Jigoku Shoujo Wallpaper: STEM

Studio DEEN, Jigoku Shoujo, Ai Enma Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Jigoku Shoujo Series Ai Enma Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The inspiration for this wallpaper came from Shiina Ringo's "STEM" song. I fell in love with the scan the minute I saw it... so I knew I'd end up doing something with it eventually. It took me about a week to vector it, and the background came together in a matter of days, with just working on and off of the wallpaper. The flowers and candles are vectored from the original scan, and the logo is from the same scan as well.

D: Everyone I showed the wallpaper too really didn't like what I did with the background (note to self: Don't give a damn about what other people say before-hand), but at this point I'm too sick of the wallpaper to change it around... considering I've been staring at this for literally 2 weeks.

The patterns on her kimono are from Tama's pattern website, and the textures for the wall were snatched from sxh.hu

Antique-POP is in the process of being brought back to life after what seems like years of being down. So keep an eye out for that.

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  1. chubbykitty Jul 26, 2006

    Look awesome Brom! The blue outline is really cool *__* Great work!

  2. starrliteangel Jul 26, 2006

    Oh its great! I really love the blue outline. Its so different from the usual black. I actually like the background because it goes with the candles. the botan-hana are also very pretty!

  3. alterlier Jul 27, 2006

    first thing you note is a blue outline...and I'm too sure if I like it or not but that tone do not combine with the color of her skin....or maybe is that I'm too conventional ...and I normally choose something black ....anyway....the vector looks really smooth and clean....her lips looks awesome as the same with the patterns and the texture you used for the bg fits pretty good with a kind of "darkness" that she makes me feel.

  4. nolove Jul 27, 2006

    and then, it's amazing amazing XD....agree with alter, the blue outline really doesnt fit her....especially the skin..but i must approve that this vector looks so clean so sexy so awesome >.< the color is near perfect but the contrast between her legs and others part was too much, i prefer it darker ^__^

  5. ShiXon Jul 27, 2006

    aaa nnooo enma ai is mine! >P lol
    wonderful wall although i think the hair looks a bit weird being blue but that's just me really =P good job nonetheless <33
    i haven't been making any walls lately ;-; boohoo ,, tasukete ~~

  6. melymay Jul 27, 2006

    Wow.. I really like the scan you used too ^_^ I don't see why people were bothering you about the background though.. It looks fine to me. The thumbnail just makes it look bad XD

    Keep it up! +fave

  7. Fran Retired Moderator Jul 27, 2006

    Beautiful *_*
    The use of the patterns is amazing, very well done
    The vector is perfect, thought her legs are kinda pale
    I really like it, oh yeah and Shina Ringo's song is so cool, when I read the title, I thought: Shina Ringo' song?
    + fav

  8. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 27, 2006

    Beautiful & evocative (is that how you spell it?). There's dark temptation written all over this. She seems too inocent, like she know's just how seductive she looks... mixed with the unearthly colours, and blue (nstead of black) line work, there's someting eeriely dangerous about this wall... beautiful!

  9. Revan Retired Moderator Jul 28, 2006

    I really like the blue outline... guess it has the "either you love it or you hate it" thing going on ^_^' for me it's really cool.

    I also enjoy the mix texture that you get with the BG and the vector itself.

  10. bluSake Retired Moderator Jul 31, 2006

    Stunning! I honestly don't see what problem anyone could have with the bg; love the flowers and candles. The blue outline sets her out a bit much, but I guess it fits the art style.

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 07, 2006

    Whats the problem? It perfectly fitting to the flow of the character because of its sexual and flowing nature. Its better to stick to your own art form and work on changing it slowly after people critiqued this because if your follow peoples expectations then your can never evolve but stay stacgnant. Keep the faith dude! Great work, love it! ;)

  12. euna Retired Moderator Aug 12, 2006

    keke... i'm always behind huh?
    you didn't even told me this was your wall on msn. >_<
    hey, it looks pretty cool to me. *updates the site* ^^
    love your funky vector work and blue outlines (although outlines could have been smoother if you want me to be really fussy). Nice wallie brom. ^^

  13. Domina Sep 19, 2006

    The controversial blue outline is part of the original scan! Heh. It would have looked weird without it so I'm glad that it was kept. The only thing I don't really care for is the shadowing over the right side. I guess that has to do with the light source but I don't think it's really necessary.

    And now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for a while. XD But really, nice work here.

  14. DSL367 Oct 27, 2006

    Me faves. me faves XD ~! I'll do anything juz for Enma Ai ~!

  15. drastikhate Sep 13, 2008

    The background's awesome together with the dark blue outlines of Emma. Great wally!

  16. Liebesspiel Oct 08, 2009

    Nice work! very nice..

  17. xKuromi Mar 07, 2010

    really like this, soooo much<3

  18. Mierenai Jul 16, 2010

    thanks for sharing, amazing scan.

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