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First off, Gundam Seed Stargazer Stage I is out :D :D XD! Personally, I lurved it XD XD XD! IT WAS AWESOMELY AMAZING! OK, so maybe I missed GS so much that I overreacted, but hey, it was pretty good to say the least ^_^.When I first saw this scan on AP, I absolutely adored how the artist positioned Stellar. I thought it would make an awesome wallpaper. Unfortunately, it was very very small besides the fact that it was extremely dirty. Therefore, I resized it, and it looked mortifying! Plus, some of her leg was cut off by the screenshots >_<. That is when I thought it'd be best to make a vector. Now I hope you guys use it and enjoy XD XD X-P :pacman: :nya:!
Comparison to the old scan with the new vector:
Original Scan:

Join us CW today:

Please if you use, leave a linkback/credit so that other people can find use for the vector :nya: XD :pacman:!

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Comments and Favorites majorly appreciated ^^;~~~~!


Chosen by Saikusa and EternalParadox

I must agree with saikusa that the finished vector looks better than the original scan. It looks really like an original colored pencil sketch with the thin, wispy lines. A really wonderful vector.

Proposed by Saikusa and highlighted by EternalParadox.

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. pchne2630 Banned Member Jul 27, 2006

    Stellar good lovable good is also lively oh produces with shinn
    meeting one another to each other likes but shinn being also same with
    the favorable impression to stellar

  2. audeaya Jul 27, 2006

    great vector of my stellar thanks XD

  3. NekoNoAsya Jul 27, 2006

    a very very good job.
    thanks for sharing :)

  4. Loneokamionna Jul 27, 2006

    Ohh... this is great vector you did. ^^

  5. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 27, 2006

    No way is this a vector!

    *looks at images in the description*

    *eats words* ;)

    Seriously, this is an absolutely amazing example of electronic artwork! It's stunning! It's actually better than the original image!

    The line work is delicate & so fine, you could believe that the pencils weren't inked. The colouring looks to be taken straight off an artists's desk. All the while the original looks clumsy, bulky & dull in comparison!

    It looks like a scan. In fact it looks better than a scan. I am overwhelmingly impressed by such high quality art & how amazingly simple you've made it look!

  6. GolgoXIII Jul 27, 2006

    Well all I have to say is wow compared with old and then the new. You have certainly done alot of work to make it look completely different with all your shading etc great work there :).

  7. Justice48 Jul 27, 2006

    o_o...Vector? It's so beautiful.
    And I have to agree with what saikusa said... it's even better than the scan itself.
    This is much more detailed too.

    Thanks for sharing the original scans too. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  8. aishiteraburu Jul 28, 2006

    gasp!the vector is just too good
    it looks exactly like the original scan but with better quality
    amazing vector of stellar glassheart-san
    fave from me

  9. aestalitz Jul 28, 2006

    I love your vectors; they always have a soft feel to it. :D

  10. kira-freedom Jul 28, 2006

    Very cute^^

  11. Rhonda21 Jul 28, 2006

    oh my. this is a wonderful vector. the colors are so vivid and smooth it's just so beautiful. A really great job for sure!

  12. ItakoLina Jul 28, 2006

    I really love this Its the most beautiful vector I ever saw! so great!

  13. pamkips Jul 28, 2006

    ppp how neat

  14. JCzala Jul 29, 2006

    Wow! Such a great vector art. You really cleaned this up so good and the colors are amazing. The outlines are just right and everything about it seems so good to me.

  15. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Jul 30, 2006

    kawaii ^^

  16. auel1124 Jul 30, 2006

    so good! I couldnt believe it when you said it was a vector, its one of the best I have ever seen

  17. WingsofFreedom Jul 30, 2006

    a vector?
    no way!
    it looks more like a scan like saikusa-san said!
    *gasp*how do you do it?!

  18. heavenANDearth Jul 30, 2006

    Is this really a vector? It really looks like the original scan and it's even better than the original scan! This is really going to my favs! Good job and keep it up! *adds to favs*

  19. peniko Jul 30, 2006

    youre good at vector art ^^ jenius!

  20. Jormungand Jul 30, 2006

    That looks SO much better than the original :O
    the line details, the colours, even the added highlights and contrast look amazing
    You've made the foldlines look much better too
    amazing vector work ^.~

  21. Yureika Jul 30, 2006

    this is just superb...
    love the colouring...the way u make the shadow sheen and all...
    ++++++++ favs !

  22. Dray Jul 30, 2006

    Wooooooooow! very beautiful like vector, the colors are very beautiful

  23. EldaLacus92 Jul 30, 2006

    Wow! You sure made a awesome vector! It's as if Stellar is glowing or like that's like a capture of a real moment! The colors are so awesome! How do you do that? I'm so jealous >.< Teach me too! *lol*
    Anyways that's awesome! Thanks for sharing such a great vector with us!

  24. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jul 30, 2006

    wow, beautiful work! I like the glowy effects on her. how you do get your outlines to look kinda sketchy?

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