding it to the gallery*


  12. Odeena Jul 28, 2006

    Cute vector - nice and clean!

  13. mikan-sakura Jul 28, 2006

    Ilike it ;)
    gj on the wall love the idea of Ipod and lacus
    +fav ^^

  14. eternally-asuka Jul 28, 2006

    it looks awesome! great job! XD

  15. maxrob Jul 29, 2006

    that is cool love it

  16. cassandraronald Jul 29, 2006

    lovely wallie
    it is soo cute

  17. LeoTravis80 Jul 29, 2006

    iPod is God! Great Wall Of Lacus.

  18. midnightLOVERS Jul 29, 2006

    hello my dear friend. this is such a cute wallie. i just love the styles of ipod wallies. i really like the colors here. the pink and black seems to compliemt each other unlike other shades of pink. the scans seems to work with the ipod, too. it is really gorgeous. a fav from me for sure.

  19. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jul 29, 2006

    lol, cool idea! I was wondering when someone would start one of these :D

    hehe, nice pose you've chosen, looks like she's really enjoying herself :)

    I dunno, but her clip being pink looks a bit... odd, like her head at that spot is transparent or something... and it sticks out too much...

  20. xxKurumi Jul 30, 2006

    it's nice, but the ipod idea is very, very generic; or otheriwise over used.

  21. CosmoStar Jul 30, 2006

    This is very original though using a common theme as iPod ad... It's very interesting the conotation you added to the image! Very cute too!
    The vectoring loos awesome! The iLacus things i very nice! XD
    The clip being pink is not fitting this... we've need to think a solution about it...
    As I searched lots of iPods ads for a school job, I agree that there're color details on the shadows, but they're not so solid like Lacus's hairclip... You should do it smoother...
    But everything looks very neat and I can see all the effort you used on this! Congrats! Keep up! I enjoyed you wall a lot!
    I hope to see more! :D

  22. PinkPrincessLacus Jul 30, 2006

    Thanks everyone for your comments, I know some of the orginal Ipod ads have some shadowed parts with the color, but I didn't want mine to be exactly the same, I wanted the wall to be with the Ipod style mixed with my own, so I did it all on purpose for a reason, thanks though for your wonderful comments and critiques. I appreciate them all. :)

    ~* Lacus *~

  23. wolfsan Jul 30, 2006

    awesome work on this one. i'm proud of you and now i wish i could do something like that as well. keep up the good work.

  24. peniko Jul 30, 2006

    this one is really artistic and cool
    how can you do this?

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